Friday Catch-Up: AOL and Google Break Up, Digital Marketing in Asia Pacific Picking Speed and Tips to Improve Customer Conversion


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Friday Catch-Up: Google is BACK with a BANG!

1Hello Everyone! It’s a brand new weekend with some brand new updates from around the globe, but there’s something special about today.

We noticed how Google had let the reigns of the news update racehorse be handled by its competitors for some time now, and just when we started to wonder what was up with the tech giant, they come back with some of the most definitive, innovative, and groundbreaking updates that can’t possibly be missed.

Google has a knack of appealing to users more than other tech brands, and you have to admit that they use it pretty well. This week, Google has answered some of the oldest internet prayers that users have been making for decades. Finally, there is no doubt and there is absolutely no shred of ambiguity – Google is our internet savior and has been for quite some time. So let’s move on to the news section, after paying your respects to the Lord of the World Wide Web.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Shies Away From the Spotlight

1Hello Everybody! We have a very special week planned ahead for you, and it’s going to be one of a kind! Have you ever seen a “News Section” without “Google” being mentioned? Well, you’re gonna!

Today, we have Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter taking up the lead and the interesting list of posts is just as great as it always is. We hope the work week hasn’t drained the life out of you, and even if it has, cheer up! The weekend waits ahead!

We understand that the internet news may sometimes get manipulated through mainstream entertainment news, but rather than considering whether you should call her “Cait” just yet, learn the art of searching for the good stuff.

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Webinar Announcement: How to Use Retargeting to Monetize Your Bouncing Traffic

Blog- retargetingEcommerce sites may lose up to 98% of site visitors. The good news is that there is a way to combat this problem, and will are going to give you a handful of tips and methods to engage the bouncing visitors and monetize this traffic. We invite you for the webinar “How to Use Retargeting to Monetize Your Bouncing Traffic” to learn about different types of retargeting and drive more sales and revenue. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: The Internet Runs the Test of Time

1Hey everyone! Before we even say anything about the updates, let’s just close our eyes and think happy thoughts. That’s it, let all the accumulated stress and disgust of the work week dissolve, clear up your head, and bring out that wine bottle, because once you open your eyes, you’re going to need to see something worth setting eyes on.

If wine doesn’t quite do it for you (yeah right!), you could always visit our blog and have all the spicy updates of the Friday Catch-Up to get you intoxicated with a different kind of thrill. This week’s news and updates, after a long time, will thankfully not only comprise of what Google is doing, but also what has been happening with other Mac-daddies of the internet world. So, let’s get started before its Monday again!

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Friday Catch-Up: The Changing Pace of the Internet Giants

1Not only is the fact that it’s Friday and we didn’t even notice how the week flew past us absolutely GREAT, but also very surprising. This recent change of sentiment makes us feel strange; how can a work week flash past us just like a weekend? Mind boggling!

What has the world come to? Dark times await us, and yes, Doomsday is NEAR. While we deal with all these kind of paranoid thoughts regarding this strange and disturbing new phenomenon of weekdays appearing to be shorter than they really are, why don’t you check out what’s been happening around the internet and read about all the big updates that took place this week, right here at the AMAZING FRIDAY CATCH-UP SERIES. Well, maybe just The Friday Catch-Up series – let’s not push it.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Giant of the Giants Takes Over

1You see that little dance step? Yeah, that’s our Friday Jam! Hello everyone and welcome to another virtual internet tour of all the updates taking place across the web. No wait, let’s just call it Friday Catch-Up, there’s a certain ring to it.

This week’s edition of the amazing Friday Catch-Up series has seen some tragic turn of events. Truth be told, Google has literally hijacked our entire news section and there’s not much we can do about it. It isn’t that tragic per se, since the tech giant does have some really exciting news to offer every time they take a leap and there is no denying that fact. So, without further ado, let’s see what the tech giant has up its sleeve this time.

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Friday Catch-Up: Collaborations of Giants Causes a Shift in the Tech Industry

1When the giants put away their swords and start forming alliances, we know BIG NEWS is stirring up. Such is the charm of the internet world, and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Happy Friday Everybody! And welcome to another greater edition of the Friday Catch-Up. This week, we explore what Facebook and Google are up to in our news section, and then move on to some very useful posts (like always!) and infographics.

There isn’t much to it all; the internet world keeps rolling at a faster pace every day, and we, at Promodo, are always right behind them soaking up the updates. Without further ado, let’s move on to what Facebook has been cooking up lately.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Secret of the World Wide Web

1Have you ever wondered how Jason must feel about Fridays? The only day of the week when a person can start to look at the bright side and hope for the best next two days is Friday, and the next two days are probably the best ’15 minutes’ of the entire work week.

It’s alright, if the extra work at office is giving you the blues, you can just go through this week’s updates to get your mood on the right track. With news, updates and infographics, this week’s Friday Catch-Up is packed with the latest scoops and the most happening updates from all over the internet. Let’s move on to see what the giants are up to this week.

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Flips the Coin

210734Hello Friday Catch-Uppers! Quick question; what is the best thing about Friday?

You put down your caffeine shields and arm yourselves with stimulants so that the weekend can be worth the while. Or maybe just chill, sit back, relax and glue your eyes to, to follow our Friday Catch-Up string. While a little bit of joking is ALL ALLOWED past Fridays, workplaces can get really tough in the summertime when you have to deal with additional workplace problems like sunburns and beach days? The problem isn’t getting them; the problem is the urge to have them!
These kinds of thoughts are exactly what led us to form the Friday Catch-Up series in the first place, so that you can have a piece of all the updates on the internet, all in one place, right here on Promodo.

As much as we hate to admit it, Google is yet again the highlight of our news roundup, so keep eyes peeled for news on what the search engine giant is cooking up now.

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