Ways to Use SlideShare for Your Online Marketing Campaign

Marketing has perhaps been the most important aspect of any firm. Customers are attracted only when marketing is done effectively. Traditionally, it was done through newspapers. Then the media took over and now the internet is taking over the world by storm these days. It has become extremely important for every organization to have a virtual presence on the internet. This launches the most efficient advertising campaign, and allows an audience of millions around the globe.

There are plenty of ways to promote a product on the internet. Having a website is foremost. Other methods include social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Emailing brochures to potential clients also works. A lot of websites also have a section on a page which is used specifically for advertising.

There is one tool which is often overlooked as an effective means of marketing. Many fail to realize that SlideShare can promote products to very large extent. SlideShare is among the best platforms in social media tools to share your products, increase viewers on your site, enhance your brand image and even boost your sales. The key to this lies in planning well ahead of time. Needless to mention, creativeness, uniqueness and originality are a must. If you put in a good effect and are lucky enough, your presentation might get a spot on the homepage of SlideShare and go viral in a very short time. This article explains how this can be achieved.

Figure 1: SlideShare Home Page

  • SlideShare Profile

The first step is to create a profile on the site and maintain it regularly. Add presentations for your products and include all relevant keywords. This allows client to easily find your products. Be sure to include contact information so they can approach you if they like your services. SlideShare also makes sharing easier. You can also distribute event planners, training sessions and workshops schedule through the site.

  • Format

It is very important that you design your material in a format compatible with SlideShare. If you upload entire service manuals or ebooks, readers will find it hard to read and rapidly loose interest. But if it something like a PowerPoint presentation, then not only will it be readable, but will be liked as well. The title, subheadings and tags are really important in this regard. Also try to adopt a bulleted list over paragraphs.

  • Creativity

When using SlideShare, it is really important to create an impressive presentation. Add videos to it or at least sound tracks wherever appropriate. If your presentation is really likable, people will share it on their networks as well, which will get you the attention of many future clients.

  • SlideShare App on LinkedIn

Install the SlideShare application on your LinkedIn profile. Connect your SlideShare account to the app. There are options which allow you to manual link specific presentations to your profile or automatically link all of them. This enables your profile visitors to view your recently shared presentations on LinkedIn.  Your other presentations can also be viewed if they themselves have the app installed.

  • Facebook

Use your Facebook updates to share your presentations. This creates traffic to your presentations and increases your visibility. You can use post – planners to automatically share these statuses at the scheduled time.  Your presentations can also be shared on these sites through SlideShare itself if you have both accounts linked. Just use the left – hand side buttons to do so.  Make sure to use tags which link to users and companies. This also makes the post visible on their walls if they have the required settings enabled.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is very significant in marketing your business because it is a professional forum. Share direct links to your presentation through your statuses updates.  Make good use of the group features as well. Post your slideshow links on different groups and include a brief description with each. Active LinkedIn users want and search for business – focused stuff, which can be useful for them.

  • Twitter

If you are sharing your presentations on Twitter, then include related hashtags to your organization in the slideshow. Remember to add the ‘@ ‘symbol and post the tweet to potential Twitter users.

  • Embedded Content

SlideShare can also be used for embedding presentations on other pages such as your company website. Just copy the code from SlideShare and paste it into the source code of your website page. The presentation will be visible when you view the page in your browser. If you maintain an online blog, then embed your presentations on it as well.

  • Batch Mail

Get the email addresses of all related clients and email them a short description and link to your presentations. Also try to send the email to different public groups on Yahoo and Google.


  • Pinterest

Pinterest is a website which is used for sharing stuff on the internet. The level of engagement which the users have is incredible. Incorporate your SlideShare presentations there and use it to promote your company, products and services. You can even use it to publicize your training sessions and the like.

  • LeadShare

Try to use the Pro version on SlideShare, instead of the free account. The price is not that high. This will enable you to use LeadShare, allowing viewers to directly contact you from the presentations. After a few number of slides, a lead capture box is also displayed, which serves as a counter.

  • Teaser Campaign

Launch a teaser campaign prior to sharing anything through SlideShare. This will create ample curiosity and interest among the viewers.

  • SlideShare Event Feature

Make use of the SlideShare Event feature. Group similar presentations together if they are related. Try to do the uploading prior to the event to increase publicity.

  • Home Page Spot

SlideShare displays various presentations on their homepage by charging a fee from the users. There is a ‘Presentation of the Day’ for a price of $999 and fifteen ‘Featured Presentations’ at a cost of $399. Rates are valid for one day only so this is an expensive option.


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Ways to Use SlideShare for Your Online Marketing Campaign

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