SEO Case Study:

How to increase organic traffic
by 117% by optimising
the main pages of the site

How to increase organic traffic by 117%

by optimising the main pages of the site

Client is the largest event ticketing system in Ukraine


• To analyse the reasons for low positions on high-and medium-frequency queries.

• To put forward a plan to bring target queries to the top of the search results.

• To put forward a strategy to increase sales through SEO.

Initial data

Attractive design, adaptivity, and a good ranking in search engines are the main distinctive features of Along with that, there was a list of additional SEO issues that we needed to fix:

5-7 months were forecasted to bring category and local queries to the top of the search results. Along with that, the shares of queries in the top-3, top-5, and top-10 were intended to increase twice.


Before starting the project, the website had redirect buttons that a web search robot couldn’t identify. Therefore, the site lost its positions on Google. We have configured active links between local traffic pages, which are also included in the code, to allow the bot to get to these through the site and give them a reference weight.

We used existing tags on the event pages for relinking between categories and filters, and attached links to the appropriate categories and filters to the tag icons.

Since the site has a lot of pages of past events, our team inserted links to current events there.

404 Error
Visual and technical configuration

The 404 Not Found page has acquired a corporate identity and attractive visuals. This contains links to the most iconic events now.

Structure and content optimisation

We have significantly improved the structure of the website, making it more convenient for users, and visible for Google site crawlers. Pagination pages and metadata on local traffic pages were optimised as well.

All promoted pages were filled with unique content, and pages without content were locked for indexing.

AMP pages customisation

To ensure top positions in the mobile search results, the developers of configured AMP pages for events. This technology enables pages to load faster and ranked higher than other queries when browsing on mobile devices. As a result, organic page impressions increased.


During our involvement in the project, we have optimised the main pages, filled the website with unique content, and brought to the top of the local search results by category and filtered queries.

TOP 10 TOP 5 TOP 3

TOP 10



As a result, organic traffic to categories and filtered increased by 117% compared with the previous year. This indicator excludes traffic to the pages of some of the most popular concerts.

In the spring of 2018, the company bought the Odesa ticket operator Kassir24, which affected traffic growth as well.

What’s next

We managed to create an efficient system of receiving quality and unique visual content which is largely generated by users. Сonsequently, we succeeded to convert the formal social media accounts into a community for pet owners.
  • Website optimisation, including error correction, the configuration of technical files, and filling the site with content.
  • Implementing an internal linking system.
  • Developing and implementing a linking strategy.
  • Attracting additional traffic and improving the relevance of website pages.
  • Elaborating a content strategy based on the niche analysis.

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