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Advertising Policy

At Promodo, we are committed to maintaining transparency, integrity, and ethical practices in our advertising efforts. This Advertising Policy outlines the guidelines and principles we adhere to when it comes to advertising on our website and other digital platforms.

Advertiser Selection

We carefully select advertisers and partners whose products or services align with our values and are relevant to our audience. We prioritize working with reputable brands and companies that offer high-quality products and demonstrate ethical business practices.

Separation of Advertising and Editorial Content

We maintain a clear separation between our advertising and editorial content. Advertisements on our website are clearly labeled as such, and they are distinct from our editorial articles, blog posts, and other non-promotional content. This differentiation ensures that our readers can easily distinguish between advertising messages and our independent editorial content.

However, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to recommend companies, services, and tools in our editorial content. These recommendations are based on our expert knowledge, experience, and assessment of the products or services in question. Our primary goal is to provide valuable and unbiased information to our readers, and we only recommend products or services that we genuinely believe can benefit them.

When making recommendations in our editorial content, we strive to maintain transparency by clearly disclosing any potential relationships, partnerships, or affiliations we may have with the recommended companies. We prioritize the best interests of our readers and aim to provide them with accurate, helpful, and objective recommendations.

It's important to note that our recommendations are independent editorial judgments, and we do not allow any external factors, such as advertising or sponsorship agreements, to unduly influence our recommendations. We make every effort to ensure that our recommendations are based solely on the merits and value of the products or services being reviewed.

We strongly encourage our readers to exercise their own judgment and perform additional research before making any purchasing decisions based on our recommendations. While we make every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to recognize that the digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving, and external factors beyond our control can influence the performance or availability of the recommended products or services. Therefore, it is prudent for readers to consider the dynamic nature of the industry and take into account their specific needs and circumstances when making final decisions.

Advertiser Disclosure

We believe in transparency and providing full disclosure to our readers. Whenever we feature sponsored content, promotions, or advertisements, we clearly disclose their nature and purpose. Our readers deserve to know when content is influenced by advertising relationships, and we strive to provide this information in a clear and conspicuous manner.

Ad Content Approval

We review and approve all advertising content before it is displayed on our website or distributed through other digital channels. This review process ensures that the advertisements meet our standards of quality, relevance, and appropriateness. We reserve the right to reject or modify any advertising material that does not comply with our guidelines or may mislead our audience.

Ethical Advertising Practices

We adhere to ethical advertising practices and industry standards. We do not allow advertisements that are deceptive, misleading, or promote illegal or unethical activities. Our advertising content complies with applicable laws, regulations, and industry guidelines to ensure that it respects consumer rights and protects the integrity of our brand.

User Experience and Non-Intrusive Advertising

We prioritize the user experience of our website visitors and aim to provide them with a pleasant browsing experience. While displaying advertisements, we strive to minimize any disruption or interference with the user's ability to access and consume our content. We avoid intrusive or overly obtrusive ad formats that may negatively impact the user experience.

Advertiser Responsibility

Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy, legality, and compliance of their advertising content. We expect advertisers to uphold ethical standards, respect user privacy, and comply with relevant laws and regulations. While we review and approve ad content, we cannot be held liable for the actions or claims made by our advertisers.

Feedback and Complaints

We value feedback from our users and take any complaints or concerns regarding advertising seriously. If you have any questions, feedback, or complaints related to our advertising practices, please contact us at, and we will address your concerns promptly and transparently.

We want to inform you that this Advertising Policy is subject to periodic updates and revisions in order to adapt to the evolving advertising landscape and to ensure our compliance with relevant laws and industry best practices. We encourage you to review this policy regularly to stay informed about any modifications that may occur. By continuing to use our website, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the most recent version of this Advertising Policy.