Banner Advertising- Does It Bring Benefit To Business?

Banner advertising is the latest marketing trend. Emerging on the web front in 1994, the concept has come a long way rendering dramatic results. Banner advertising ranks quite highly on the to-do-list of any and every advertising campaign and for good reason. It is cost efficient, it is hassle-free and involves minimal risk.

With other promotional strategies where there is always a chance of things not responding in the desired manner. However, when it comes to banner advertising, since the investment is minimal, a business owner has got nothing to lose. This, indeed, makes it one of the most viable yet risk-free marketing strategies.

Banner Advertising- Can It Be a Strategy to Stay In the Game?

Those questioning the ability of banner advertising to bring a business any benefit should not be surprised to find that today most of the websites we come across contain them. Had they been useless, website owners would have stopped using them a long time back. The illustration shows a couple of banners displayed on a site’s different web pages targeting kids belonging to the age group of 4-10.

A Look at Some Statistics

2.1% of all the traffic generated on the internet is contributed by banner advertising.

People in the age group of 55 and above are most likely to click on an ad.

58% of individuals who are 15-24 have clicked on an ad at least once in their life.

71% of all the college graduates have clicked on at least one ad in the last six months.

59% of people who have attended high school or are less educated have clicked on an ad in the last six months.

Facebook, being one of the most famous and phenomenal social networking websites, relies on banner advertising to help businesses get the desired exposure.

These promising statistics leave little margin for one to decide if banner advertising should be preferred as the figures clearly show how potentially banner advertising can influence a company’s business presence. Banner advertising is a viable solution to advertise and promote your business and portraying it in the right light. Given the aggressive competition, it will only be justified to say that banner advertising is something you need to do to go the extra mile that earns you an edge over others.

While listing all of the advantages of this marketing strategy is beyond the scope of this article, a handful of those that can help you realize the full extent of its potential are briefly accounted below.

Getting Response the ‘Smart’ Way

The most appealing aspect associated with banner advertising is that it can help you get the desired response from the targeted demographic almost instantly. Advertisements printed in newspapers may attract readers but you have no guarantee whether or not they will respond to the call for action. The reader may decide to act upon his curiosity at a later point in time, he may forget about the advertisements and there are chances you may not get any response from them at all.

On the other hand, what makes banner advertising interesting is that readers are able to respond to them right away. All they have to do is to click on the banner and they will be directed to your website offering specific products or services.

Banner Advertising- Get Higher Return on Investment

Since website owners are actually seeking monetary benefits, banner advertising emerges as an elixir on that end as well. Since clicking on a banner will direct visitors to your website, they can place orders immediately. Hence, a few clicks will result in conversions. The sales of your company will increase and in turn the ROI will increase.

Banner Advertising- A Progressive Marketing Technique

If you want to secure significant improvements in the sale of your product or services, banner advertising is, undoubtedly, one of the most proficient options available till date. Making use of the World Wide Web’s power, this can be your chance of ensuring that you get the wheels going in the right direction.

Banner Advertising- Allure Prospective Customers

One other advantage associated with banner advertising is that it can help bring relevant traffic to your website. In addition to being a part of your website, they can be placed on other websites that are getting high traffic themselves. This makes banner advertising a choice that won’t go wrong because at the end of the day, any efforts made in this direction will benefit you tremendously.

Banner Advertising- Faster and Better

In our technologically sound society where every individual is on the go, getting results is not the only factor to be taken into consideration, getting them at the correct pace can be the difference between success and failure. What use is a strategy that results in conversions but only once in a blue moon? Efficient and effective should be the intrinsic virtues of a marketing strategy and this is what banner advertising is all about. Banner advertising brings results not just effectively but efficiently as well so that any milestones you have planned to accomplish are achieved over a specific period of time.

Banner Advertising- All You Need To Get Brand Recognition

Banner advertising help bring brand recognition. Also, the results are much easier to measure. You just have to checks the number of click-throughs and the traffic that have been directed to you site through it. Also, you can easily determine how much of this traffic have shown an interest in your product or service in the form of conversions. Just remember, the easiest way to attract customers is to make your banner advertisements compelling and you are all set to go.

Banner Advertising Is Traceable

It is of vital importance to be able to measure your success or progress quantitatively. Unlike other strategies where you can only guess if people are reading your advertisements or not, the click through rate will give any website owner a fair idea of how many times a web page is viewed. It also tells a website owner about the customers’ response statistics.

Bottom-line, banner advertising is eye-catching, affordable, appealing and creative. Helping any online business acquire global reach, it is an ideal tool for any business seeking an impressive web presence.



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Banner Advertising- Does It Bring Benefit To Business?

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