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For today, YouTube is one of the most popular video services. According to different estimates its audience passed a mark of 2 billion visitors per day, it is popular among people of different ages and is set on mobile phones (on the system Android) by default.It can become a reliable source of traffic to your website, strengthen your brand or inform about new services offered by your company. We will discuss some important aspects of video promotion on YouTube in this article. I’ll share my experience and consider interaction with this wonderful service step by step.

Step1. Niche analysis

First we need to analyze a potential number of visitors who will view your video, as well as quality of video, shared by other users previously. For example, we choose topic «Classicalmusic».

This is quite acompetitiveniche. In Google keyword tool we can see that a frequency of keywords in direct entry is about 90000 searches in organic search per month worldwide. This allows us to assume that the subject is demanded.

Let’s take the first two videos that YouTube provides us in response to a query “classical music” for analysis.

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The first thing that strikes the eye is the age of two video clips. Besides the fact that Google prefers to keep “old age” videos in the top, it tells us about enough low competition in this niche and shows naturalgrowth of such videos. For example, let’s take the Poker video. Videos that have been added one or two days ago are at the first positions.

The number of views is impressive and confirms my guess about query demand. However, it`s better to focus on the second video in terms of views number, because the first loaded video is shown at the main Google SERP and gains additional transitions from there.

Both videos consist of composers’ portraits collections, their biographies together with music and both of them are not professionally treated. So, we can successfully create a similar video without additional financial costs. The fact either users like these videos or not can be estimated by the number of “Like” and “Dislike” indicators under a player window, comments number and quality.

Conclusion: The given niche represents potential interest because it is demanded, not very highly competitive , and it’s not necessary to record a professional video for promotion.

Step 2.Work with video

At this stage it is necessary to define video theme, to create content. While content creating it is desirable to pay attention to queries popularity. For example, select biographies and works of those composers that are the most popular in Google. However, take one important rule into account: your video should be useful. Think up, why people can advise given video to friends, to share the reference in Facebook and Twitter, to add a video in “favorites” on YouTube.

To attract the interest with the help of video, add a link to your site inside. Enough to add one, correctly and proper placed link. The link location is individual for each video. For example, it may appear at the end of video, being a semantic result of video saying: “Here you can find more”. Choose the most beautiful melody and put it at the moment when the URL of the site appears. Or if a video is funny, let a link be displayed immediately after jokes, it will form a pleasant impression about your site. A video should be not too long. And avoid monotonous music (as the music should reflect events on a screen) so that people were not tired of it.

Thanks to our experiments we`ve got improvement that such links really work. We published a video at a highly frequented forum and traffic to the site grew the same day the video was published.

You can also place marked URL and track exact transitions of people who have viewed your video using Google Analytics.

Step 3.Video publishing at YouTube

Based on our experience and researches of other authors we can say that your video needs to be placed at a trusted account for successful promotion. Age of an account, number of friends and subscribers to a channel, presence of other popular videos on your account bring your account trust.

Video which is on the first place for a query «Classical music» is placed at account which was created in 2006, this account has 206 uploaded videos and 1706 signed friends.

Pay attention while video download:

Title (video name). Enter a chosen keyword to a video name. Thus, a name should be short and written for people. It is not desirable to add your site address to the name of your video, it can push away a considerable part of audience.

Description (video description). It is desirable to use at least one of your keywords in description as well. Text amount isn’t limited, so it is possible to place here names of composers, whose music you use, to tell more details about video. In the end of the description it is possible to place a link to your site or any contact information.

Category and tags – choose a category and tags that are relevant to your topic, it will improve your video ranking.  You can also include keywords which somehow were used in your movie to tags.

Step 4.Video promotion

Video Ranking on YouTube (pages with video) depends on both internal and external factors. The bigger number of people refers to a video, the higher video position is.

People can recommend videos in their blogs, forums, post links in social bookmarking and social networks. Moreover, quality of promotion depends on quality of links. Over time, video page gets Google PR depending on links quantity and number of “authoritative” friends.

WE can see links to video with the help of Yahoo Backlinks:

We can also see mentions about video with the help of Google:

And forTwitter as well:

One more factor which influences video positions is a quantity of video added to “favorite” by users. The given factor is likely more significant, as it can`t be used by spammers. Only registered user can add videos to favorite, and he can do that only once.

We recommend to make link building campaign not only with links to video page address, but also to the URL of the video itself, that YouTube offers to web designers for placing at blogs and sites. It will make link mass more natural. Links with such URL should make about 25 % of general links mass.

We have not noticed any influence of comments number on video position.

Step 5.Video views analysis

Each user has access to analysis tools of uploaded videos views. Tools have fairly extensive possibilities. To see statistics, go to your profile and choose a point “Insight” in front of your video.

In opened Statistics we can see quantity of views, sources where visitors came from: from pages of other videos or from other sites, whether they have found your video through organic search, and also age of audience. All information can be downloaded to MS Excel.

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