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How Can a Redesign of a Website Increase Direct Traffic and Conversions by 40%?


Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Google Shopping



IpopoKIDS — Ukrainian price aggregator of children's products. This service finds prices, promotions, and conditions for each product, provides the user with the offers from different stores and allows to buy goods with ease. The site contains more than 320,000 products from 90 Ukrainian stores.


  • To improve conversions from Google Shopping campaigns.
  • To increase the base of loyal customers

Initial data

At the beginning of 2021, the iPopoKids team contacted us to audit the website and based on the data obtained, improve the effectiveness of marketing activities. We began to study the audience and analytics data.

What did we find out?


The users of the IpopoKIDS website are young mothers who have little free time due to childcare. Instagram is often used to search for information about goods. When choosing a product, users are paying attention to feedback and ratings.

Previous Version Of The Website

According to Google Analytics, 81% of traffic came from Google Shopping ads that lead to a specific product page. At the same time, 80% of users visited the website from mobile devices. Direct traffic share was 3%, which became the second most effective among other channels. Thus, users landed on the main page or catalog page.

The issues we found

  • Many users ended sessions quickly because they didn’t understand the purpose of the service confusing it with an online store
  • Users had no motivation to continue searching on the website when the product they bought didn't fit
  • There were no tools for encouraging loyal users
  • On the product page, the secondary elements attracted more attention than the “Buy” button
  • The visual focus on the main page was moved to a bright design from the products


After the audit, we recommended the website redesign to the client team.

Our Final Goals Were

  • Gain a user-friendly mobile version of product pages;
  • Add incentives so that users will be willing to come back for more purchases;
  • Add product ratings and reviews from real customers;
  • Place the emphasis in the design appropriately, which will push the user to target action.

The work began in February 2021.

Redesign of the main IpopoKIDS page

We adapted the structure of the main page for the direct sessions. To do this, we changed the positions of some blocks and added new ones:

  • Product categories. Now they are placed on the first screen so that new users can immediately see the entire range of products, and returning users can find the desired category faster.
  • Competitive advantage. We added a block with the benefits of the service in specific numbers in the header of the website. This information is also duplicated on all pages.
  • Stories. We designed promotions and news in the Stories format, inheriting popular social networks.
  • Recommendations. We added a section with product recommendations for children as a gift. Such functionality had been already presented on the website, but we brought it to the main page to keep the attention of doubting users.
  • Photo of customers with purchases. This block is filled with Instagram posts mentioning the brand. User-generated content (UGC) increases brand loyalty and motivates users to buy.
IpopoKIDS home page after the redesign

The homepage functionality is crucial to a business. In the iPopokids case, the user’s first contact with the website most often falls on paid traffic channels, and therefore, to return the costs of attracting one customer, it is necessary to convert them many times. Repeat sessions mostly come to the home page from branded or direct traffic channels, so it's extremely important to provide a good service. This required us to be creative. For example, to engage users in our advertising activity, we came up with the integration of the ‘stories’ mechanics, which are met by our target audience well, because stories are interesting to look at, while banners are not.

Pavel Chenchyk
Team Lead UX/UI designer

Restructuring of the product catalog

We paid a lot of attention to navigation, adding alternative search methods, and optimizing the content displayed.

Key changes:

  • Smart filters. We developed two types of smart filters display: by categories (category switch was placed on the main page) and by parameters (selecting parameters was placed on the catalog page). Introduced new combinations based on queries and filters combinations in Google Analytics.
  • Kid’s profile. Now users can create a profile of their child with their personalized parameters on the website. This way the service will automatically filter the products and immediately offer what will suit the specific customer best. In the case of unregistered users, the profile will be stored for only three days, this is an additional motivation for registration.
  • Ad banners. We developed a universal banner format. They are organically integrated into the product listing. Such a decision helps satisfy customer requests for an increase in the advertising space, and at the same time not scare users off.
  • Catalog appearance. Products are now displayed in two versions: tiles and grid. For some product categories, display type affects sales success.

IpopoKIDS product catalog

Design of product pages

We changed the structure, accents, and functionality of the pages. Among the innovations are:

  • Instagram patterns. We designed the information about the products in the style of Instagram posts, following the content most familiar to the audience.
  • Similar products section. The section with similar products are displayed if a desired item is unavailable.This solution helps to keep users on the website.
  • Relevant product offers. The products can be selected according to the user’s location. They can also be sorted by delivery and payment options, promotions, availability, and so forth. Authorized users can save sorting priorities.
  • Social triggers. We added “likes" that show how many times users have saved a product as a favorite. This also reminds the mechanics of social networks.

IPOPOKIDS product page


It took 5 months from the start of the project to the release of the updated version. The new IPopokids website was launched on July 1, 2021. At the end of 2021, we were able to evaluate the first results.

August-December 2020 VS August-December 2021:

Conversion rate on Google Shopping

Direct traffic

  • Google Shopping conversion rate increased by 39%. The increase in conversions also improved the return of marketing investments and allowed the client to monetize paid traffic more effectively.
  • Direct traffic grew by 39%. The increase in the number of direct sessions highlights the growth of the loyal audience: users receive a positive experience and return to the website.

In addition to the quantitative indicators, we received an improvement in quality indicators. The client's team reported the users are leaving positive feedback on the updated website design.

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