15 Most Useful Google Chrome Tools for PPC Wizards

If you’re a PPC specialist, you probably don’t have much time for reading, so we made this article only a 4-minute read. At the same time, it contains the most useful suggestions on how to work smart applying PPC for eCommerce sites using extensions of Google Chrome. This will allow you to save your working time and make your everyday duties a walk in the park. All of the following extensions have proven their effectiveness and served the intended purpose for Promodo PPC specialists.

However, make sure that you’re aware of possible drawbacks of a PPC campaign and use all the opportunities you have avoiding the threats.


1. Tag Assistant

This extension is used to help you ensure that Google tags on your page are correct. By using Tag Assistant, you can check what tags any of your webpages has and what mistakes are there, including Goggle Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Adwords Conversion Tracking. It also suggests potential improvements.

2. Facebook Pixel Helper

If you want to ensure that Facebook shows all the pixels on your website, try this solution. The extension works in the background mode searching for the conversion pixel and the main Facebook pixel, reporting errors, and showing the number of pixels on the page. It is easy to look through warnings, successes, and errors which are available on the expanded extension’s panel.

3. Google Analytics Debugger

The plugin allows you to include a debugged version of analytics.js without altering the tracking code. The benefit of this solution is that Debugger is useful to check your own pages and find out how Google Analytics works on other sites. It also supports Universal Analysis and includes error messages and warnings to the Javascript console.

4. Yandex.Metrika

This plugin is helpful to determine the numbers of counters and go to the reports, download the map of links, map of clicks, and analytic forms on any page where the counter is installed, as well as to create a counter in one click. It is especially beneficial for users who have multiple Metrika counters.

5. Google Analytics URL Builder

This hyper version can read the current web address automatically, create and manage pre-configured sets of tags, and help you get a complete tagged URL effortlessly. It can auto generate the final URL. Keep in mind that this Builder does not collect your browsing history nor collect your tagging data.

6. Yandex Wordstat Assistant

This is a widget that you add to the pages of the wordstat.yandex.ru service. It helps you accelerate the collection of key phrases. The checks for duplicate content are performed automatically. There are a few ordering options, such as by the date of adding, by frequency, and alphabetically.

7. Ghostery

This smart app increases your browsing speed, protection, and privacy. You will get an instant overview of the trackers on each site you visit. Besides, you will be able to allow or block most of these trackers. The database contains trackers used by more than 500 companies, including some of those used by Google and Facebook. The extension also lets you manage website whitelists.

8. Page Analytics (by Google)

This extension is designed to help you find out how your clients interact with your site: what they click and what they don’t click. This is truly helpful if you want to optimize your site layout, improve your audience experience, and, therefore, increase conversions. Google analytics metrics include unique page views, general pageviews, average time on page, and bounce rate.

9. Percent Change Calculator

This is a simple and quick way to calculate percent changes during reporting and when you need to compare traffic. Percentages are calculated in three most common ways. The interface is simple and you just need to put the different numbers in the respective fields.

10. Redirect Path

This simple redirect checker helps PPC specialists find 301 and 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes, along with client side redirects. At the click of the button, you can flag up HTTP headers and the server IP address.

11. Proxy for Chrome

This is simply a free proxy for your browser.

12. SimilarTech Prospecting

This tool allows you to discover prospecting information on any website you’re visiting, including company, technologies, and traffic.

13. SimilarWeb

This add-on is created to track traffic sources, website engagement, and website ranking. The metrics you can monitor include analytic data, popularity, ranks, similarity, and some website metrics.

14. Table Booster for Google Analytics

This is a convenient visualization tool that helps you present Google Analytics data. You can use one of the three visualization types for every metric column and employ graphs in the grid-view.

15. Tag Manager Injector

You can use this tool to allow Google Tag Manager’s preview and debug mode. It is possible to fully configure your container and test it before releasing the snippet. This extension is active on any site you visit within your browser section.

Final Pro Tips

The Crome Web Store offers the alternative extensions with similar functionality in case you don’t find any of the aforementioned tools helpful. Besides, you may prefer using other add-ons for some reasons. I suggest you a simple success hint:

“Install the app, test it for some time, and use it regularly if it speeds up your work; otherwise, delete it and try something else.”

Usually, a PPC campaign is launched by a team of specialists so that all the important nuances are considered. Contact Promodo experts if you need any assistance!

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15 Most Useful Google Chrome Tools for PPC Wizards

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