Pubcon New Orleans 2014 review part 1: best tips and quotes

Last week Internet marketing world had another holiday apart from St. Patrick’s Day J 4-day-long event full of festive mood, new friends and of course brilliantly useful online marketing tips – Pubcon –  took place in New Orleans this time.  Audience feedback was really positive and some mentioned in their tweets that it was one of the best Pubcons.

Undoubtedly, there were lots of takeaways for online businesses of all kinds, and we thought we ought to share with you all the best things this Pubcon has brought.

Here is the list of the best thoughts, statistics and ideas which Pubcon attendees tweeted during the event. Check them out – they are going to give you lots of inspiration.

12 top recommendations

  • Use Whitespark to see what directories are driving the higher ranking local sites- and you can absolutely take top of page @w2scott
  • If you don’t know @philrozek and your doing local search start reading him @w2scott
  • Recommended by @GregGifford “Open Graph Meta Box” for OG markup in WordPress
  •  Is a great tool to help with translations @AnneKennedy
  • Free fool-proof href tool:  @annekennedy
  • Top 10 strategies for getting reviews:
  1. Ask *existing* raving fans
  2. Leverage existing social media followers (ask, be transparent)
  3. Run a contest
  4. Email
  5. Direct mail
  6. Buy ads
  7. Promote at your place of business
  8. Promote reviews on your website
  9. Have your friends/family write reviews (“this one’s pushing it a little”)
  10. Leverage social media


13 conversion optimization techniques

  • People feel good when others approve of their choices. Add #social proof to your site. @tim_ash
  • The impact of social proof – when you see your friends like something @tim_ash 
  • Transactional Assurances. Use trust marks, client logos, reviews and awards.
  • Even if ppl don’t know the organization behind the badge they still transfer trust @tim_ash
  • Use marque client logos – to benefit from the Hallo Effect – @tim_ash
  • In B2B showing client logos builds trust – @tim_ash
  • “just the existance of a privacy policy link” can increase conversion.
  • Don’t mess with convention. The logo belongs in the top left corner. @tim_ash
  • Don’t put trust marks below the fold. Only abt 15% of visitors scroll. @tim_ash
  • Paraphrasing @tim_ash Don’t let your website look like a homeless person
  • @tim_ash – Don’t get disqualified based on the way you look.
  • Google has never specifically stated that rel=author should be applied only to fresh articles. (via @SEOSmarty)

14 astonishing facts

  • Low CTR ads get penalized with up to 400% higher CPCs  @larrykim
  • One out of every two home pages in the US has a spelling error on the home page! @petershankman
  • On avg. 85% of impressions are from 5% of ads. Differentiate trees vs. forest according to @larrykim
  • Only 34% of all Tweets are English @michaelbonfils
  • 2.1 billion people in the world – 1.5 billion smartphones Global SEO is important, ya’ll @annekenndy
  • 95% of decision making is subconscious says @tim_ash at
  • Unhappy customers are far more likely to post online than happy ones. This is important to remember. @wrightIMC
  • 50% of consumers thinks that a Facebook page is more trustworthy than a website – says @lisabuyer
  • 85% of consumers use search engines to find a local business @mattcraine
  • 70% of online consumers trust reviews from users they don’t know @mattcraine
  • @GregBoser wants everyone to start exclusively using Bing on Fridays in order to shift some share away from Google.
  • 52% of consumers watch #video when they encounter them on retail sites. @rsomers
  • Online shoppers who view videos are 1.8X more likely to purchase (benchmark for shopping online is 3%)  via @invodo case study

18 great insights

  • When you acquire bad fans, you cannot unfan them @dennisyu
  • When you start to look at Affinity tracking, Google+ suddenly makes sense as an identity platform @iPullRank
  • 97% of online communication is written, learn to write! it’s the future of marketing @petershankman
  • You have 2.7 seconds to reach your audience before something else even shinier grabs their attention. Learn to Write @petershankman
  • Bad writing is killing America @petershankman
  • Just ask your audience what they want. It’s as simple as just asking. @petershankman
  • Photos are EXTREMELY important for Google local carousel listings. @GregGifford
  • Based on log files Google visits a page every single time a piece of content is shared on G+. –@stonetemple
  • Who you communicate with and how often in G+ affect your ranking in G+ @marktraphagen
  • Finally an explanation: Google plus is an identity service, not a social network. @schachin
  • Google actively driving more user interaction thru Gmail email markups. #pubcon
  • Google working on indexing applications – deep linking search content into apps. Encourages app-creation (using conduit for eg) #pubcon


  • Social media is not a publishing platform, it’s an engagement one. 🙂  @stoneyd
  • Rankings 2016 SEO & links, Social,content, Usability, Conversions it’s an online presence @StoneyD
  • 2 out of 3 people require at least 3 touchpoints (points of contact) before choosing a new brand or service @mattcraine
  • G+ working on improvements to help render articles better @bernsteind
  • Google recently hired someone from @adobe photoshop to help enhance G+ photo functionality @bernsteind


19 best quotes

  • The term PR is changing from Public Relations to Personal Recommendations. Treat your customers well. @petershankman
  • “You’re going to get the customers you want by being awesome to the customers you have.” – @petershankman
  • Ok, so how do you do Barnacle SEO? YouTube – video dominates universal search @w2scott
  • SEO is dead but optimize your site  @w2scott
  • @jcgaudet Most powerful ad is promoting the most recent post on Facebook. Call this the “always on” ad. @dennisyu
  • Be careful to separate Audience personas and Buyer personas @iPullRank
  • Ever wondered what a cohort is? “Cohorts are groups of people who are tied together by a similar experience” @iPullRank
  • When you give your audience what they want, they feel invested in you. 78% of invested users will buy from you @petershankman
  • “handy” in German = mobile phone @michaelbonfils 
  • @GregBoser wants everyone to start exclusively using Bing on Fridays in order to shift some share away from Google.
  • Once you get outside the US, it’s a Google world. @annekennedy 
  • Stock photography on your website is “Corporate Porn” – @tim_ash
  • One enthusiastic unpaid brand advocate is worth more than 1 million unengaged followers who never see your post. @adamproehl 
  • If no ones sharing no ones caring @adamproehl 
  • Quit link spamming! “Getting 3-4 links a month for my big clients is good. @kennyhyder” 
  • It does not take a lot of links to build a successful campaign. Quality>quantity @kennyhyder 
  • Getting links has a certain amount of salesmanship @kennyhyder Win friends and influence people

20 useful tips

  • Tip for writing unicorn #AdWords ads: It takes testing 100 ads before you find a unicorn. @larrykim
  • Photos are everything in the carousel – usually the 1st photo uploaded to your account @greggifford 
  • Want to be a top 1% #AdWords acct? Don’t use dynamic keyword insertions. @larrykim 
  • The more people you have in your g+ circles the more they will see your content when logged in @seosmarty 
  • Use keyword modifiers to be sure that you’re using the correct keywords – just 1 word added could change everything @5le
  • Why Global SEO? It’s a massive opportunity – nearly 97% of the population isn’t in the US @krisjonescom 
  • Your audience isn’t on Google+? If your vertical isn’t represented, build your audience there and rule that space. @marktraphagen 
  • Be proactive about getting reviews – you can’t just assume they’re going to come in @krisjonescom
  • What’s the 1st step to generating lots of reviews? create a step-by-step guide and provide examples to reviewers @krisjonescom
  • #Google Image search when see Author snippet = author of the article not the person who created the image. @seosmarty 
  • PlaceRank is like PageRank for pages @BrianPCombs 
  • Use users’ YouTube history to understand web visitor interests #pubcon
  • Use FB Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Pinterest Rich Pins to blow up your visual offerings! @jennita great visual presentation!
  • Put as much effort into social as you do into search @jennita 
  • Treat your C-level the same as you would an 8 year old: simple words and pretty pictures @aknecht 


  • @kennyhyder Look for opportunities to build quality links by reaching out to people that provide complimentary services / products
  • Have someone know what’s going on in the world, so you can quickly make changes to your content/feed as needed @lisabuyer
  • Don’t use WP plugins to do things you should know how to do anyway, like database backups/restores or 301 redirects @cshel
  • Video #marketing tip: Put hook in first 10 secs. No longer than 2 mins. @KRONiS 

For sure, with all these Google innovations and guest blogging being under threat, Pubcon in New Orleans was very in time. The event has equipped us with proper vision of the nearest future of the internet marketing and right tools to remain on the market and stay on top of minds with users.

Stay tuned for the second part of our review with presentations shown at Pubcon 2014 in New Orleans.


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Pubcon New Orleans 2014 review part 1: best tips and quotes

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