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Promodo is an award-winning digital marketing agency that drives businesses growth by creating and implementing an online marketing strategy. Through search engine marketing and online reputation management tools, we connect businesses with their target audience, increase business loyalty, and expand brand awareness.

Our team is comprised of many talented and lively personalities who are interesting to meet in person and have a casual chat with. View a Promodo at a glance PDF brochure or read below to get to know us better!

Our departments

  • PPC
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Sales
  • PM
  • SMM
  • Financial Department

PPC Department

Looking for sparkling minds in PPC advertising? You will find them at Promodo! The company’s largest team who are used to winning, they are known as Google’s favorites and analytics heroes. Contact us to meet the ‘ambitious at work and nice in real life’ folks who run cooking contests in their free time.

Alex Vasutkin

Head of Department

SEM/SEO Department

This is where different marketing branches and best practices are blended together and your business strategy is born. Our department includes multi-talented specialists who not only have expertise in all aspects of marketing, but also know about music composition, performance, and dance. This department doesn’t need the term “team-building” as they always spend time together.

Anton Polishchuk

Head of Department

Web Development Department

A versatile team of web development evangelists, this department creates the foundation for your online success story, creating convenient sites with improved functionality. This department ensures that you receive truly integrated online commerce solutions.

Vitaliy Galkin

Head of Department

UI/UX Department

These guys are working hard to beautify our clients’ presence online and to enrich the user experience for their visitors. We love them because they create awesome things and inspire us. Take a minute to check out their Behance page and Dribbble.

Rinat Magomedov

Head of Department

Sales Department

Our sales team has a combination of expertise in business growth, marketing toolset knowledge, and charm. They have helped hundreds of projects get off the ground and find their own path to success. If you are wondering how your project challenge can be solved, just drop them a line.

Roman Viliavin

Director of Marketing & Sales

PM Department

These project management wizards smooth and streamline the communication process between Promodo’s clients and specialists. They will explain to you every unclear detail in our experts’ actions and will make internet marketing much friendlier. Our PMs author the most stylish birthday messages.

Nick Khanko

Head of Department

SMM Department

We don’t know how they never run of ideas, but they manage to impress the biggest brands on the market and run social media campaigns for them, including cosmetics and home appliances stores, large e-Retailers, travel sites, and more. They are a team with a unique combination of hobbies and interests, ranging from extreme sports to Italian cuisine to horror films.

Evgeniy Safonov

Head of Department

Financial Department

This department backs the whole circle of Promodo’s business operations and keep it going. Thanks to these ladies, we can focus solely on the marketing tasks, staying safe in the knowledge that everything is ok with payments and invoices.

Svetlana Bartoshchak

Head of Department

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