Basic Digital Marketing Audit

A digital marketing audit helps eCommerce businesses assess the website performance, efficiency of investments made and marketing activities.The comprehensive diagnostics of your analytics and advertising accounts will disclose the barriers to conversions, areas where you could be wasting marketing budgets, missed opportunities and new paths to growth.


of an eCommerce marketing budget is wasted on the wrong channels or strategies.

Incorrect Google Analytics (GA) setup, Google Tag Manager mistakes, setup of ad campaigns and poor website design are the main reasons for low ROI in eCommerce.
Receive a full digital marketing audit of your website and find ways to increase your eCommerce revenue.


What includes

  • Google Analytics Setup Audit
  • eCommerce Tracking Setup Audit
  • Google Tag Manager Setup Audit


What includes

  • Google Analytics Setup Audit
  • eCommerce Tracking Setup Audit
  • Google Tag Manager Setup Audit
  • Traffic Sources Analysis
  • ROI Analysis
  • Usability Analysis
  • Shopping Behaviour Analysis


Accurate setup of a Google Analytics account can help you avoid a discrepancy between your GA report data and factual data in ERP/CRM systems. Thus, this one-off action will help you track the relevant state of your eСommerce business and make effective strategic decisions.

The problems that indicate incorrect Google Analytics Setup or tag errors are:


Possible сause

Duplicate transactions, caused by the order confirmation page which was reloaded.

Some filter in your GA can exclude valuable traffic.

You may be tracking the wrong page, for example, the contact form submission instead of the thank you page.

A chat window on the same pages which sends another trigger to analytics

1. Total revenue in the Google Analytics report exceeds the real revenue in my CRM.

Duplicate transactions, caused by the order confirmation page which was reloaded.

2. Google Analytics is showing abnormally low sessions on my website. But I know that's not true!

3. Google Analytics is not tracking goals.

4. Bounce rate on my website page has suddenly dropped.

What we analyse:

  • Goals
  • Events
  • Filters
  • Traffic sources
  • UTM tags
  • Google Client ID
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Referral Exclusion
  • Enhanced eCommerce
  • Enhanced Link Attribution
  • Cross-domain Tracking

This “Basic digital marketing audit” package also includes the audit of your Google Tag Manager account.

What you will receive:

  • • A full list of your Google Analytics setup mistakes
  • • Recommendations on how to fix the issues

More than 50% of eCommerce businesses say that using analytics data helped them increase sales.


Let us make your data accurate and beneficial for you!

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Businesses that use the omnichannel marketing approach achieve 91% greater customer retention rates. However, all digital channels should perform as an ecosystem.
The audit of your digital marketing channels performance helps you reveal how efficient your marketing strategy is, how prosperous your investments currently are, and how you can improve your metrics at short notice.

The problems that indicate poor paid marketing channels performance are:


Possible сause

Google Ads filters invalid clicks from the report when Google Analytics gathers all data.

Google Ads account not linked to Google Analytics.

You could turn off auto-tagging for your URLs in the Google Ads account.

You could get attribution wrong.

1. The number of clicks on AdWords differs from Google Analytics data.

Google Ads filters invalid clicks from the report when Google Analytics gathers all data

2. CPC data is not collected

3. Traffic from my ad URL attributed as organic on Google Analytics instead of Google CPC

4. Only one channel out of five in which I invest in, boost conversions. I'm going to stop launching other campaigns.

What we analyse:

  • The validity of
    Google Analytics and
    Google Ads manager
    account linking
  • Organic Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Traffic sources
  • Email Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Display Traffic
  • ROI analysis

This “Profitability digital marketing audit” package also includes the audit of your Google Analytics Setup, eCommerce Tracking Setup and GTM setup.

What you will receive:

  • • A complete list of mistakes in exporting data from ad manager
    accounts to Google Analytics
  • • A full report on website traffic across all channels
  • • Recommendations on how to improve your ROI

Ecommerce that run multi-channel campaigns receive a 250% higher engagement rate.


Let us reveal your brand’s growth potential and help you increase the return of your investments.

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Over 88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. This means that investing in ads is useless until your website is user-friendly. CRO will help you identify the reasons why visitors may leave your website without making a purchase and improve the customer experience.

The problems indicating poor website performance are:


Possible сause

Complicated checkout process.

Website load speed on mobile devices is higher than 8 sec.

Irrelevant landing page or search query, lack of product info, unique selling proposition is not highlighted.

1. (High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate) A lot of “Added to cart” but few “Conversions” on the website.

Complicated checkout process.

2. Website is optimised for mobile, but the bounce rate for mobile is still as high as 90%.

3. Alternative needed even if you use just "add to cart" instead.

What we analyse:

  • Website load speed
  • Website usability on
    desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Check-out process
  • Sales funnel
  • Shopping behaviour
  • Customer path
  • Category structure
  • CTA elements
  • Product Recommendations
  • Other Google analytics data

This “Full digital marketing audit” package also includes the audit of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts, as well as analysis of the traffic generated by the digital marketing channels you operate.

What you will receive:

  • • A full list of weak points on your website
  • • A full list of recommendations on how to improve the
    conversion rate

Minor changes such as moving your CTA button to another position on your webpage may increase your conversions by 591%.


Let us help your website deliver better results.

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Data analytics in marketing has moved beyond boring reports. It now helps eCommerce employ artificial intelligence to improve recommender systems, optimise targeted ad campaigns, and personalise a website for each unique customer.

This digital marketing analysis is carried out by a team of experienced web analytics experts who cooperate with the SEO and UX/UI departments to achieve better results and find better solutions for your business growth.

* Please note, the free Basic Audit package has a 20-hour work limit. In most cases, this is enough to conduct an audit of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts.
The Profitability Audit package is limited by 20 working hours + 20 hours for free.
The Full Audit package is limited by 40 working hours + 20 hours for free.

The cost of additional project hours is at a rate of £45 per hour + Vat within the United Kingdom. Euro and USD billing is also available to our clients.

** To conduct the Digital Marketing audit, the “Read and Analyze” access to your Google Analytics Account is required. Our work will also be more efficient if we can have access to your Tag Manager, Search Console and other ad manager accounts that you may use. Instead, you can provide us with reports for the last 3 months as separate documents. But please note, in this case, our audit will not be comprehensive enough.

*** Unfortunately, we are not able to conduct the digital marketing audit if you use custom HTML or JavaScript.

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