Friday Catch-up! Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week

Thank God it’s Friday! Not only can we have a well-deserved rest, but also take a look at the most interesting news and events which took place this week in SEO and Search Engine Marketing. Enjoy the post!


Chirpify Facilitates Purchases on Social Media

Chirpify presents a new way of making purchases on social media. This software, launched in 2012, delivers greater leverage to brands that seek newer and more innovative marketing and points of sale. Chirpify converts comments and replies to cash, which allows businesses and consumers to make purchases, sales and donations, and allows them to pay in-stream and fundraise on social media. The process is smooth and hands users tremendous convenience. You can read more about Chirpify at Tech Crunch.

Google Announces Google+ Dashboard for Businesses

Google has introduced a new Google+ Dashboard for businesses to manage Google+ local page. The feature allows business owners on Google+ to manage their local pages and make use of functions such as Share, AdWords Express among other offers. Businesses will also be given better page insights.

With the new Google+ Dashboard for businesses, you have the ability to update your info with your website URLs and phone numbers apart from other actions. You can monitor all your activity such as Google+ notifications, and you can perform other actions such as assigning page managers, sharing images and videos. You may also initiate Hangouts from here.

AdWords Express and Offers campaigns are available at a glance. G+ Insights can be viewed from here, enabling you to monitor performance data for your Google+ posts along with other features. You can read more about the G+ dashboard for businesses at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Purchases Waze in $1 Million Deal

You may have heard a lot about the impending purchase of Waze by Google. Finally, this has happened and Google made an agreement to purchase this navigation app maker for more than $1 billion. Earlier, Facebook and Apple made an attempt to buy this company, but Google beat them to it. It is believed that if any competitor purchased Waze, it could have meant serious competition for Google.

Waze has confirmed this purchase agreement and the leadership there is excited about the idea of working with the Google Maps team. The whole idea of the two working together is to improve search capabilities and also to collaborate with them to develop a world map that will be recognized as the best. You can read more about Google buying Waze here at Search Engine Watch.


Loopholes in Internet Copyright Law

This article highlights the issues that currently exist with Internet copyright law. The incident related here possibly concerns more and more individuals and companies being penalized and even facing legal action for no fault of their own. The sharing of images, videos and other content from some sites might appear to be covered by Creative Commons licenses, but users may sometimes be shocked when they are served with a letter highlighting the violation of copyright law. The article states that this can result in severe losses to companies, especially small businesses. Read more about Loopholes in Internet Copyright Law at Hubspot.

The SEO Periodic Table Focuses on Success Factors Rather than Ranking Factors

The SEO Periodic Table had been introduced in 2011 to provide a sort of road map for SEO and to display all the SEO elements that could possibly be utilized in a marketing campaign. This table has now been updated and carries a variety of new elements.

It focuses a great deal on success factors as opposed to ranking factors, which is just what website owners should turn their attention towards. Additionally, the Periodic Table now focuses on weighting of an array of SEO elements. This provides users with a good idea about how much of their attention should be focused on certain areas. Read more about the SEO Periodic Table here at Search Engine Land.

Avoid Making the 16 Most Common Mistakes that Startups Make

When you start a new business, there are many things that you tend to pick up along the way. Some people consider these mistakes necessary so that an organization learns as it progresses. However, you do not need to make all the mistakes that everyone else makes as long as you’re willing to learn about how they occur. It’s a good idea to study the common mistakes made by startups, as these could save you a lot of time and frustration. There are as many as 16 mistakes that startups are known to make, and learning about them can help startups save time, frustration and money too. Read more about the 16 most common mistakes startups make at Mashable.

Large Tech Firms Lay Down UX Design Standards

Any UX design will carry key elements of standardization. No matter what industry you are designing a website for, there are certain trends that are followed which speak of the value businesses give their products. Standard designs will always be cross-feature, but they will remain specific to the industry you’re designing a website for. As a good designer, you will always carry these elements in your mind in order to fulfill designs that would be appreciated by top class designers. Read more about the guidelines that UX designers adhere to at Econsultancy.

10 Social Networks that Facilitate Discrete Interaction

While you have the more popular kind of social networks around that are being increasingly used for commercial purposes, here are 10 that are meant for those who want to keep things a little quiet.

These social networks allow you to carry out your family conversations in complete privacy. For many people who want to keep things private, including their images and conversations, these social networks are ideal. You can read more about these 10 social networks at Mashable.

Assessing Conversion Rates on Low-Traffic Websites

Websites tend to vary in terms of the traffic they receive on a daily basis. Monitoring this traffic is important to understand what direction a business is taking. With regards to money-making sites, it’s important to determine what kind of conversion rate you have. There are some tools available for this purpose, and they are normally quite reliable. With low-traffic, it becomes difficult to make such assessments. However, Wingify has a pretty good conversion calculator, which delivers credible results. You can read more about how it is implemented at Search Engine Land.

Google to Apply Search Ranking Standards to Smart phones

 Google has penalized websites over the past 2 years for having irrelevant or low quality content as well as black hat SEO. As a result of that, website owners have paid more attention to improving their quality to meet the minimum standards.

The same rules are going to be applied to smart phones. This is being done in an attempt obviously to strive for better quality for smart phone users. This is long overdue since the revolution towards smart phones began quite a while ago. Google wants to ensure that smart phone usage is boosted because this technology is in fact the future. The declining sales of the traditional desktop PC are hints of what is to come, and so they had better get started sooner or later. Read more about the specifics of Google’s smart phone SEO standards at Google Master Central.

Studies Show that People Prefer Factual Verbiage to Marketing Jargon

According to recent research, people do not really go for aggressive marketing fluff as opposed to content that carries facts. People who use the internet prefer data that is useful, and they can do without the fancy verbiage. A wider study must be conducted to determine which segments of the consumer market prefer particular kinds of content. However, common sense tells you that it’s not a bad idea to use marketing language within reason, as long as it does not appear to be all hype with no facts. The majority of your content must be factual, and it should be provided in a manner that is easily readable. You can read more about this at Econsultancy.

Google Urges Everyone to Refrain from Short-term SEO Tactics

It’s of immense importance to refrain from temporary and short-term techniques that might get your website penalized. According to Penguin 2.0, the recommendations are clear regarding linking amid other techniques used. However, many website owners are still persisting with techniques that Google has warned everyone about. For the time being, everything seems to work fine and websites are being ranked well. However, it’s only a matter of time before you wake up and find your website nowhere near the first page. You can learn more about this at State of Search.

Solutions for Email Marketing Problems

Email marketing is relevant and booming today. Businesses find them most useful, even though there are many other techniques for online marketing available. For a lot of other people, email marketing is a thing of the past or is becoming increasingly irrelevant. This is far from true. It must be emphasized that email marketing needs to be used more effectively, and there are particular solutions being proposed for better and more effective email marketing solutions. You can read more about these solutions at Hubspot.


Businesses Now Realize the Importance of Content Marketing

It’s apparent that Google’s Panda updates have played a significant role in ensuring the website owners focus on their content. Perhaps because of this, most businesses have now become highly conscious of the need to develop different kinds of content that they can use for their websites, blogs, newsletters, etc. The focus has now largely shifted to content marketing, and businesses are becoming more innovative and competitive in this regard. Those who benefit at the end of it all are those that read this content and imbibe the information put out there. This is exactly what Google intended, and it appears that this is exactly what is happening. You can read more about marketing content at Marketing Profs.

Google’s Cutts and Bing’s Forrester Tell Users about Working with Search Engines Legally

While search engine updates are making it abundantly clear about what is and what isn’t acceptable in SEO techniques, you will still find people accidentally overstepping the limits inadvertently. Together, Cutts and Forrester discuss the ways you can avoid falling into what they call a Search Engine Jail. They also explain how users can drive traffic, create good content and convert and keep customers. You can enjoy the full discussion here, which is available at Search Marketing Expo.

The Importance of Leaving the Correct Business Listings on Google

Business Listings on Google allow businesses to leave traces to them. It’s like leaving a name and a number from an address book out there. Every business must focus on making sure their business details are listed correctly too. It’s futile if your business details are incorrect because you will be leaving information out there that is irrelevant and will never benefit you. You can learn more about the importance of business listings at Moz.

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Friday Catch-up! Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week

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