The Friday Catch-Up: Fishy Whispers about Google

Friday Catch Up PromodoHey there Friday! Fancy seeing you in this part of town. As the unforgiving summer sun is shining over us, we just cannot understand what compelled it to visit us so early. The summer shouldn’t get too pompous though, because we are going to hang on to the coattails of spring and make the most of it while it’s here.

As we await the doom of the scorching sun, we can hang back, enjoy the flowers, and read about the spicy details of the happenings around the internet.

This week, we’re starting a conversation with Google and taking a look at the changes Pinterest is rolling out. So, let’s frolic (yes, we’re frolicking) over the hills and under the dale, and search for news around the internet.


Keyword Planner Gets a Makeover

Keyword Planner adds new featuresWho doesn’t love the Keyword Planner? It has been the unwavering companion of many a marketer these past few years. Google, which was feeling a little generous this past week, just announced 9 brand spanking new features for the keyword planner. Not only did they add new features for device segmentation, locations, and breakdowns per location, the graphic visualizations are also great to look at. The new focus on mobile is evident by their introduction of mobile trends and breakdown by device features. Read more at CreativeShory.

Pinterest Introduces Guided Search for Mobile

Pinterest guided search for mobileThe new guided search feature was just unveiled for mobile and we think it’s absolutely fantastic. This amazing tool lets you stumble upon content that you may have been looking for and even those that you haven’t. Users already had the option to filter their search results by pins, pinners, and boards. Now they will also be given suggestions regarding associated words. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

Google to Expand Voice Actions

There have been whispers around the dark alleys of the internet. Hearsay is that Google is thinking of expanding their voice actions much beyond the search application. This may lead to changes in the User Interface and would lead to commands based on context. The voice capabilities may integrate other Google services like Gmail where you will get prompts to reply to a person you were having a conversation with. Read more at Search Engine Land.

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Global Brands Looking at the Middle East

Middle east for internet marketingGlobal brands have a keen eye on the Middle East. As markets within those areas are on the increase, global brands are looking to create a foothold in them. This interest is as a result of increased awareness of global brands through social media. In addition, technology has reduced the barriers to communication making online purchasing possible. There are, however, certain barriers such as cultural impact and difference of language to consider before marketing to the areas. Read more at Social Fresh.

Understanding Site Performance and Crawlability

State of Digital has been testing SEO trends and behaviors in order to determine which ones work best for crawlability. One of the first lessons learnt according to them was the need for a functional and easy-to-navigate sitemap. The second factor to keep in mind was the site speed. Other factors to take into consideration included site integrity and the need to keep a look out for broken links, errors, and junk code. Read more at State of Digital.

Valuable Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Belleth Beth Cooper brings us some of the best suggestions from successful entrepreneurs today who share what they wished they knew at the time that they started off. Soraya Dharabu of Foodspotting shared the insightful “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” quote. This is exceptionally good advice for those who want to stick around for the long run. Dan Martell of on the other hand stated that a Billion dollar business begins with a simple decision. Read more great advice over at The Buffer App Blog.

Using User Generated Content

user generated content several typesContent creation has always been a very important factor for marketers, and content created by the user is the absolute cherry on top. Megan Marrs brings us some great advice on how to encourage user generated content on the web. She shares examples of some larger brands that succeeded in doing so and suggests that we take a leaf out of the same book. Dominos did a great job of creating illustrations out of user tweets whereas Starbucks shared drawings on their cups. Read more at Wordstream.

The WordPress Plug-In That Simplifies Sales

wordpress plugins for ecommerceThe Selz plug-in has been making quite the buzz around Ecommerce WordPress sites and for good reason. Once you’ve installed this plug-in, you’ll be amazed by how simplified everything is. It takes away all the necessary fanfare and brings everything back down to the basics allowing you to focus on what’s important. Not only is it simple, it is also incredibly effective as it allows you to easily configure payments, lists, and product pages. Read more at Jeff Bullas.

The Reddit Survival Guide for Marketers

how to market on Reddit MozEveryone knows Reddit is the mafia of the internet. Once you get in, it is impossible to get out. Trying to market on reddit is like traipsing through the mire with the dangers of beasts lurking underneath the surface. Nonetheless, some brave souls venture into that territory to market their products. Redditors are notorious when it comes to backlash against marketers. As you gear up to do just that, it would be helpful to go through Anthony Coraggio’s guide over at Moz.He suggests knowing what will click with that unique audience and how to market it to them without compromising the integrity of Reddit.

Internet Memes Becoming Serious Marketing Tools

memmes in internet marketingWhether it’s Good Guy Greg, Overly Attached Girlfriend, or even Grumpy Cat, marketers have realized that there is much more power to memes than just the 2 second chuckle they generate from users. Since memes are incredibly viral, marketers can integrate their brand message with them in order to market to their audience. There is, however, a need to use them effectively. Read more at LinkedIn.

Free Themes for Woocommerce

woocommerce free themesWoocommerce is an extremely functional ecommerce plug-in for WordPress offering some great themes which allow you to create a unique shopping experience based on the product you’re offering. In fact, some of the themes like Mystile and Wootique are even great to look at. Huh, looks like we have two ecommerce plug-ins in this article. This is awkward. We do love both of you equally though. Go look at all the themes at Practical Ecommerce.

A conversation with Kristen Knipp of BigCommerce

big commerce head interviewAmy Gesenhues of Marketing Land recently got in touch with Kristen Knipp, the VP of Bigcommerce and asked her all the burning questions that everyone wanted answers to. She revealed that she loved her iPhone the most and used Hootsuite to help coordinate all her social media activities. She also shared that in order to reach a position such as her, it was important for people to be analytical, creative and be able to communicate. Read the entire interview at Marketing Land.

Creating the Perfectly Optimized Pin

how to optimize pinterest pinsWhen attempting to grow your business through Pinterest, it is important to make every pin count. Ginny Soskey tells us just how we can do that. She reveals that a pin must have a high quality image along with a description below. Recently, Pinterest also announced that you can link UTM parameters to your links, which means that you’ll be able to measure your success from now on. Read more at Hubspot.


Setting Up Title Tags for Snippets

Matt Cutts titles descriptionsOur favorite man on the internet brings us some more exceptionally good advice when it comes to Google marketing. In this video, Matt Cutts told us why Google chooses to ignore title tags and uses something else for the snippet. According to Cutts, Google tends to take certain factors into consideration when setting up the title. If your title tag is short, contains relevant details, and delivers value to the query, then it will be displayed as it is. Otherwise, Google may choose to display worthwhile content from your site and text pointing towards the page. Read more at Search Engine Land.

The Importance of Quality Content for SEO

If we had a penny for very time we heard, “content is king”, we would be millionaires. These words, however, have been floating around the internet for a reason. A survey by Ascend2 proved just that once again. 57% of marketers stated that content creation was the most effective SEO tactic whereas keyword research and management followed by 46%. It was also cited as the most challenging to create when it comes to quality. Read more at Emarketer.

The Hard Truth of Entrepreneurship

the hard truth about enterprenuershipMoz’s adorable little android is here to bring us some valuable information yet again. Moz brings us some hard truth when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur. Rand Fishkin shares some lessons he learnt from personal experience. He stated that people and hiring were of primary importance followed by the need for humility. He also stated that there is a crucial need to have core values and to try and follow them at all times. He also stated that doing so may not always be easy to do. View the entire slideshow at SlideShare.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Fishy Whispers about Google

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