February Round-Up

Leo celebrates his finally achieved Oscar, and February gifts us an additional winter day to look through the main news and headers of the last month from the world of marketing. In this edition of our digest we will discuss the new Facebook reactions, the priorities of mobile users, news from Google Adwords and many more. Get involved!

  1. The new reactions on Facebook

The need for additional reactions enlightened several years ago, when Facebook users actively started to ask Mark Zukerberg to add an ‘unlike’ button. Although, the rumors told the button had to appear, the Facebook team decided to stay away from sharply negative reaction and to add a wide range of emotions instead. This February the six new reactions appeared, their official names are: ‘Like’, ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Yay’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’.

What does it mean for business? Facebook becomes another testimonial platform where your consumers can share their attitude towards your brand. For marketers this means more efforts to be ‘loved’ not just ‘liked’ and to avoid ‘sad’ and ‘angry’ smiles. Stay flexible and keep on building you social media reputation – it appears this will become your only measurement of success.


 2. Activities smartphone users prioritize

As the main tendency of 2016 is going mobile, the more and more opinion leaders research the way  consumers interact with their mobile devices. The new chart by Marketing Charts shows the percentage of time each user spends for an activity. All the activities are divided into four main groups: communication, enetertainment, functional and photo.

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The most used group is communication, including texting, phone calls, email and social media. For marketers it means to pay more attention and make more efforts to email marketing and SMM.

Daily smartphone usage

  1. Direct and indirect ranking signals in Google

The new article by MOZ guru Rand Fishkin describing Google ranking factors. Tha main point made is to do branding rather then do marketing. Opinions of a niche leaders matter more then the rankin position itself. So does the work with your target audience. However, the methods described by Rand do not give the initial result. It is kind of a lasting work you need to do constantly.

btw the material is also available as a video.

SEOs rankings

  1. Google changes their ad’s layout

Google decided to take away the right panel of ads in a desktop search results. The material by Search engine land tells about the effect this improvement will have in a work of digital marketers. Why read the article? At least to know what is changing and to adapt your AdWords strategy to these changes.

Google Ads

  1. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

One more launch by Google – Accelerated Mobile Pages. In the material by Econsultancy the four peculiarities of this new feature are discussed. Also the video with an official instruction is available. As mobile technologies are taking the solid part of the market – the article can be useful for you to understand how to promote your business for mobile.

Google accelerated mobile pages

  1. Facebook ads for targeted traffic

If you just start getting social and getinto the world of Facebook – this material is a good digest for you to start. Information about all the available ways of promotion on Facebook with the results you should expect and possible impact you can make to your target audience. The post is a good and detailed instruction – just go ahead and start doing your business social.

Facebook Targeted Traffic

  1. Update your Google Analytics to get more customers

Mike Arche from Semrush uncovers the secrets of successful work woth Google Analytics. In his material he is showing 4 new approaches you hardly have worked with before. As the algorithms and ways of getting to consumers and receiving additional traffic change all the time – this article is a good thing for you to keep abreast.

How Leverage Google Analytics

  1. App ranking in Google and Apple stores

You must be tired hearing how important it is to go mobile, however, it is the reality we have now. If you have made an app for your business (or as a part of your business) you would probably want it to be indexed correctly to get good ranking position in app store search. The article is a deep analysis and a how-to instruction, telling how to succeed going mobile. We recommend you to pay attention to it, even if you are still far from having your own app.

App Indexing

  1. How to count Twitter success

In November 2015 Twitter took away the share option – which means you cannot measure success, based on the number of shares anymore. The article shows the reasons for such an action and describes alternative ways of how to install metrics for Twitter (for instance, did you know, Twitter has its own free analytics?). Though the rankings of this social media are falling down, we do not think you should stop advertising on Twitter. The predictions on the future of this media are also in the article.

Twitter Shares

  1. Mobile Affiliate Marketing

If you include affiliate marketing to your general marketing strategy you should know there are some peculiarities of doing it on mobile. The material describes the mobile media consumptions issues and the way to avoid ad blocks. Which is valuable, the article is accompanied by source materials – so you can deepen into the subject.


As we see it – our February digest stresses out the importance of mobile presence of your business. Follow us on social networks to get more materials on how to build your mobile marketing strategy.


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February Round-Up

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