Friday Catch-Up: This is Where the ‘Weekend’ Begins

1We all know that feeling, waking up on a bright Friday morning and getting ready for work with a dreadful feeling in your gut. But you suck it up and put your game face on for one more day, only to find yourself devising a plan to blow up the entire office while you sit at your table sipping coffee two hours later.

Killing time will prove to be much better than killing ‘people’ in the long run, at least for your professional career. So don’t let a couple of more hours bring you down and think about all the alcohol that’s going to make its way into your system, releasing the pain and all this anxiety of the soul-wrenchingly long work week.

We don’t mean to make every job seem like hell, but, okay, maybe we kinda do.

Now that we have established that every desk job in the world is a curse (and won your approval because, clearly, you agree), let’s move on to the news updates that the internet world has to offer this week. Maybe that’ll keep the knives and Ak-47s out of your head; if not, there’s always therapy!

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Ecommerce SEO Checklist: How to Survive in Ecommerce SEO Maze


Ecommerce site optimization for search engines is a complicated yet simple process at the same time. On one hand – a large number of product pages cause a lot of headaches for the webmaster, but on another – most of the problems are typical and can be solved logically with a system approach.
It may look complicated but you will not get lost in the seemingly knotty maze of ecommerce SEO if you classify and group these problems. With this goal in mind the ecommerce SEO checklist has been created. We hope it will make life of ecommerce owners easier and the SEO topic more approachable for everyone.
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Friday Catch-Up: Microsoft Backs Google, Saying Revenge Porn is NOT COOL!

1There’s something special about this Friday, and if you listen closely, you will hear the shrieks of a million porn uploaders and pervs screaming at the top of their lungs.

Yes, this week’s news section has a sweet surprise for all internet users who cringe at the thought of revenge porn.  Along with that, Facebook and Google are ruffling some feathers again, but the biggest hero of today’s edition of Friday Catch-Up is Microsoft. Hurry up and scroll on down to read what this controversial piece of news is all about.

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Cohort Analysis: Analyse Magento Customers’ Behaviour

grandstand-330930_1280Understanding your customers natural behaviour can not only bring more sales to you, but also make your brand loved and honoured.

When average businessman hears about Cohort analytics, Latency Matrix or RFM reports, the only thing that arises in mind is pain or mess. You never know which side you should start from or what are the best practices for completing the analysis. Though there’s nothing too complicated – it is made to divide your customers by groups to work better with them via e-mail, phone or any other method of contact you may use. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Testing, Fundraising, and Announcing!

Hello Everybody, and welcome back to this week’s edition of the Friday Catch-Up series. Let’s talk about the news and updates this week!  Continue reading

Infographics Online Consumer Habits by Country


This infografics visualizes the trends in the online consumer habits around the world. This will be useful for all ecommerce players who are looking to find a quick and representative image of typical consumers that shop online in the most advanced economics. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Hijack Alert – Google Taking Over! 

1You know those weeks when there’s nothing else to talk about except the giant with the biggest horns? Yeah, this one’s going to be one of those. Imagine the world of the web as a Bullfighting Arena if you will, with search engines acting as toreros, and the bull being the audience, wild and free as it should be. Can you guess who Google would be? That sounds about right – the Matador!

Fortunate or unfortunate, Google does have some very interesting news to offer this week, and that’s probably why our News Section will contain nothing else! Forming alliances and redefining ranking algorithms seems to have become Google’s favorite pastime, so let’s see what they have been cooking up for us this week with the “Amazing” Friday Catch-Up. Touché.

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Friday Catch-Up: AOL and Google Break Up, Digital Marketing in Asia Pacific Picking Speed and Tips to Improve Customer Conversion


Friday Catch-up brings to you a round of all the latest and happening news in digital marketing and SEO, along with tips, presentations and useful resources to up your marketing game. We hope you will benefit from the Friday of July roundup and stay tuned until next Friday for more! Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Google is BACK with a BANG!

1Hello Everyone! It’s a brand new weekend with some brand new updates from around the globe, but there’s something special about today.

We noticed how Google had let the reigns of the news update racehorse be handled by its competitors for some time now, and just when we started to wonder what was up with the tech giant, they come back with some of the most definitive, innovative, and groundbreaking updates that can’t possibly be missed.

Google has a knack of appealing to users more than other tech brands, and you have to admit that they use it pretty well. This week, Google has answered some of the oldest internet prayers that users have been making for decades. Finally, there is no doubt and there is absolutely no shred of ambiguity – Google is our internet savior and has been for quite some time. So let’s move on to the news section, after paying your respects to the Lord of the World Wide Web.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Shies Away From the Spotlight

1Hello Everybody! We have a very special week planned ahead for you, and it’s going to be one of a kind! Have you ever seen a “News Section” without “Google” being mentioned? Well, you’re gonna!

Today, we have Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter taking up the lead and the interesting list of posts is just as great as it always is. We hope the work week hasn’t drained the life out of you, and even if it has, cheer up! The weekend waits ahead!

We understand that the internet news may sometimes get manipulated through mainstream entertainment news, but rather than considering whether you should call her “Cait” just yet, learn the art of searching for the good stuff.

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