Friday Catch up: All You Want to Hear on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Oh My!

1If you have been a visitor to our site, you probably know the significance of Fridays. Apart from knowing you won’t have to work for the next two days, it’s the day when we comb the web and let you in on all the juicy action from the digital world. From SEO to social media, and everything in between, we cover the news that matter and bring those stories to you, because that’s just what we do. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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Pure White Hat Link Building Strategies You Can Try

linkbuilding 4The world’s largest search engine penalizes sites for artificial links or linkbilding. Google offers to build a reference environment using natural tactics or link earning. How, in practice, get natural backlinks and not to run into sanctions? Continue reading

5 Advertising Ideas for Small Ecommerce Businesses

adsideasRunning a small business and just decided to become digital? Do not know what to start your online promotion with? Looking for new ideas on how to use the tools you are using already? Becoming ready to a holiday season? Thinking on how to get more paying less? Continue reading

Friday Catch-up: Your Latest Round of News from Google, SEO, SMX and Beyond

1So, it’s Friday once again, and we’re back with the latest Friday catch-up for you. This week, prepare to learn about some insider SEO tips from the best in the business. You will also get to find out some of the best content marketing ideas of October 2015. You will also learn about new and exciting ideas to improve your social media profiles with the least effort. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Continue reading

Ecommerce business strategies: SEO for blog

blogIf you own an online store – blog is the most economically effective way to get costumers looking for a product or service in the Internet. Blog can not just help you to build a better trustworthy reputation but also can increase the visibility of online store by search engines. The higher ranking you have the more consumers and sales you will get. It means you need to fill your blog with content, promote it and optimize with search engines. Continue reading

Friday Catch Up: Facebook Pushes a New Button and Instagram Hits the 400M Mark

1Friday refers to the last day of the working week, which means that it is that time when you get to hear about all the latest happenings in technology that went past without you noticing. Find out the how-to’s of ecommerce and the moments that mattered most at BrightonSEO 2015. So, read on to find out more on what you missed on Google, SEO and online marketing.

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10 Must See Entrepreneurship Videos on TED Talks

TEDTalks1Why TED talks is the thing we love?

With their slogan: “Ideas Worth Spreading” – TED created a platform where different people, professionals in their area could share their ideas, experiences and insights with people all around the world. Continue reading

10 + 1 Social Media Blogs for Ecommerce Business Owners

ecommblogAre you an experienced ecommerce business(wo)man? Or you are just planning your budget to start a business?

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Friday Catch-Up: TED Talks Leadership, Google Gathers Crowds, LinkedIn Losers Defined, & More

1Friday Catch-Up: TED Talks Leadership, Google Gathers Crowds, LinkedIn Losers Defined, & More

Got plans for the weekend yet? Well, here comes our weekly Friday Catch Up. You probably have birthday bashes for Virgos lined up, but find out what’s happening in the business and technological world. This week, we cover some the biggest tech merger of the week, how Facebook is becoming more business friendly, and what sales techniques need to be implemented to do more this holiday season.

Read on to learn more from your favorite tech news source.

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E-commerce business strategies: Reddit for Business Marketing


Reddit 1Reddit is a platform created to share different kinds of content other users can comment and vote up or down (like or dislike). Depending on the number of votes, the topic will be higher or lower in search issue. This is the main principle for building your marketing campaign on Reddit. Continue reading