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10 Trending Design Ideas To Make Your Vet Website More Engaging

Content marketing
September 11, 2023
20 mins

Why Web Design Matters More Than Ever

Today, Promodo UX/UI experts are sharing the most trending veterinary website designs for 2023 and on to get your digital performance onto a new level. 

We’ve explored the best veterinarian websites to give you an idea about how you should arrange your online presence. 

The power of an outstanding web design is in solidifying your brand image in the eyes of pet owners. Beyond quality vet care services, people want to consume a stylish design on your website. This is much about user interface (UI) where you interact with users. Subsequently, agile web design predetermines the quality of user experience (UX)

Even though you may drive revenue owing to your local authority as a reputable local vet clinic, digital marketing opportunity is about going the extra mile. 

Crafting a well-designed veterinary website is among those SEO essentials that will help you bring more traffic onto your site, boost conversion rate (CR), and surge profit across your sales funnel.

Our expert says: Web design is also part of the legwork you should do to attract more potential clients among pet owners beyond the scope of your local reach. Custom design solutions on your pages will inspire your site visitors to read more about your service and get in touch with your vet clinic. Yevhen Ivliiev, Head of UX/UI at Promodo.

Essentially, your site is much about brand image. That is why all tiny features ranging from personalized elements to hand-selected stock images and intense colors represent you as a customer-oriented vet care facility.

1. Making First Impression: The Engaging Home Page

Your homepage is where many users will reach you for the first time. To boost direct traffic on your site, make the title page of your site as representative as possible. 

Browse through the best veterinary website design ideas online and spot the elements that will work best in your case.

Our expert says: Using unique brand elements that will feature you above the pack. Personalize your design with color-balanced imagery, subtle textures, and Celtic knots to highlight your identity as a customer-oriented brand. Anton Chebotarenko, UX/UI Expert at Promodo.

Your brand colors filled in the corporate logo should reflect the unique style and tone of your vet care venture. You will gain another competitive advantage by applying branded colors and fonts that will position you as a local niche leader. 

With finely crafted contact details on every single page of your website, people are sure you are one click away. Relevant contact details at the upper right-hand corner are a must-have to ensure effortless communication. 

User experience

Make sure your practice is listed in Google Maps and create your Google Business Profile to make sure your facility appears first for “near me” local searches.  

Add several calls to action (CTA) buttons throughout your homepage as pop-ups or static request forms that will inspire more site visitors to use your professional vet practice. User-friendly CTA buttons will help streamline the user experience on your site. 

The calls for vet appointments and individual bookings at the client’s preferred time, discount offers for the first-timers, and loyalty reminders for established clients are all integral to seamless effect and higher conversion rates on your site. 

Make sure to work out comprehensive vet care plans for individual pet categories by breed, type, size, age, disease, diet, or any other personalized features. 

You can always measure all the actions taken and conversions generated on your site with the help of Google Analytics or other feasible tools. 

Beyond brand personalization, youWeb design is also part will get much closer to your target audience by exemplifying the personalities of animal species with micro-animations and custom photos. 

By applying engaging images and bright colors, you will make a difference by changing the perception of taking one’s pet to the hospital. This way, you’ll turn a burdensome experience into an association with a highly customized vet care service.

In addition to customer feedback, fill your homepage with in-house staff photos that will be the best proof of your real-life vet experience. These images will convey the feeling of personal touch and pet empathy that is so important to the pet parents. 

Be true to your audience by showcasing the team of vet professionals on your site instead of relying on stock photos.

All aspects of veterinary website design ranging from high definition images to custom service offerings should position you as a specialized vet practice. 

Ensure pet owners understand what services you are offering and the pet population you serve by animal type, breed, age, or other relevant features. The final tip is to include your credentials and evidence-proven snapshots from your vet experience.

With that, you do not have to join the list of top veterinary websites; your strategic goal is to ensure an engaging vet spot online that will attract wider audiences of pet owners.  

2. Feeling The Power of Mobile Friendliness

More than 90% of web users are reaching veterinary hospital websites on their mobile phones. Mobile responsiveness is among the major SEO metrics that predetermine the amount of traffic on your site. 

Mobile marketing

Today’s tech-savvy pet parents cannot wait long to load your site. Neither someone will tolerate navigation errors, especially when they seek a “near me vet clinic” in case of emergency. 

Mind that the average time for making a brand impression on your site is close to 2.6 seconds. If you fail, your website is prone to a high bounce rate. Thus, make your website mobile-friendly in all possible ways.


User experience

In addition to customizing your website for mobile phones, detect major marketing channels from where people are reaching your vet practice most:

  • Direct web searches
  • Paid contextual ads 
  • Local queries 
  • Social media platforms
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Email newsletters
  • Influencers
  • Referrals

Being aware of user intent and knowing where your target audience is looking for vet services is a strategic marketing advantage in digital space. 

3. Pursuing User-Friendly Navigation

Your strategic task here is to align personality and functionality throughout the website. Beyond adding more design depth, you may opt for subtle animations to ensure a smooth consumer journey throughout your site. 

Along with an agile web design, enhanced navigation throughout your site will definitely scale your brand identity. 

Most importantly, you should make pet owners want to stay on your pages and get back again for more information. Therefore, every single element on your pages should resonate with the vet care needs, concerns, and preferences shared by your target audience. 

Further on, take your veterinary website not as a technical must-have, but as a deeply personalized means of communication with pet owners. With that, convenient navigation features will increase the average time on your site and make people take more action.

Rather than a landing page that generates leads, turn your site into a trust-building vet care platform that will spark immediate association of your brand name with the reliable vet service.

Make users want to respond to the CTAs across your site and inspire them to explore more vet services.

Navigation serves a strategically important role in the road map that leads the user journey on your site. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone knows where they are on your site and what’s the purpose of each page. 

Customer engagement

A sitemap and an encouraging layout will ensure easy browsing through the vet content across your pages. The easier your site is to navigate, the more people will land on it.

To avoid communication gaps, make sure your on-site navigation is smooth and easy to use. That’s the best approach to make people stay longer on your pages. 

Live chat and customized appointment forms are essential elements to highlight that your vet facility is available 24/7. That will turn you into a reliable vet practice whenever pet owners may need your professional service, especially at night hours or during emergencies. 

Benefit from the fillable forms on your site to collect user data. You will greatly benefit from customer emails as a feasible means of retention marketing; In this pursuit, offer discounts and promote loyalty programs. 

All these and other maintenance measures will come in handy if you want to expand the customer base for your practice.  

To make users feel more comfortable throughout their journey on your site, highlight a welcoming image of your brand that would associate you with the quality vet practice. 

4. Turning Into A Vet Care Hub

Pet wellness is among the core concerns shared by pet owners. More to that, over the past two decades, there’s been a global trend for pet parenting. Pet parents are over-empathetic to their furry companions to the extent of treating the latter as their children. 

On this background, vet services comprise a considerable share of the pet care routine. Whenever one’s pet's health is at risk, pet parents immediately google for relevant information. This is your golden opportunity to play the top card and make your name stand out from other vet sites. 

Beyond your physical vet services as a local pet caregiver, you should give more to your target audience. That’s where the quality vet care content comes into play. In addition to well-crafted design solutions on your site, bet on blogging as a feasible means to drive conversions.

Our UX/UI experts will optimize your vet website!
Enhance your digital performance with strategic marketing solutions!

Fill your blog with professional vet care advice and suggestions. Include custom-focused content that would reflect the hands-on experience of your clinic. 

Pet owners best resonate with vet care cases similar to theirs. While various content generation formats are possible (blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc.), be sure to stay visible and make a difference. 

Over time, the content on your blog will turn into a reputable source of vet care information for thousands of vet owners beyond your local reach. This may be your first step towards state and nationwide business expansion.

5. Relying On Pet Owner Testimonials 

Client testimonials are a proven trust-building element on your site. Considering the high level of pet care empathy, pet parents are eagerly communicating about the health and well-being of their furry friends. Furthermore, they want to make their voices heard by sharing vet care stories with others. 

Building trust

As a strategic advantage, make your website serve as a sticking point between your clients and pet owners who are considering ordering professional vet care services.  

Customer reviews are strategically important as a proven source of inspiration driving more traffic to your site. You may ask your clients to leave reviews in exchange for further benefits, specialty offers, or seasonal discounts. This is how you generate loyalty and trust in your vet practice brand name. 

6. Integrating Social Media 

In times of high market competition, you are to pursue omnichannel marketing.  That’s the way of  reaching your target and potential audiences of pet owners through various channels of communication. 

Targeting a single channel is just not enough. In this vein, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) serve as tried means to get your message across. 

Pet parents are active social media users who resonate with the pet brands who keep in touch online. One way to build your social media presence is to share customer testimonials about your practice. With that, bet on fun facts showcasing your services to turn people’s journey to your clinic into a pleasant experience.

The overall success of the customer journey to your vet practice will depend on how deeply you resonate with the immediate vet care needs of pet parents.  

With that, you do not have to use all social media platforms. Choose the ones where your target audience spends the most time. For example, Baby Boomers and Millennials are avid Facebook users, while Gen Zs prefer Instagram and short pet care videos on TikTok. 

7. Tackling Vet Emergencies  

Make sure you have separate contact information for emergency cases. Unlike regular checkups that necessitate reminders on your end, an overwhelming majority of pet owners will apply to your practice when something has happened to their pet. 

This means you should arrange a 24/7 online service where humans (not chatbots) will be ready to provide first aid consultation for pet owners in need. This strategically important extra option will help you stand out from other vet practices that do not stay open 24/7.

With direct customer communication, you will soon earn the reputation of a first aid vet practice that will highlight your reliability and add to a positive public image.

8. Introducing Your Vet Staff

Rather than communicating with chatbots or browsing through stock images, pet owners want to feel a real-life connection. On the ‘Our Team’ page introduce every staff vet with a high-resolution image, credentials, and brief bio. 

You may even go the extra mile here by recording short personal videos where your staff members will introduce themselves to the world. A personalized approach is most appealing and will soon reward you with greater brand awareness, more site visits, and higher conversions.

Revealing your vet practice from within is how you make essential bonds with a large population of pet owners online. This is the audience who may potentially order your vet service one day. So beyond the audience of your loyal local clients, benefit from strategic digital marketing solutions that will help you boost your online presence and reach out to wider audiences.      

9. Prioritizing FAQ Section

While vet website design is a tough nut to most clinics, it all depends on your ability to include all the tiny details. Never downplay such important sections as frequently asked questions (FAQs). Unfortunately, many veterinary websites downplay such details and end up with higher bounce rates eventually. 

The more answers you highlight, the better. In this regard, explore user searches and popular queries for vet services. Knowing what pet owners are looking for will help you better resonate with their anticipations and respond to their ultimate needs.

Instead of making a specialized website for veterinarians, speak to pet owners in their language free of complicated terms and professional jargon.

10. Promoting Virtual Consultations

In addition to the set vet services you provide offline, boost your brand authority with something extra for your clients. Despite their vet care needs, pet parents will positively resonate with your practice once you make free-of-charge offers. Free virtual consultations are also a sound way to keep in touch with your target audience permanently.  

Among the finest solutions underway is to provide free virtual consultations with your staff veterinarians. Arrange live monthly sessions where pet owners would ask vet practitioners about critical vet issues and pet care routines they stick with. 

The initiative will scale your reputation as a socially committed vet practice to a new level. Live streams available on various platforms will help you meet with your future clientele face-to-face. At the end of each session, be sure to promote your extra vet care offers. 

Vet services online

You may alternatively arrange an Online Vet School to educate pet owners about major pet care challenges and prepare them for emergencies. Such classes will also despite the population of future pet parents who are about to own a pet. 

Exploring The Best Website Designs

Rather than reinventing the wheel on your own, take your time to browse through the finest examples of vet clinics online. Pay attention to the templates they use to make their online presence genuinely engaging.

Our list of best veterinary clinic websites starts with the homepage of Clinica Dr. Mauro. We’ve found the site as a perfect match for one’s brand promotion. The appealing header makes all the difference and makes you want to stay here even if you are not a pet parent.  

The website of Bollington Veterinary shows how you should target your audience right from scratch. At the center of the homepage is a Book An Appointment call to action. At the top, customers see phone numbers, and contact information at the bottom. Straight and forward, the site attracts pet owners with concrete action.

All the essential elements of veterinary website designs and web content are in place at Somers Animal Hospital's homepage. The online representation embraces all the web design aspects we’ve talked about today. While a powerful video background adds to the aesthetic effect, the Set An Appointment option right at hand highlights the accessibility of the veterinary practice. 

All these examples from the best veterinary websites show the importance of all user-friendly aspects of the website. Every single element should be crafted with a purpose.

Our final piece of advice today: do not make the website design for the sake of it. Customize it with the relevant needs and user intent of your target audience of pet parents who are just a few clicks away from ordering your vet service.  

Benefit from Finest UX/UI Strategies!
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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Yevhen Ivliev

Head of UX/UI at Promodo

‣ Experience in international markets (East Asia, Africa, South America).

‣ As a Design Lead, developed innovative design solutions and strategies that helped improve user experience and reflected in positive changes in key performance metrics.

‣ Project leadership and management: While working in design agencies, he has successfully led project teams, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and within budget.

‣ While working for a startup, he played a key role in growing the company from one market to five, which led to increased sales and revenue.

‣ Successfully assembled and managed a multi-national team of 15 talented professionals from different countries, fostering cultural diversity and creativity.  

‣ My design solutions have contributed to increased conversions, reduced bounce rates, and increased user engagement, positively impacting key business metrics. ‣ Ensured high quality UX/UI products, taking into account the needs of users, which led to excellent reviews and customer loyalty.

‣ Successfully collaborated with various internal teams such as product development, marketing, and analytics, which contributed to a harmonious approach and achievement of common goals.

‣ Actively contributed to the development and implementation of design processes and methodologies, which ensured more efficient and synergistic teamwork.

Written by
Anton Chebotarenko

UX/UI Expert at Promodo

I have over 6 years of experience in designing CRM and HRM systems, e-commerce, landing pages, and mobile applications. As a UX/UI designer, I develop strategies and innovative design solutions that help improve user experience and result in positive changes in key business metrics. As a mentor, I teach new designers how to create innovative and well-reasoned design solutions, share my experience, and help them avoid mistakes in interface design.

September 11, 2023
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