Software Promotion and Advertising

Software development and distribution is a highly competitive niche in the online market and many companies are fast realizing the fact. This is especially true for companies that specialize in both software and development. Such companies will not be able to launch successful promotional campaigns unless they were created by a dedicated software marketing firm.


How do your promote software and what are the methods that go into software advertising? A software company will be more efficient in promoting a software product or service through SEO. Such online marketing techniques will introduce your company to it specific niche in the market both as a software development company and on online store that sells software. The niche should be undiscovered by competitors yet still be profitable.

However designing a successful marketing plan is only half of the work. Software marketing strategy may vary depending on the following conditions — specifics of software, target audience, price, devices where software can be used, and other terms. Selecting keywords that are relevant to the subject and performing your software promotion according to your target niche can do improve your marketing campaign to say the least.

How is software promotion performed and what methods can be used in software advertising?

If you want to promote your software product or service, its best that your business tries SEO strategies for your company website. Promoting your product this way can bring your company (both software development company and online shop selling software) to its specific niche on the market; one that is yet undiscovered by competitors, but is no less profitableSoftware marketing strategy may vary depending on the following conditions — specifics of software, target audience, price, devices where software can be used, and other terms. Selecting keywords relevant to the subject and performing your software promotion in the target niche can do much to the whole campaign.

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Software Niche Clients


With its development center based in Russia, Softage LLC is a global provider of outsourced software services. The company also has representative offices in the USA, China and the UK. The Company provides full range of custom software development, technical support, reengineering, migration and consulting services.

Softage LLC boasts of an impressive track record and has successfully completed over 100 large scale projects

PDATopSoft is a unique place to get your PDA powered by the world’s best software. Their goal is to bring together software developers and PDA owners in order to serve the needs of both communities. They work as a software distribution channel for developers and have thousands of programs for PDA users which allow them to make the most out of their devices.

«AtomPark Software» Company

AtomPark Software has worked for several years in software development for electronic commerce and marketing. It as also worked on a large variety of software for online operations. The company is consolidated in markets like North America and, Western Europe. They jave also expanded on their popular line of software with products like Pochta Extractor, ePochta Mailer, StaffCop.


PoweredTemplates and their online store attracts thousands on visitors on a daily basis. Visitors frequent the online store for their impressive PowerPoint templates and backgrounds.

Their impressive collection of professional brochure templates includes newsletters, business card, letterheads, postcard, flyers, sale posters and ad templates. The company also specializes in creating creative website templates, clip art, and video backgrounds. It has over 8000 backgrounds in 28 PowerPoint compatible themes in its arsenal.


A brainchild of AtomPark, is one of the most popular email marketing software packages.

Founded in 2001, AtomPark Software Inc. is an international security and Internet marketing software developer and vendor. It includes a professional team of development, sales, marketing and support professionals employed by AtomPark. The team members hail from different countries and have advanced technical degrees.

«Digi-Sign» Company

Digi-Sign enjoys acclaim as one of the top ten developers of Digital Certificates in the world. The company works within markets like Ireland/UK, North and South America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Competitive pricing and sophisticated services allow them to bring real value to the PKI market. The company is making waves in the market through systems that have an innovative design and their ability to decrease the cost that goes into the deployment and management of large scale PKI systems.