The Friday Catch-Up: Google Ending Toolbar Page Ranking And Aggressively Working On HTTPS Validation!

f1Welcome to another edition of The Friday Catch up! This Friday, we have a lot more juicy news, and details that will surely keep you hooked! Learn about what’s happening with Facebook, of Google’s recent announcements, find out some great tips to help drive more online traffic, and to be able to create better content!


Are Facebook Interest Lists Really Good For Your Business?

Facebook’s interest lists have never been so interesting before! So you were out there f2trying to get as many people to add your business to their interest lists, right? You really thought that would work? Well if you think so, there is a problem.

On the top, it seems all good. People will add you to their interest lists and this method of marketing yourself also goes easy on your pockets, eh? Theoretically, this means they will be seeing more of your business on their feed. However, what you don’t realize is that your customers would have to make tons of agonizing clicks, in sections like ‘Post by page’ while selecting popular ‘highlights’ to personalize what they see from your page.

Learn why interest lists are not that interesting for businesses and on the other hand, how they can make the Facebook experience fun for individuals at All Facebook.

Tips to Write landing page copies that have better conversion rates

f3Opposite to what most people think, a conversion copywriter’s (a person who writes content that pulls in readers and generates conversions) job, is not all skill. There’s technique to it. What most people don’t know is that they can learn and master this art fairly easily.

Do you know that the most powerful tool for creating a conversion copy is not about writing at all? It’s significantly about letting your satisfied and happy customers write it for you! Customer testimonials are the perfect pieces of content that can get you conversions. Added to that, you should also focus on what the product/service can do for your customer. After all, a primarily salesy, cheesy pitch can backfire! Learn more amazing tips at Hubspot.

Google not going to update Toolbar Page Rank

Many businesses were waiting anxiously for Google to update the Toolbar Page Rank, so that they could toughen up their page rankings. But some of this lot will be disappointed to know of what Google’s John Mueller recently said in a video. He said that Google would probably not be updating the Toolbar Page Rank.

This might be a problem for many businesses, which solely revolve around SEO. There are however some people that disagree, and stick to the belief that Google will still use the same factors in forming their rankings. Find out more at SeroundTable.

Google dynamically working on HTTPS Validation before ranking boost

Many SEO specialists have been anxiously covering Google’s efforts with HTTPS Validation, and that’s because a lot might change about how websites fight for the top results in Google. Earlier, Google said that Invalid HTTPS pages will also get the much anticipated ranking boost but that might change too.

Finding out more about how Google is working on handling broken certificates and what will happen to them in the ranking boost at SeroundTable.

Useful Posts Worth Reading And Bookmarking

Ecommerce Events and Google Analytics

If you wish to have a successful ecommerce store then you need to focus on a lot more than you already do with Google Analytics. Ecommerce success is a lot about tracking specific patterns in your customer’s behavior, which help drives traffic to your website. But that’s not all you need to do anymore. You need to go beyond the basic Google Analytics user performance metrics.

Event tracking is the answer. It is like adding another filter to your primary website tracking. It provides essential analytics through indicators like Add-to-cart errors, continue shopping clicks, checkout errors, and many others. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Some PPC hacks to help you out

f4Let’s face it, Google likes to switch things up a lot and expects companies to keep up with all the changing patterns. Adword Advertisers are perhaps one of those unlucky groups of people who have to really struggle to keep up with these changes each year.

However, that in no way denies the effectiveness and useful reach of PPC campaigns. What if you could cut through the noise and start with the most constructive PPC tactics? If so, you are going to have to master a few PPC hacks that can help you out! You obviously need to write the best ad copies so that you appeal to the viewer emotions, but there is more. Read more at Search Engine Journal.

Tips for retailers for the shopping season

The holiday shopping season is closing in and this means business for retailers. In fact, a research study claimed that 29% shoppers begin their shopping before Halloween. So, there is no reason to not get your store ready to greet customers… and boost sales.

One of the best ways to make money this shopping season is by connecting with mobile shoppers. A significantly large number of sales are now driven through mobile devices; therefore, retailers should focus on setting their marketing goals early. Read more at Google Ecommerce.

Retain more customers through these loyalty-building strategies

The profit that you are able to generate out of a customer’s lifetime value is more than what you can get at one single time – this is the reason why companies lay great focus on retaining customers.

There are many strategies, using which a company can effectively build enough loyalty among customers to make them stay. Building a community is one of those ways to encourage loyalty. Here you create a win-win situation, as it gives powers to individuals to come up with ideas, things they would like to see in your company, and the rest of the community votes for it, bringing the idea to life. Read more tips at Econsultancy.

Get better results from your blogs

After brainstorming for so long, and creating a flawless blog post, you post it on your website and get ready for visitors to pour in and read it, right? What if you don’t get the results you expect?

To get more eyes on your posts, you need to do more than just publish your blogs. You need to optimize the content appropriately so that it is able to land where it should – in front of your target market. You need a complete plan for your blog posts. Read more at HubSpot.

Amplify your content and make it more relevant

Most businesses today are all about content. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market businesses online, that is the reason why many are pouring millions into their content strategies.

However, not all content that is created stands equal. Some might be able to secure huge success and numerous likes; while other pieces of content like poorly composed blog posts could leave your webpage stagnant. It is not just about posting pieces of promotional writing, or the best sales page copy – through content you connect with your niche. Read more at Relevance.

Drive more traffic to your website with Facebook ads

If you have a business, you probably have a Facebook page, but you still might not be using Facebook ads. Many people argue that Google ads, and other PPC campaigns are better than marketing on Facebook, and that Google sends more traffic to their websites. What they fail to realize is that Facebook also redirects traffic to Google, and this means that many still don’t realize the power of Facebook ads. Read more about how you can drive more traffic to your website with Facebook ads at Jon Loomer.

Using Pinterest to drive conversions

Do you know that Pinterest users pin more than 3,400 pins a minute? Fascinating, right?f5That should be even more fascinating if you are marketer, as this means opportunities! There are a number of ways marketers today are using Pinterest to drive conversions and traffics. Many marketers focus on keeping users interested through contests, while others focus on partnering with influencers in their space to help get the word out. Similarly there are other strategies that you need to adopt too, if you are looking forward to boosting conversion rates. Read more at Unbounce.

Mashable’s trick to drive traffic from Instagram

One of the worst parts about posting on Instagram is that the posts aren’t really clickable – this means you can’t expect users to follow you, alongside each post. However, Mashable posts in Instagram use a little trick from the old books, they ask the readers to view the links on their profile. This links aren’t just any links, they are customized Bitly links, that are often changed to link users to the Mashable’s new content! Learn more at Marketing Land!

The way users view Google search results

According to a recent report from Mediative, the ways users view Google Search engine results page has changed over the years, especially over the past decade. The drastic change in user behavior is largely due to the integration of mobile phones in internet searches, which actually pushes users to search more vertically  rather horizontally. Read more at Marketing Profs.

The perfect social media platform according to your business

Facebook is seen as the social media platform where every business should be present on- Of course, with Facebook’s recent algorithm change, that helps generate more traffic this seems to make sense. However, you might not be able to attract the most number of Facebook users if your offerings need to be promoted through long posts! Similarly, there is a pro and a con, to being on every social media platform.

Twitter might be good for sharing bite-sized information, while it might not be good or interactions that are longer than a sentence. Instagram does wonders for visual content but it is not really the platform, which you can use to drive traffic. To find out which platform is perfect for your business, read more at Relevance.

Infographics and Video

Samsung and Budweiser battle for the most watched ads position!

Not really surprising to know, but Samsung made it to the top as a dominant theme on Google’s YouTube Ads Leaderboard last month, along with Dogs and Heroes. KLM and Gatorade are also following Samsung and Budweiser in the race of the most watched ads on YouTube. Check out the top 10 most watched ads in September at Adweek.

 Google’s outdoor ads in NYC are delightful!

f6On a mission to rebrand its mobile app, Google is running a great campaign in NYC! 72andSunny, the power behind these mini, but captivating ads, is working with a number of different contractors to bring the idea to life.

However, the reach is obviously low, but Google doesn’t fail to keep it playful! According to a Google rep, the campaign,  is about inspiring curiosity and enabling discovery. Check out these ads at Adweek.

This week’s nine important internet-marketing stats

Do you know that the web has grown from a mere single website in 1991 to a whopping one billion, which it surpassed on September 16th? According to Orange, customers, surprisingly value their personal data at £140 to businesses! 34% retailers think that brand reputation is the most important factor for consumers when choosing a retailer, while only 2% said the same when it comes to a personalized shopping experience!

Interesting facts, right? Read more at Econsultancy.

Landing page optimization Infographics

Whether you plan to generate leads, or you are looking forward to attracting more customers, landing pages play an important role. Although everything might seem simple when optimizing your landing pages but there is always conflicting advice coming about the best practices.

There are a number of Infographics that let you in on excellent landing page optimization tips. You can view them here at Unbounce!

Who is more active on social media-men or women?

Add this Friday’s Catchup ends with one of the most anticipated infographics when it comes to social media platforms! Who is more active on social media channels? Do you know that 54% adult men like to stay in touch with friends through social media while the number is 69% for women? Do you know there are 39% men and 69% women using social media platforms through their phones?

Exciting stats, right? You can view the complete infographic at Quick Sprout.


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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Ending Toolbar Page Ranking And Aggressively Working On HTTPS Validation!

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