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Open space Freud house is a new type of establishment, stylized as anti-café. Freud house is located on 21, Konstantinovskaya St, near Kontraktovaya Square subway station in Kiev.

Main goal of Freud House as of an open space is to inspire intellectuals for personal development and discussion. All kinds of creativity-stimulating events are held here: movie, literature and psychology clubs, board games evenings, photo and art exhibitions, workshops, “make it yourself” classes and dance events. Besides, Freud’s house regulars can organize all kinds of events, whichever theme they prefer.

Aside from this Freud House is a great place for coworking. For those who came to this open space to work, there is a special room called “Freud’s Office”. It is cozy and quiet, you can close the doors if you need to. The room is equipped with essential things such as fast Internet, 5-6 desks – your entire team can get comfortable here.


There were two main goals. Open space became Promodo’s client at the stage of development. Social media marketing was chosen as the main promotional platform for the establishment. On the first stage, before the opening it was necessary to get loyal audience, who would anticipate the opening of the café. Social media is the main communication platform. The main goal was to inform everyone in Kiev without spending money on traditional advertising.


The following methodology was used to achieve the goals according to the developed strategy:

– Group and page creation on Facebook and Vkontakte;

– Targeted advertising in social media to gain initial audience;

– Special offers for activation of group members.

Restrictions and KPI

The client formulated the following performance indicators:

– 2 000 - 2 500 group members on Vkontakte;

– 3 000 - 3 500 group members on Facebook.


A decision was made that instead of the traditional way of creating a group, to create newsworthy event for media in Kyiv, who would write about Freud House and attract publicity. Freud’s House Target audience – young people age 17-27. Students are one of the main target groups. We created the idea of TV series marathon. That’s how we attracted main target audience: young people, who like to participate indifferent competitions, watch TV series and like to be in the center of attention.

The mechanics of the competition

The battle field – open space Freud House.

Length of the battle – all the episodes of the popular TV series.

Who falls asleep is a looser.

The winner gets $1000.

The group chose the TV series.

Special FB application was developed. There you could apply to become a marathon participant, vote for the TV series and follow the marathon.

Marathon Rules

Marathon Participants are randomly selected from all of those who applied through In case selected person can’t participate in the marathon, next contestant on the list of takes their place. Before the contest every participant will go through medical examination to determine his ability to participate in the marathon. Marathon participants are not allowed to:

– Use any narcotics, chemical or other stimulating substances before and during the marathon;

– Consume alcoholic beverages before and during the marathon;

– Consume own food and beverages during the marathon;

– Use cell phone, tablets or other electronic devices during marathon;

– Leave the premises of the marathon (except during the breaks).

The breaks will be every 3 hours. The length of every break is 15-20 min. Meals will be served 3 times during the marathon and snacks will be provided. The winner is the participant who stays up the longest. The participant is disqualified in case:

– Stimulants, narcotics, chemical substances or alcohol is detected during medical examination or marathon;

– Any violations of paragraph 10 of rules;

– If the participant falls asleep for more than 3 minutes.


First stage (1.02 – 17.03)

Community building. Filling in the community pages with content. Fan areaction. Application development.

Second stage (18.03 – 05.04)

Launch of the poll. Preparation of all the necessary materials. Info partners research. Engaging content.

Third stage (18.03 – 05.04)

Main phase of fans areaction. End of the poll. Selection of lucky 30 participants.

Fourth stage (05.04 – 16.04)

Invitation of the participants. Preparation of the TV series and space. Launch and marathon.The marathon conducted. Award ceremony.


As a result of utilization of many different internet marketing techniques, we achieved the following results. Results before and at the end of TV series marathon.

23 publications in local and national media. Wrote and spoke about us:

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