Friday Catch-Up: Banner vs Text Ads

Do you know the difference between banner and text ads? It appears that in the world of online advertising this is not so obvious. The choice is getting harder when you want to launch a new PPC campaign. The following explanation is designed to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of banner and text ads to make your choice easier.

Banner Ads

If you don’t use Adblock, you definitely know how banner ads look like. There are plenty of those on every website you browse. Some of them may be pretty annoying while the others are hard to remember.

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Either way, banner ads are highly customizable and have the following useful features:

  • • They share information about your brand.

Even if users don’t click on banners, they receive your message, e.g. learn something about your products or services, special offers, and more. A high-quality banner ad is also an instrument of positive PR.

  • • You attract visitors to your website.

Driving traffic to your website helps you convert users into customers. This is your chance to tell your potentials what you offer and explain what value you bring to them.

  • • They can be shown on many websites.

Since you basically purchase banner space on other websites, your ad can be shown on millions of different platforms. The factors to consider include the website’s traffic, page views, audience, cost per thousand impressions, and cost per action.

Naturally, this option isn’t a silver bullet because of the following reasons:

  • • Ads demonstrate low click-through rates.

Click-through rates are as low as 0.1%. There are the ways to make a positive change, but this may take too much time and resources of your marketing team.

  • • Internet users are getting banner-blind.

Netizens are used to seeing banner ads, they either don’t care or enable adblockers. Have you heard about banner-blindness? Today, even best-designed banner ads can be easily skipped.

Text Ads

An important nuance here is that text ads differ from “in-text” ads. The latter is a form of contextual advertising, in which website owners allow ad services to link keywords in their content to websites of advertising companies. These ads are often quite annoying, so users block all the ads exclusively because of in-text ads. Besides, people get confused when they click on links expecting relevant information and getting to an unknown website instead.

From our experience, it is recommended to avoid in-text ads; rather, pay close attention to text ads. They’re a typical form of PPC advertising on search engines like Google, Bing, and other. A standard ad contains your brand’s name, website, and a short piece of content.

The benefits of such a form of advertising include:

  • • It takes less time to prepare content.

Making a text ad requires less time as compared with banner ads. You don’t need a designer to prepare graphics. In addition, all the necessary changes are done quickly and A/B testing is easier to complete.

  • • Text ads are cheaper in production.

To piggyback the point above, text ads are usually cheaper than banner ads even if translation services are required.

  • • They are mobile-friendly.

It is easy to switch from desktop to mobile when using text ads.

Despite the aforementioned benefits text ads hardly have branding effect. This form of advertising doesn’t help you promote your brand because text ads look the same to users. If a user doesn’t click on your ad, he or she probably won’t understand what company posted that ad.

Wrap Up

Users usually don’t mind banner ads. Still, they probably won’t click on your banner ad and visit your website too often; rather, they would memorize your brand and the major idea you wanted to deliver. If you want to reduce your marketing budget, you may try text ads. These are faster and less expensive to produce. If you have doubts what format is more appropriate for your campaign, feel free to contact us anytime.

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