Friday Catch-Up: Collaborations of Giants Causes a Shift in the Tech Industry

1When the giants put away their swords and start forming alliances, we know BIG NEWS is stirring up. Such is the charm of the internet world, and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Happy Friday Everybody! And welcome to another greater edition of the Friday Catch-Up. This week, we explore what Facebook and Google are up to in our news section, and then move on to some very useful posts (like always!) and infographics.

There isn’t much to it all; the internet world keeps rolling at a faster pace every day, and we, at Promodo, are always right behind them soaking up the updates. Without further ado, let’s move on to what Facebook has been cooking up lately.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Secret of the World Wide Web

1Have you ever wondered how Jason must feel about Fridays? The only day of the week when a person can start to look at the bright side and hope for the best next two days is Friday, and the next two days are probably the best ’15 minutes’ of the entire work week.

It’s alright, if the extra work at office is giving you the blues, you can just go through this week’s updates to get your mood on the right track. With news, updates and infographics, this week’s Friday Catch-Up is packed with the latest scoops and the most happening updates from all over the internet. Let’s move on to see what the giants are up to this week.

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Flips the Coin

210734Hello Friday Catch-Uppers! Quick question; what is the best thing about Friday?

You put down your caffeine shields and arm yourselves with stimulants so that the weekend can be worth the while. Or maybe just chill, sit back, relax and glue your eyes to, to follow our Friday Catch-Up string. While a little bit of joking is ALL ALLOWED past Fridays, workplaces can get really tough in the summertime when you have to deal with additional workplace problems like sunburns and beach days? The problem isn’t getting them; the problem is the urge to have them!
These kinds of thoughts are exactly what led us to form the Friday Catch-Up series in the first place, so that you can have a piece of all the updates on the internet, all in one place, right here on Promodo.

As much as we hate to admit it, Google is yet again the highlight of our news roundup, so keep eyes peeled for news on what the search engine giant is cooking up now.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Anatomy of the Internet

1We are sure you are well aware of our feelings towards the days that come before the weekend by now, and we can’t tell you how much we wait for the calendar to indicate the F-Day!

Like every week, we have some great news and loads of new posts for you to read and share. The internet world has been transforming at a drastic pace, more so than before, since the beginning of 2015, and many great changes are still afoot. The Apple Watch is here, Microsoft’s working on Smartphones, Google won’t quite stop developing… the whole deal basically depicts how much the internet world would have changed by the time we are ready to step into 2016.

Not only are the new launches and updates very thrilling, it is also how the giants are gaining power and integrating their networks on sturdier structures; we feel it’s safe to say for now, Winter is coming! And by Winter, we don’t mean the white-walkers. We are referring to the snowstorm of updates heading your way, so watch out!

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Friday Catch-Up: Saddling Up For Mobilegeddon

1Can you actually believe we’ve made it through! The terribly and tediously long work week is almost over and we can see the bright neon lights flashing ‘WEEKEND’ right at the end of the long, dark tunnel. Just keep walking, we’re almost there!

While we suffered through unfairly short lunch breaks and volumes of ‘Over Time’, the internet world on the other hand braced itself for the much awaited Google algorithm update, the Mobilegeddon.

We know how it is; one minute you’re sitting at your desk and the next you know is that the whole world begins to fall apart when you run out of coffee. Sincerely hoping that you haven’t run out of your caffeine stock, let’s start today’s catch-up with some trending news updates and then move on to our wonderful posts and Infographics. Giddy Up!

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Infographic: Magento Usage Statistics. Everything you Wanted to Know about the Most Popular Ecommerce Platform

ecommerce platforms overview

In a markets space that is competed fiercely, 26% market share says a lot about the potency of Magento as a web store platform, and the trust it enjoys from users, and members of the community. Magento has a lot of benefits a web business owner can ask for: smart checkout, integrated payments, marketing tools, customer support and CRM functionalities. Having started in 2008, it’s commendable how Magento has enjoyed 5mn+ downloads by 2014 end. Check out some important facts about Magento platform visualized in the infographic below.

The infographic is the courtesy of and

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Friday Catch-Up: The Much Awaited Avalanche of Brand New Launches & Releases

2015-04-17_16-49_FridayCatchHello Everybody! We hope the work week hasn’t stripped you of all your enthusiasm and zeal because we have a lot of interesting posts for you that are worth a read.

Like we said last week, the rate of acceleration of the entire internet industry is increasing by leaps and bounds, and the online networks that rule the markets are working to make their platforms more complex and helpful. You’ll know what we’re talking about once you go through the news section. This week’s updates are being ruled by Dropbox, Foursquare, and LinkedIn as the social media giants battle among each other with new launches and features announced to be launched soon. Along with the steamy news section, we have some wonderful posts that have sprouted during the last week and are filled with interesting tips, tricks, and information that can solve a lot of riddles for internet marketers and developers. So, without making you wait any longer than necessary, let us take you through what happened around the internet last week if you’ve managed to miss most of the action.

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Webinar Announcement: “How to Improve the Operation and Management of your Online Business”

thumbnailIf you are an owner of online store, don’t miss our free webinar to learn how to achieve competitive advantage and work more effectively by reducing costs and increasing income at the same time. Hurry up to book your seat to learn tips on how to improve the operation and management of your online business. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: The Imaginarium of the World Wide Web

Hello-Friday_4_flowers_11Haven’t you felt lately that the internet world is becoming what most of us ‘dreamed’ and ‘hoped’ for it to become almost what, some ten years ago? We can only imagine where it will lead us in the next ten years now; maybe someday, we will finally be able to download food as well!

With that great thought to begin your weekend, Happy Friday everybody, and welcome to another updated edition of the Friday Catch-Up. When we sit down to extract valuable pieces of information and news for you, we can’t help but wonder how fast the pace of the internet development world has become. Every other day, we witness a brand new launch or an update of an existing project. Google doesn’t stop with their renewals, and Facebook and Microsoft fight battles of their own to stay atop their game in the online world. Like every week, the Friday Catch-Up keeps its tradition of bringing you the most exciting update broadcast of them all at the end of every week. So without further ado, let’s see what the internet has been up to this past week.

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Making Headway in the Search Engine Game

1Remember how we promised we’ll make all the work related stresses go away at the end of the week with some happening internet updates? Well, as promised, here we are!

Lately, Google has been overtaking the internet industry updates by storm with new tools and features ‘launched’ and predicted ‘to be launched soon’ every other day. Only last week, our news and updates section was overrun by updates from the search engine giant, and this week, they take it up entirely! Getting addicted to the limelight much are we Google?

Even so, we all know there is no keeping up with Google in terms of progressive development and innovative updates. This week’s Friday Catch-Up takes you to a ride through the internet town, making our first stop at the News and Updates junction, the second at Postville, and to reach your final destination, you’ll have to walk through the world of amazing Infographics. Let’s buckle up!

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