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9 Facebook Marketing Strategies that will Convert in 2023

Digital Marketing
December 21, 2022
17 min

Over 2 billion people use Facebook and two-thirds of users visit a Facebook business page at least once a week.

That is why we can safely conclude that leveraging a Facebook marketing strategy will connect you to lots of ideal customers for your business.  

However, getting Facebook active users to notice your business is not as easy as creating a page and expecting it to grow traffic on its own. Building your social presence and thriving on Facebook to reach an enormous audience pool will require identifying the best-performing eCommerce strategies to engage with your target market.

Being not only a digital marketer but also a founder of Novum™, I’ve been keeping in the loop with evolving strategies for Facebook content and taking note of what currently produces good results for the online brands I work with.

So in this post, we’ll talk about 9 proven content strategies on Facebook and how you can leverage them for your online business.

Content is still king, and online presence depends on how well you can execute working content strategies. By the end of this read, we’ll help you narrow down the gap between your business and your target market using Facebook content that’s been proven to work and continues to show great potential for leads and revenue.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Set marketing goals

The ultimate goal for your online business is, of course, revenue. But leveraging Facebook to reach that requires you to set sub-goals in between. Some simply rely on comments and likes to measure success. In reality, your goal is more than just increasing engagement. If you’re only measuring comments and likes, you’re missing out on some metrics worth tracking.

While each business has a unique set of business goals, these are the most important metrics to track:

  • Monitor brand awareness by tracking follower count, post reach, mentions, and shares
  • Monitor traffic by tracking visitor count, bounce rate, and post clicks
  • Monitor quality leads by tracking gated content downloads, online event participation, and clicks on lead-generation posts
  • Monitor revenue growth by tracking signups and ad revenue
  • Monitor brand engagement by tracking likes, shares, mentions, comments, and replies

Also, a Sprout Social report reveals that smart marketers have core metrics goals in mind:

  • 34% – brand awareness
  • 21% – engagement
  • 11% – more leads and more sales
facebook content goals

You can pattern your goals to the examples above. Once you set those goals, map out the metrics to track your progress to determine blockers and successful content. Remember to make your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based.

Goals set a direction for your content creation. It’s a roadmap that guides you on what content to make and also a reference point to see if your social media marketing strategy is effective.

2. Identify your target audience

Market on who will most likely be interested in your product. Do otherwise and you won’t reach your goals’ peak potential. Still, many products have a vague audience group. Tracking general statistics isn’t enough to make sure you’re targeting the right people. So take advantage of Facebook’s Audience Insights marketing tool.

facebook marketing strategy - facebook audience insight tool

It will provide you with information like:

  • Age
  • Status
  • Interest
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language
  • Purchasing activity

Knowing who your audience is will reveal what interests, needs, and pains you should target. Then you can create content that will cater to those needs and segment the audience as needed. Understand who you’re trying to reach and what they want so you can offer something that interests them.

3. Create content regularly and post at optimal times

You can only maintain your brand’s presence if you post content regularly. Staying in the spotlight will allow more people to know and interact with your brand.

Additionally, when you post new content regularly, your current customers will have something to look forward to. Best if you pack it with value and actionable insights so they’ll eagerly watch out for your new content. For starters, it’s best to post multiple times a day, at least two to three spreads throughout the day, and add product catalog posts once in a while.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stay online every time it’s time to upload a new post. You can create a content calendar and schedule your post there. This automates the process and allows you to prepare bulk posts for a week or month so you can then focus on other tasks needing your attention.

Also, rather than posting at random parts of the day, determine the optimal posting times. This means that you post new content when your target audience will most likely be online. Doing so will ensure you maximize your engagement rates. Otherwise, by the time your audience is online, your content will be shrouded with other posts, even those of your competitors.

If you still can’t accurately identify when your audience will be online, a rule of thumb is to post between 9 PM and 11 PM. Your audience will be likely off work and lounging around in bed or on the couch. BuzzSumo backs this up with its data.

Facebook marketing strategy - buzzsumo optimal posting time

With that, the best days to post, as shown in another data graph, are on Saturday and Sunday. So if you’re posting 3 times on the weekdays, you can ramp this up on the weekends by posting four to five times.

facebook marketing strategy - buzzsumo optimal day to post

But again, the data will differ. The best indicator of optimal posting times is Facebook Analytics. Go to the “Insights” tab and click on the “Post” tab. It will tell you when your fans are online showing when you can engage with them best.

facebook marketing strategy - facebook insights

The Insights feature is especially helpful for your target audience in another region. With it, you can determine what time they are mostly available to engage.

4. Share user-generated content

User-generated content, as the name suggests, is a kind of content made by people who have used your products or services. It’s a good content type to focus on for unfamiliar services like what Estuary offers (data pipeline architecture) or skill-sensitive services like cloud accounting.

What’s good about this content is that it saves you a lot of time in content creation. It also shows potential customers how you care about your consumers. Plus, in many cases, user-generated content offers an engaging and unique take on your offer making it highly shareable.

But the best reason for leveraging user-generated content is that it’s more impactful than the best ads you create. According to a Stackle survey, it’s even 9.8x more effective than any influencer content you facilitate.

More often than not, Facebook users are bombarded with ads on their feeds, and truthfully, they’re annoying. On the other hand, producing user-generated content for your audience will add a touch of credibility and authenticity, create reasons for them to trust you, make them engage with your content, and share them with others.

So, how do you use user-generated content?

  • Curate user-generated content
  • Create demo videos of this content
  • Create visuals of testimonials and user reviews and share them in your feed ad optimal times
  • Create an album on your page populated by the best user-generated content you’ve captured

Other than these four, if it’s still not overkill for your audience, you can incorporate user-generated content in your Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns.

Remember that before you use any content from your consumers, you secure their permission. It’s all good to tag them in the post to make it more authentic—they’ll have a real person to refer to.

facebook marketing strategy - facebook insights

Remember that you can only share user-generated content if you produce them from your audience. You can do this by hosting contests offering incentives like discounts and freebies for sharing original content where your brand is featured.

5. Create recognizable memes

Memes are funny, entertaining, engaging, and best of all, shareable. It’s a sure way to grab people’s attention. Don’t worry about coming off as unprofessional. The dynamics have changed and in this century we’re in, people don’t regard clean humor as unprofessional.

They’d even welcome relatable memes over a promotional sales pitch at any time of the day. They’d rather be entertained than get sold to.

Because of this, many marketers have adapted to the new dynamics of pitching products. Instead of doing it as a direct pitch, they create humorous content and incorporate a subtle product promotion in it.

How do you leverage memes? Spend some time scrolling on social network sites and save the memes that made you chuckle. You can use the meme as is, or you can use meme generators to change the text, so it’s more relatable to your product.

When trying to identify memes to use, consider how many shares it has as well, the more shares indicate that it’s engaging and relatable.

Include your memes in your content strategy, you’ll have fun while working on it. The important thing when using this is to be humorous and relatable without coming off as offensive.

6. Create snackable organic video posts

Among all the content formats, organic video content has come off as a winner with the most engagements at 13.9%. Even research on the top Facebook posts shows that videos produce the best performance at 81%, significantly higher than question posts and photo posts.

It’s easy to entertain people and keep them interested when they can engage their sight and hearing—videos can do both. If you’ve been following Facebook trends in the last five years, this won’t come off as a surprise for you.

You can use snackable videos to explain what a service is for, something helpful for services like educational coaching services like Menlo Coaching, or an unfamiliar business automation tool like an Amazon repricer. Here’s Menlo Coaching providing a brief overview of what they do in a 1-minute video.

facebook marketing strategy - snackable videos

Granted, videos need extra work to create. But the time and effort you invest in creating them will be worth the engagements it can bring. Whether it’s a brief 10-second announcement or a minute-long artfully shot narrative, the video will always be more compelling compared to other content formats.

Plus, when you post content and it appears on people’s feeds, it’s perfect to catch people’s attention. Now, what do snackable videos mean? It means you don’t create videos too long (4 minutes onwards) that kill people’s interest.

Just like literal snacks, videos shouldn’t be too heavy, requiring people to commit too much of their time to get it finished.

So how long is too long? Here’s what BuzzSumo’s research has to say on how long and optimal video length should be.

facebook marketing strategy - buzzsumo best video length

The graph shows that the best video length to go for is at 3 minutes to get the best potential engagements. Of course, 3 minutes will be too long if the video is boring. So you also have to work on the content quality, ensuring it’s worth watching for.

This doesn’t mean that you should make all your videos 3 minutes long, you can always go shorter. Whatever length you decide to work on, just make sure you keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Incorporate the key message in the first 5-10 seconds
  • Leverage vertical videos so it’s optimized for mobile devices
  • Make the videos high-quality both in content and resolution
  • Create an enticing thumbnail to attract clicks and other forms of engagement

7. Use mini infographics

If you want a post type of content that’s insightful and shareable, go for infographics. Like videos, infographics are attention-grabbing. Yes, it’s an image, but way more engaging than any stock photos you can find.

With this, you can compactly share useful information. When your audience finds it valuable, they’ll undoubtedly share it for other people to see, creating a larger audience pool you can market to.

According to MarketScale, infographics get 3x more shares than any other content type. When you don’t have time to create videos, infographics are the next big thing so it’s a must to include in your social media marketing plan.

The good thing about infographics is that you can use them to create a brief overview of unfamiliar services that are made for a super-specific target audience.

Think about this too, if you’re creating blog content for your website, infographics are the best way to repurpose that material. While it can be independent content for your social network channel, you can also use infographics to promote your blog to drive traffic to your website.

Even more, having good quality infographics positions you as an expert in your niche, when you’ve established yourself as a thought leader in the industry, you’ll become more credible and it’s easier for people to refer to you for insight and trust whatever product you promote.

If you don’t have the time or skills to create a compact and insightful infographic, you can always tap a designer to do the job and just provide the necessary information he can work on. The better the quality and information your infographic has, the more shareable it will be.

8. Leverage messenger for higher engagements

While you can always converse with your audience in the comments section, it’s always a good idea to try out different ways to connect with them. Not everyone feels comfortable talking where a lot of people can see, some prefer private messages to one or a few people. Messenger is the best place for this.

You can prepare pre-made spiels, so you won’t worry about what you can talk about. After some time, replying to a lot of people on this channel can get overwhelming. You can start working with a virtual assistant to help out, or you can suggest creating a chat group for those who’d be comfortable being part of it. It’s more efficient but still personal enough to strengthen relationships.

To make connecting with you easier, you can add a Messenger button next to your website just like how Premio, a live chat app, did it.

acebook marketing strategy - messenger button in website

You can also enable it for your Facebook page for easy access, just like what TroopMessenger did.

facebook marketing strategy - messenger button

9. Mix up your content

Some make the mistake of only focusing content on what the brand can offer. While you can saturate your Facebook campaigns with product and service content, it’s better to use it to reinforce your brand message by mixing up content.

It means that you circle back on how you position your business and how you want to relate it to the brand you want to be known for. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What qualities do I want my business to be known for?
  • How does my brand reflect the products I’m promoting?
  • How are my competitors positioning themselves with our audience?

Answering these questions will allow you to create a balance of content about your products and services, charitable events, the science behind what you offer, and the encouragement your audience would need.

Emphasize the values you have. Share stories about people. Talk about the research phase of the products you promote. Share meaningful words of wisdom to address concerns and fears your audience will have. These additional topics will bring out cutting-edge content to entice your audience and resonate with them to build a deeper connection.

Here’s my favorite example of how the workout brand ATHSport did it. They shared encouraging quotes that resonates their audience to do what they have to.

facebook marketing strategy - mix up content types


Facebook has great potential for bringing you the target market that’s going to bring in more revenue for your business. But you can only reach that goal if you know how to leverage Facebook content to your advantage.

Start by determining your subgoals and identifying the metrics to measure your progress. Then identify your target audience and schedule your posts to keep your social presence high, this is a follower growth strategy you shouldn’t miss.

Along with that leverage content formats like:

  • Infographics
  • Brand stories
  • Recognizable memes
  • User-generated content
  • Snackable organic videos

You can use this social content for your main page, as Facebook Stories, or in Facebook Live to keep your daily activity visible.

As you create and upload posts, remember to do it when your audience is most likely online to have engaged users and achieve conversion goals with your social campaigns. When you do, you’ll be building your brand in social media every day paving the way for new leads and customers to bring in more revenue and return on investment for your online business.

Do you have questions about your content project, or do you need more ideas on a marketing tactic to implement? We’d like to help you out. You can contact us here, so we can get started.

Written by
Burkhard Berger

Burkhard Berger - founder of Novum™.

He helps innovative B2B companies implement revenue-driven SEO strategies to scale their organic traffic to 1,000,000+ visitors per month.

December 21, 2022
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