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Fintech Marketing Strategy: Navigating the Future

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July 20, 2023
10 mins

The Fintech industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, transforming the way financial services are delivered and consumed. As technology continues to advance, fintech companies are at the forefront of innovation. They are leveraging new tools and platforms to provide enhanced user experiences and automate financial processes.  

In this blog post, we will explore the world of fintech marketing and discuss effective strategies that can help fintech companies stand out & thrive in 2023. By adopting these strategies companies can: 

  • increase customer motivation and engagement
  • enhance brand recognition and loyalty
  • expand their range of financial service offering
  • improve customer acquisition and revenue growth.

However, let's get real - finance can be dreary to consumers, but there's no need for the marketing to follow suit. Welcome to the world of 'Understanding Fintech Marketing'.

Understanding Fintech Strategies for Marketing

Heralding a revolution in financial technology or 'fintech,' must grapple with a unique set of marketing prospects and problems. You may wonder, what exactly is fintech marketing? Essentially, it's a blend of innovative strategies aimed to promote fintech products and services. These methods are contrived not only to cut through the mundane in finance, but also to thrust your firm into a future brimming with potential.

Given the stiff competition and swift pace of the fintech universe, successfully marketing these services is no walk in the park. With traditional banks nipping at their heels, fintech firms must operate with diligence and creativity. So, what if there were ways to supercharge your Fintech Strategies for Marketing, acquire fresh clientele, and jet-propel your establishment ahead?

Fintech Digital Marketing Strategies to Adopt 

In this section we discuss some basics for you to adopt in your fintech digital marketing journey.  

A. Comprehensive Digital Presence (fintech digital marketing)

An undeniable fact regarding retaining success within the fintech industry is establishing an extensive online presence that captures target audiences' attention and maintains interest through consistent engagement with clients. The significance of platform procedures that promote brand recognition demands every effort possible for digital appearance maximisation. 

Consequently, two effective means for obtaining such results include adopting methods for Search Engine Optimization campaigns focused on raising search engine ranking accompanied by content marketing that can create connections whilst encouraging customer loyalty. Wonder what SEO stands for in Fintech? You can learn more from our recent article.

Moreover, extra-ordinary leverage through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram proves promising in terms of enhancing customer awareness while putting greater emphasis on building meaningful relationships. 

Through these strategies spanning multiple platforms dedicated to information sharing and targeted messaging - companies are armed with potent competitive advantages propelling them towards long-term success amidst a highly competitive landscape.

B. Tailored Marketing Campaigns 

Not every customer is the same, are they? Hence, the need for tailor-made marketing messages arises. This strategy underscores knowing your audience, their unique needs, and sculpting marketing messages that resonate. What does this strategy promise? A tailored suit in a world of off-the-rack ones!

Adopting a data-driven approach helps to perfect your campaign's effectiveness, because, why swim against the current when you can use it to your advantage? By using the right data, fintech companies can craft personalised messages to strike a chord with their customer base, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

However, it's crucial to remember, this isn't a one-time magic spell. To achieve desired results, frequent evaluation and revisions based on data insights are key. 

It's time to bid farewell to age-old, generic marketing techniques. With the advent of fintech marketing, it's time to embrace tailor-made campaigns. 

Read an article from Kateryna Husachenko, Marketing Strategist at Promodo to learn how you can get to know your customers to deliver more personalised messages.

C. Partnership and Collaboration 

Ever considered collaboration with established financial institutions? It's a brilliant way to borrow credibility, and tap into their substantial client base.

Moreover, fintech has many sub-domains, so partnering with firms offering complimentary services can catapult mutual growth. Remember, the goal isn't just to coexist, but to thrive together. So, ponder, what might be the perfect symbiotic relationship for your fintech venture?

Co-marketing, another potent strategy, broadens your audience reach while simultaneously bolstering market penetration. It's like hitting two birds with one stone - fostering strong partnerships and pushing your services further into the market.

However, don't let haste overshadow careful planning. Partners should align with your brand image and marketing approach. This ensures synergy, creating a marketing force capable of shaking the fintech landscape. After all, it's not just about making noise; it's about making the right noise. 

D. Thought Leadership and Content Marketing 

The concept of positioning fintech companies as industry cognoscenti can be achieved through the development of comprehensive, instructive material. Crafted assets such as blog posts, whitepapers, and webinars serve as prime tools to instruct, and attract the desired demographic. They perform the dual task of providing precious information, while subtly demonstrating the company's expertise.

For maximum impact, however, such materials shouldn't stay concealed within the company's digital abode. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization strategies, must be employed. They assure this educational cache gets broad exposure. The ultimate goal, to facilitate discovery by an extensive audience, teeming with potential customers.

Take heed, the notion of valuable content is not just a buzzword, it's a game-changer in the financial sector. Especially, within the realm of fintech marketing! To win trust, valuable content is paramount, and trust is crucial when it comes to marketing financial products.

Remember, this content isn't just for page views, or social media likes. It’s a lifeboat for those lost in the sea of financial confusion, particularly millennials. In light of recent research, a staggering 45% yearn for resources to improve their financial savvy. This unfulfilled need is your fintech's call to action, to step up, be the hero, and position yourself for prosperity.

Benefits of Having a Fintech Marketing Strategy

In the digitised era, implementing digital marketing strategies can have significant positive impacts. For providers of financial services, this means:

  •  greater visibility
  •  enhanced brand recognition 
  •  increased customer engagement

Adopting a well-defined marketing strategy can help fintech firms answer the call of a digitally savvy audience, especially Millennials. Through valuable content creation and strategic branding, these firms can address customer pain points, educate them on financial topics, and subsequently, win their trust.

Moreover, with a strong branding and engagement plan, the firm's identity remains consistent and memorable. Consequently, this approach boosts the potential for customer retention and brand loyalty. The success recipe includes over-delivering on promises and creating a personal experience that leaves customers wanting more.

In essence, a solid fintech marketing strategy can be a game-changer, propelling your business to unanticipated heights.

Best Fintech Marketing Strategies

B2B Fintech Marketing 

In crafting a marketing approach uniquely tailored for business-to-business transactions, an understanding of other businesses' needs becomes vital. Fintech solutions, filled with immense potential, can drastically transform and optimise the operation of businesses, and these benefits must be at the forefront of our marketing strategies.

Valuable content creation remains a cornerstone for any B2B Fintech strategy. Remember, most businesses are continuously searching for informational resources to help them navigate the complex fintech space. Step in, generate enlightening and valuable content. This will not only establish trust, but it will also position your brand as a credible source of fintech knowledge.

Powerful branding, however, is equally crucial. Fintech companies should strive to create a visually compelling and memorable brand image, consistently reflected in all marketing campaigns. This doesn't just appeal to the eyes, but it also communicates your company's core values and identity.

Learn how Promodo experts utilised the power of branding to help launch a loan issuing company in our recent case study.

Also, fostering an active engagement with other businesses can never be overstated. This involves regular interactions on social platforms and personalised experiences for prospective clients.

Finally, in the competitive fintech arena, overdeliver whenever you can. Going above and beyond in your service delivery can significantly enhance customer loyalty and trust. This is just one of the essentials of marketing strategy for financial services. 

Sales and Conversion Financial Marketing Strategies

Selling in the fintech world needs a methodical, focused approach. Having a fintech sales strategy nurturing plan that carefully guides potential clients through your sales funnels can make all the difference. That’s why having a good digital marketing strategy for financial services is important. 

Imagine your fintech solution as a special product on a virtual shelf. It's packed with valuable features, promises efficiency, and has a killer branding to boot. However, it's not enough to have it sitting pretty; you must actively promote it, engage your leads, and convince them to make the purchase.

A well-orchestrated sales technique that deeply understands your lead's needs, anticipates their questions, and promptly provides solutions is crucial. With such strategies, potential clients feel valued and understood, boosting their trust in your brand. Also, it's important to ensure your sales pitches highlight the unique value proposition(UPC) of your fintech product, creating a compelling case for adoption.

Moreover, personalised lead nurturing strategies, including regular follow-ups, informative content, and interactive webinars, can gradually move leads down your sales funnel. Offering free trials or demo sessions are effective techniques for turning interest into solid sales. In summary, effective fintech sales strategies are about proactive engagement, personalization, and showing undeniable value to your leads.

Influence and Affiliate Marketing

Marketing in fintech in this day and age is also about attracting and retaining top-tier financial and lifestyle influencers. They bridge the gap between your technology solutions and your clients.

fintech market stats

Don't shy away from marketing your innovative tools, like AI-powered financial planning software or a cutting-edge mobile app, through macro or micro influencers who have a base of highly loyal and engaged audience. 

Consider Incorporating Gamification

Gamification, the integration of game mechanics and experiences into non-game products, aims to enhance user appeal and engagement. Over the past five years, the gamification market has experienced significant growth, with investments surging from $4.91 billion in 2016 to $11.94 billion in 2021, as businesses increasingly recognize the value of incorporating gamification strategies.

Gamification in fintech strives to foster user engagement and loyalty towards financial service providers by injecting elements of fun and excitement into their apps. By transforming mundane financial or business app experiences into enjoyable activities, gamification adds vibrancy and turns them from mere chores into engaging pursuits.

Among popular gamification elements you will find:

  • Badges
  • Stickers
  • Progress bars
  • Points
  • Leader boards

Besides these simple gamification features, this strategy leaves lots of room for creativity. For example, Ukrainian Monobank offers its users to shake their phones to activate peer-to-peer money transfer. Another example is Cake app that engages customers by implementing a unique gamification strategy of profit-sharing. By rewarding users with a portion of the profits generated from their shared data, Cake promotes transparency, addresses data privacy concerns, and creates a gamified loop that motivates users to actively transact with the app to earn profits and rewards.

Build a Community

Community marketing involves establishing a brand's association with a particular community and utilising a platform to foster communication, exchange of values, and the co-creation of shared significance. Community management is increasingly used as a marketing strategy across various companies to promote their brands. 

It can be confusing to understand the specific issues that community management addresses, the benefits it offers, and the outcomes it generates. Essentially, businesses establish communities on social channels that revolve around their fintech projects, products, or ideas, with the aim of attracting potential clients, defining core values, and understanding the needs and desires of their target audience.

Social channels provide a direct means of communication with your audience, enabling your business to establish a more human-like presence. When a business is engaging in discussion, it often fosters greater trust compared to using cliches or chatbots. Through this interaction, stronger relationships can be built on both individual and collective levels with your audience.

Moreover, building your communities around the values that your company stands for can differentiate you from competition. 

fintech market stats

Widen Your Target Audience Horizon

Regardless of the fact that the traditional fintech clientele is known to be mostly freelancers, digital nomads and small businesses, the world of fintech should not be limited to these demographics. To enter the untapped market you might want to research the layers of the population that are new to fintech services and develop solutions that cater to their unique needs.

Examples of such demographics:

  • Seniors 
  • Unbanked population
  • Students
  • Young parents

By thinking out of the box when identifying your target audience you can gain a base of satisfied and loyal customers.


It's plain that Fintech marketing isn't a mere luxury, but a necessity in today's tech-savvy world. Leveraging the power of digital platforms, personalised campaigns, collaborative partnerships and thought leadership, fintech firms can pave the way to a promising future. Remember, it's not about noise, it's about resonating with the right audience.

By adding the spice of a well-crafted strategy, fintech ventures can step into a world that is not only prepared to welcome them but also eager to engage. 

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Written by
Anastasia Marchyshak

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Immersing myself fully in any topic I explore and my appreciation for simplicity are the driving forces behind my work.

July 20, 2023
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