About the client

MOYO is a multichannel gadget chain store with a countrywide network of 60 retail shop outlets in 31 cities, service centers, 24/7 customer support and product information center as well as a large e-commerce store.


To create a marketing model of a loyal audience in order to use it during marketing activities and strategic planning. To apply the created loyal audience model in practice and integrate it with web analytics.


  • 356% organic traffic growth
  • 615% of lead-generated conversions


“Thank you for the fruitful 3-year cooperation! Together with the Promodo company experts, we analyzed the loyalty of the site users to our brand and the factors that influenced the decision of the consumers to make a repeat purchase. The created audience loyalty model was integrated with the Web analytics tools. The developed model helped us find out where our customers came to us from so that we were able to determine the most effective advertising channels and allocate our marketing budget smartly. An excellent result was a growth in the number of conversions from a paid channel by more than 300%! Don’t look further, work with Promodo!”

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