The Friday Catch-Up: Buzz Sumo Buckles Up

friday Catch up Friday newsHey there everyone! We just cannot hold on to our excitement as we reach closer to our 100th catch-up. 100 weeks of Fridays especially dedicated to you and the gossip around the internet has been completely worth it. Before we start tearing up, let’s get on with the news of the week.

This week we have Google going head to head with Turkish news sites while Google also gets hold of a very important patent.


Google Penalizes Turkish News Sites

Google penalizes turkish networkThis is perhaps one of the most surprising pieces of news we have heard this week. Some of the biggest Turkish news sites were recently penalized by Google for spamming and keywords stuffing behavior. Some of the sites impacted the local CNN version, Hurriyet, Milliyetm Haber Turk, and Radikal. Up till now there have been no comments by Google on the scenario. Read more on SEO Round Table.

Google Patent on TV Viewership

As Google keeps steamrolling towards newer avenues of search, this week they grabbed a deal which is Google gets patent on TV viewershipperhaps a masterstroke in terms of data collection. The new patent will allow Google to collect data regarding TV viewership habits of its users. The manner, in which this data will be collected,  is a little complex. Users tend to search for programs that they are watching while they are on the air. Google will keep an eye on such behavior by pairing show times with search queries in order to deliver advertisements based on those searches. Read more on the patent Search Engine Land.

Buzz Sumo Joins the Game

Buzz sumo advanced featuresThis week we have an unlikely contender raising the stakes. The recently unveiled software by BuzzSumo recently added some amazing new features such as Content alerts which allow users to set custom alerts based on specific keywords. In addition, you also have the option of retrieving complex analysis reports and even pit certain domain names against each other to see how they fare. Read more about Buzz Sumo’s feats at Search Engine Land.


Google AdWords as Ranking Factor in Search

One of the most popular myths in SEO is that AdWords does have a role to play when it comes to Search rankings. This week, Gianluca Fiorelli took on the task of once and for all discovering the truth. In his quest for the truth, he found that in fact an AdWords Campaign has little or no effect on search results. Simply having an AdWords campaign will not assist a website in ranking higher. In fact it is the right use of keywords that will. Read how he debunked the myth on State of Digital.

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Let the Advertising Wars Begin!

Onlnie advertising toolsTwitter, Facebook, Outbrain and LinkedIn were recently found in the mosh pit as Chad Pollitt of Relevance decided to run a few tests to see who would reign supreme. The goal of the test was to see how new subscribers could be drawn to their site, pursuing various touch points on social media. Facebook, it was found, was effective in terms of increasing awareness and driving traffic. LinkedIn on the other hand was found to be a little more expensive when it came to gathering unique visitors. Twitter surprisingly failed spectacularly as there were no subscribers from Twitter. Outbrain managed to reach out to larger audiences and was the most effective in terms of leads and cost effectiveness. Read more at Relevance.

Lost Link Opportunities

lost links opportunitiesRejection can be hard to deal with. Within this rejection, however, are lessons for everyone to learn. When it comes to lost leads, what we can do is start analyzing the factors that lead towards the loss, and what important factors were missed because of it. First of all, the moment someone says no to a lead opportunity, make sure to ask them why. This reason will help provide you with insight into you own methods. Consider your proposal and the faults within it that can be rectified. Was it not targeted adequately or was it not relevant? Think about how your proposal would work in light of their advertising policies. Read more at Search Engine Land

Startups to Keep an Eye On

Startups to keep an eye onWhile most startups tend to get a shaky start in their first few months, there are some that manage to surprise us all by delivering some amazing ideas and services. Being your own owner is everyone’s dream, and Carly Okyle considers the top 30 individuals that have managed to make that dream a reality with success. Some of her choices include Empact, which is a company providing networking opportunities to young entrepreneurs. Addshoppers was yet another company worth mentioning, which helps companies identify influencers on social media in order to help them get more shares and emails. Other notable mentions were Advocates for World Health, Ajax Union and Bloomboard. Read more at Entrepreneur.

Ecommerce Campaigns You Should Have This Christmas

It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas, especially when you’re running your own ecommercEcommerce campaigns ideas for Christmase business. The very first campaign you should have includes a Shopping Campaign which allows companies to organize inventories and layer products together. Another campaign that should help garner profits is that of Dynamic Search Ads, which match relevant web pages based on search terms. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

How to Be an Instagram King

How to be an Instagram kingInstagram is one of the most important parts of visual marketing strategies today. If you want to make a living by networking on Instagram, creating relevant communities and uploading photos, Allan Dixon tells us how. He addresses the issue of getting more followers on Instagram, citing the need for unique images, the focus on color coordination and the quality of images that you are uploading. In order to get a system going, he suggests picking a theme and crating an account from scratch. He also suggests buying a DSLR camera and having a great username. Read more at Medium.

Increasing Black Friday Sales

How to increase online sales on black FridayBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are stressful events for all related parties. As the rush for better discounts begins, it’s important to get a hold of such offers. This is why having a strategy in place beforehand is crucial to success. Make sure to get a hold of the important items beforehand from vendors. Vendors typically have closeouts and special offers earlier in the year which can help you make the most of opportunities. Creating a special landing page is also a great idea. Read more on Practical Ecommerce.

Getting Interviewed by Popular Blogs

How to get interviews by popular blogsGetting interviewed by popular blogs for your market niche may seem like a long shot for you because you’re new to the game. While you may have the same level of expertise or even more when it comes to your niche, getting interviewed just isn’t that easy. In order to make it happen, you will have to establish yourself as the expert by increasing exposure, gaining greater authority, and obtaining editorial links from established blogs to make the most of opportunities. Some of the more common interview types include Google Hangouts, Twitter Chats, Podcasts and AMAs. Read more on Boost Blog Traffic.

The Future of SEO

Future of SEO, experts' opinionsThis week, some of the veterans on the internet came together to discuss the future of SEO, and what it would mean for marketers on the internet. The article provided everyone with much needed insight on what SEO will be like in the year 2020. Eric Enge stated that there won’t be many differences in terms of basic elements of search. Ann Smarty also said that 2020  won’t be dramatically different, but a diversion from free search traffic will be observed. Rand Fishkin of Moz stated that earning organic attention will be a much bigger challenge in 2020. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Using Instagram to Promote Products

While there is a lot of stress on the need for visual marketing, there are still many marketers who haven’t yet realized the potential of Instagram. Instagram promotion can be extremely beneficial for any business with the use of the right image filters, post times and the level of engagement with competitor’s followers. Read more at Social Media Examiner.


Brighton SEO Slides

For those of us who weren’t able to make it to Brighton SEO, Artur Strzelecki made an amazing collection of all the slides that were displayed in presentations throughout the day. Some of the most important subjects relating to SEO were tackled by experts during the conference including Illustrated Marketing Concepts byStephen Croome, How to leverage content curation, build links and grow your search visibility by Aleyda Solis, and Local SEO VS. Organic SEO – their similarities and differences by David Whatley and James Robinson. View all the slides at Silesia SEM.

Finding Stats and Ideas for Your Next Infographic

how to find idea for the next infographicInfographics are perhaps our absolute favorite. Mastering the art of creating one, however, is an entirely different ball game. The trick is to find an amazing subject and illustrate relevant statistics pertaining to it. The very first stop in your quest for infographics data will be search engines. While an obvious starting point, there are no better companions than Google, yahoo, and even Bing. Other places of search would include published content such as Journals and blogs, along with Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Quora and LinkedIn. Read more at Wish pond.

YouTube Ads That Made It Big In 2014

best You tube ads of 2014Google recently gathered data on the most popular ads on YouTube this year and made a list of the most successful ones. This included Madden NFL 15 by EA Sports which reached the top, followed by Short Memory by footlocker. Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Go Pro and The Biggest Pimple Ever also made the cut. View all these amazing advertisements on Think with Google.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Buzz Sumo Buckles Up

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