Video infographics: a new way of communication

Scientists from all over the world say that our universe is full of information. We all have our personal universe with informational chaos. During our life we are trying to put this chaos in order to communicate and understand each other.Effective communication is possible when people are ready to understand each other and when they are speaking the same language (including language of images).

We all know about YouTube and are aware of the fact that many people watch videos there. The question is: what means of video information transfer is the best?

There could be two approaches: amateur (for example, smartphone camera) or professional (movies, animation, motion design). We would like to bring your attention to the last one – professional – specifically, motion (or video) design and its infographic features.

To understand what the video infographics is, we suggest studying the word “infographics”. Infographics is graphic way to present three components: information, data and knowledge. Actually, these three words contain the idea of the whole market.

The best way to explain the meaning of each of them is to compare them to three Russian dolls. The biggest one is information. It, in turn, contains the smaller part – data – this is also information, but more focused. And the last and the smallest part is knowledge – it is the most concentrated piece of information.

Let us give the example. Let’s say we have an apple which hangs on the tree. The information in this case is our findings about surrounding, it is expressed in how people call this object in different languages –  apple, apfel, etc. Data is fixed facts received as a result of our observation, e.g. if the apple falls from the tree and you will catch it, then this fall could be fixed in formulas and visualized in graphics, diagrams, etc. Knowledge is what motivates person, what makes him take action, inspires him. If you bite the apple if front of your audience, then some of viewers will definitely start wanting to eat – marketers would call this circle of people your target audience.

Video format of infographics has greater impact on people, thanks to the use of graphics in motion as well as adding music and sound effects. In fact, we don’t create just the video, we create mini movie, which should make people want to “bite” or just watch. Taking into account our digital life, it would be even better if such video would go viral.

As an example, we would like to talk about positive impact video infographics had on parliament election process. This case has proved that video infographics is able to influence positively on people.

The most previous thing in this case were not the hundreds thousands of views on YouTube, and even not the fact that promotion was implemented without any inverstments. The key moment was viewers’ feedback. From several thousands of comments only 10 of them were with people who said something like: “Thank you for the video, now I have started to go to elections”. This was the most exciting moment in the whole this story, because we didn’t want to manipulate people’s mind with manupative technique which are really uncommon for video infographics.

Why was this video infographics so successful? Everything is simple if to consider several factors:

  • Interview with field experts – it allowed to create a quality storyline for the video;
  • Relevance. Society and bloggers were interested in the election process, which enabled the later to attract an impressive number of viewers;
  • Neutrality. The video was neither in favor of somebody or against somebody;
  • Benefit. We helped people to find out more about the topic that interests them;
  • Motion design high quality and usage of understandable characters.

We would like to stress on the special feature of video infographics market. We are all players of this market and work with motion design. However, only some people create work of art out of this. So video infographics is a new means of communication which we should master. New techniques are also emerging these days, for example graphene, which are good to be used as well in marketing strategy.

The trend of the past few years is that people are tired of amateur approach, they want blockbuster. They appreciate works of professionals. These days video infographics is one of such trends, which should become a new way to communicate with thousands of people from all over the world. So let’s get started, begin searching for future video ideas. The best advice is to find something that will be really interesting for people and write a script – these are the primary goal which should receive the biggest attention.



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Video infographics: a new way of communication

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