Friday Catch-Up: The Kingdom of Google

1Yet another exhausting work week is almost over, finally! Have you stopped and taken out a minute from your schedule to just smile lately? If you haven’t, think about all the fun you’re going to have on the weekend and you’ll get there.

This week, the Friday Catch-up features loads of news from the internet, along with amazingly informative posts and some great Infographics that simply can’t be missed. Lately, Google seems to be treating the world like its oyster and making some great changes that have been well received by the huge audience. Let’s find out what the internet giants have been up to. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Accelerating Progress

1Hey Everyone! Guess whose back? That’s right! And apparently we’re bringing out the wine too!

This week has been a rollercoaster ride for the internet marketing industry and the online world, and what could be better than a brand new Friday Catch-up edition to enlighten you with the most happening web events! This week, Google took most of the spotlight in our news section, while Facebook crept in from behind. Take a look at what has kept the internet busy this week:

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Friday Catch-Up: The Gangs of the Internet

1Hello Everybody! It’s been a long and hard week for all of us, we are sure you’ll agree. Sometimes we wonder if it’s just us or the whole work week has just been designed to drain every little drop of motivation right out of you. The projects, the calls, the overwhelming clients; we feel your pain. This is why we work hard all week to refresh you every Friday and bring you the latest scoop and shocking news from all over the internet. So without further ado, let’s get started. This week, Google, Facebook and Apple hijack the news updates.

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Takes the News by Storm

1Hello Everybody! The long weekly wait is finally over yet again. We have loads of updates, with the latest internet news and gossip just waiting to be served.

Keeping you guys happy and informed is what Friday Catch-Up essentially aims to achieve, and most times, we feel proud and humbled to say that the mission is accomplished. Let us look at what this week has to offer; it appears like Google actually highly enjoys staying in the limelight. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Marching to the Ever-Changing Beats of Internet Marketing

1Hello Everybody! We know how exhausted you all must be, and truth be told, this week has literally juiced us up too! But rest easy, the updates we have lined up for Friday Catch-up this week will freshen you up right away!

Grab a cup of coffee and something to nibble on, your reading glasses and sit back to enjoy all the latest SEO and Internet Marketing Scoop we’ve got waiting for you. Additionally, this week’s update features some really great posts you definitely must not miss going through. So, ready when you are guys, 1, 2, 3… Go!

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Friday Catch-Up: Internet Powerhouses Magnifying the Marketing Industry

1Hello Everybody! We hope you are doing well and feeling good because you have loads of internet marketing updates coming your way. The Friday Catch-Up gives you your weekly dose of must-reads from the internet so that you don’t miss a single thing.

As internet marketers, one of the most productive traits you can possess is being knowledgeable and staying updated about what is happening in the online world. Without knowledge, there is no power, and with great power comes great responsibility. So let’s take a look at this week’s news before we go all Spiderman again!

This week, Google, Twitter and Microsoft seems to be taking the spotlight.

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Live your Life with Arms Wide Open: Interview with CoFounder and CEO at Mailigen Janis Rose

Interview Janis RoseHello everyone! Today our special guest is Janis Rose, CoFounder and CEO at Mailigen — email marketing platform that powers online businesses of different sizes through automation and innovative solutions in email marketing. Having the university background in IT business and multimedia design, Janis has been leading web-development companies for over 5 years; his experience as a business founder, team leader and person who has lived in 8 countries over the last 12 years is really exciting to hear! So let’s start!

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Friday Catch-Up: The Growing World of Internet Marketing

1Hey Friday! How long has it been? Well it’s almost been a week and all the latest scoop has been piling up to be unloaded in this edition of Friday Catch-Up. Retail Federations, Social Network launches, and Google updates have been roaring up the news feeds in the Internet Marketing and SEO industry, and our team has been going to the depth of each update, so that you remain informed about how the industry is evolving with great speed.

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Friday Catch-Up: A Brand New Year with Some Brand New Features!

Friday Catch-UpHello Everybody! Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Friday catch-up where we bring you all the hottest updates of the internet marketing industry. This weekly tradition has become our fuel and we make sure there isn’t any internet news you have missed. Just like the giants will keep battling and the World Wide Web will keep getting denser, we will keep bringing you every update worth knowing.

This week is all about the brand new features that Google, YouTube and Facebook have been waiting to launch in 2015. Let’s start shall we? Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Happy New Year to All Friday Catch-Uppers!

HNYWe have observed that this Friday doesn’t really feel the same… But that’s only because it’s the first Friday of 2015! Happy New Year Everybody! May this brand new year witness the making of an even more competitive and flourishing Internet and Marketing market so that we can keep bringing you the hottest updates like we always do.

2014 has left us with a lot to think about, and quite frankly, the immense growth of the industry predicts an even more competitive market where brands will have to work harder than before to stay in, or atop the game. Keeping that in mind, our Friday Catch-ups will be aimed at providing all readers with valuable insights and knowledge that they will ever need, to keep our weekly tradition alive. Let’s see what the mammoths of this industry have been up to this week. Continue reading