Friday Catch-Up: Twitter Partnerships, Google Launches and More

1We are no stranger to how good the word ‘Weekend’ sounds at the end of a long and tiring week, but you know what sounds even better? Friday!

The internet world has recently been advancing so fast that it has kept us on our toes, and everywhere you look industry giants are introducing new tools and launching new projects. To help you keep up with the fast pace, this week’s Friday catch-Up has it all; read on to find out who Twitter has partnered with, what Google is doing, and what else has happened around the internet that is worth your attention.

Buckle up guys, the Friday Catch-Up roller coaster is known for its speed.

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The Latest Trend in Ecommerce — Online Product Design Software.

1Being aware of new trends in your trade is an essential thing that will help you to promote your business and be one step ahead of the rivals. If you are an advertising agency or the company making promotional items or selling custom products, you are struggling with the business opponents as this niche market is rather high. Something extraordinary can take your commerce to the next level and give you more money.

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Friday Catch-Up: News and New Beginnings

Nicola-Felaco-FryDayA big warm hug for surviving through the tediously long work week! Hello people and welcome to a brand new edition of Friday Catch-Up, our weekly ritual update that tells you all about what has been happening on the internet while you sat sipping coffee at your desk all week.

Like always, Google can’t seem to get enough of the limelight and makes certain that it always stays in the news. This week is no exception, but it comes with a lot more.

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Webinar Announcement: “CS-Cart VS Magento: platforms best features, customization tips and marketing strategy for 2015”

mic-148576_1280If you run a Magento or CS-Cart based store or plan to launch it, you will certainly get new actionable tips at this webinar. On March 26th at 9 am PDT in cooperation with the web-development company Alt-Team, we will host a webinar where will talk about the ways to improve site’s functionality and drive more sales. If you don’t know ins and outs of the shopping platform you use and just manage your store intuitively, you will certainly get new insights. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: 2015 could be “The Year of Google”

1Hey Everybody! Welcome to a brand new edition of your favorite weekly update; The Friday Catch-Up.

We gather all the big news stories related to the internet marketing world and bring you the updates every week so that you can stay informed about how the internet is rapidly evolving, from the comfort of your home. This week’s news seems to be dominated by Google (as always!) and looking at the way things are accelerating their progress, rest assured, we’ll be hearing a lot more in the coming months.

So sit back, relax, grab a nice warm cup coffee and read on.

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New Ranking Factor Introduced by Google: is Your Site Mobile-Friendly Now?


According to MOZ, each year Google changes its search algorithms around 500–600 times. Most of these updates are minor but from time to time Google rolls out a number of large updates too. During the last 6 months Google implemented updates regarding site optimization for mobile devices, on the 26th of February Google had announcedthat mobile friendliness would be a new ranking factor for websites. Seems that this update will transform our vision of how mobile-friendly sites should look like.

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Friday Catch-Up: Google’s Unbeatable Progress

20Is anyone having that butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling like oh-thank-God-its-Friday? Because we are! Hey everybody! We hope the long work week hasn’t been too tedious. We have all the things in store that might just freshen you right up for the fun weekend ahead!

Is it just us or does Google plan to rule the internet world in a couple of years? The internet giant has been progressing by leaps and bounds and accelerated its growth this year. Every week, we see Google in the news publicizing some other update in any one of the many online software and interfaces that the company provides. So let’s get right to it and check out what the internet world has been up to this week.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Kingdom of Google

1Yet another exhausting work week is almost over, finally! Have you stopped and taken out a minute from your schedule to just smile lately? If you haven’t, think about all the fun you’re going to have on the weekend and you’ll get there.

This week, the Friday Catch-up features loads of news from the internet, along with amazingly informative posts and some great Infographics that simply can’t be missed. Lately, Google seems to be treating the world like its oyster and making some great changes that have been well received by the huge audience. Let’s find out what the internet giants have been up to. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Accelerating Progress

1Hey Everyone! Guess whose back? That’s right! And apparently we’re bringing out the wine too!

This week has been a rollercoaster ride for the internet marketing industry and the online world, and what could be better than a brand new Friday Catch-up edition to enlighten you with the most happening web events! This week, Google took most of the spotlight in our news section, while Facebook crept in from behind. Take a look at what has kept the internet busy this week:

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Friday Catch-Up: The Gangs of the Internet

1Hello Everybody! It’s been a long and hard week for all of us, we are sure you’ll agree. Sometimes we wonder if it’s just us or the whole work week has just been designed to drain every little drop of motivation right out of you. The projects, the calls, the overwhelming clients; we feel your pain. This is why we work hard all week to refresh you every Friday and bring you the latest scoop and shocking news from all over the internet. So without further ado, let’s get started. This week, Google, Facebook and Apple hijack the news updates.

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