Friday Catch-Up: Twitter Tweets Its Why into the News!

friday18Friday is here! And so are we! Hello everybody, we are back again at the end of the week with the latest scoop and the hottest internet gossip, news, infographics, and valuable posts that are a must read. We are committed to bring you the most significant news regarding internet marketing so that you know everything you need to know.

This week, twitter and Google has taken over our news section!

News & Updates

Poland Feels the Google Heat

1Google is famous for always taking the centre stage in our news section. Being the best search engine in the world is its secondary claim to fame. Google has been taking action against large link networks based in Poland – one of numerous manual exploits penalties by Google’s web spam squad. Such actions on Polish links have been taken previously as well in February and July. This time, a static network named where links are placed in headers, content text anchors, menu, and left sidebar. Want to find out the details? Read More details and view screen shots here: Search Engine Land

Calling All Internet Advertisers – You Need to See What Twitter is Up to

2Twitter seems to have developed the user experience with the help of their latest app racking facilities. All Twitter users on Android and iOS devices will now be notified about an alteration in the kind of data any social network is gathering up on you and provide you with an option to avoid this by changing the settings. All the apps you have installed on your device will be listed in the data collection, in the form of an app graph. Build a more controlled experience on your Twitter! Find out more: Tech Crunch.

Plan All Your Holiday Promotion on Twitter This Year!

3Now any online merchants have the ability of planning their Twitter posting activity, receive ideas for content, explore the content to share with your followers, and connect with other small-scale entrepreneurs. Twitter’s #SmallGoesBig campaign has been producing great developments for the social media network, and this one’s the best! It will substantially help advertisers reach their holiday sales target. Read more on this here: Practical Ecommerce

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Useful Posts

Schedule Your Instagram Updates With Amazing Tools

4Instagram is a great place for social media marketing, and now posting on this network has become much more efficient. There are four tools that can help you schedule your updates and posts with ease. Primarily designed as a mobile device tool, Instagram encourages it’s users to capture moments as they occur. Real-time posting is probably a very good option, but it hardly works for everyone. Follow this link and read more about how Instagram can help you schedule your posts and make the most out of this venture: Social Media Examiner.

Marketing Ideas for Black Friday

5Since its Thanksgiving week, we thought it would be a great time to say thanks for the development of our business in the past years and prepare for the upcoming events and holidays so that you can benefit from them. Check out the amazing deals and discounts being offered by following this link and reading up on some of the greatest Black Friday Marketing Deals: Traffic Generation Café.

Create a Great Analytics Report for Your Sales Team

6Creating actionable and strategic steps with the help of the information you collect is one of the most vital aspects of web analytics. If you are an analytics expert, all you need to consider doing is crafting specific reports for different departments of your corporation which focuses on their chief objectives. The sales team is centered on how the revenues can expand, and newer sales can be brought in, and you can substantially simplify their tasks by helping them improve their strategies with the help of information regarding how marketing and website tactics play a vital role in lead generation and sales. Read more here: Web Analytics World.

Creating FREE Blogging Visuals

7Images are an asset for your content for creating a viral blog posts. It is almost impossible to have a truly attractive blog post without visual content, and the images that you create should be clear, crisp, and captivating. But despite the stipulation, writers are always victim to so many copyright issues, which is why we are about to make things a whole lot easier. Check out this ultimate guide for creating gorgeous visuals by reading about how you can find free images, create customized text over the graphics of the image, and repurpose your posts for a wider range of audience. Word Stream.

Most Successful Content Marketing Formats

8Content marketing is one of our favorite topics! We constantly talk about sharing potential and user engagement in the Friday Catch-Up. However, you cannot deny the fact that creating powerful viral content is not as simple as all that – it takes time and a very well-defined and well executed strategy. Your strategy has to have important attributes that keep your user engagement and effectively, sales regulated. One of the most important aspects of your content strategy is understanding what kind of content vehicles or formats are the most advantageous and effectual. Intrigued? Read more to find out: Semrush.

Learn How To Select Flawless Customers

9It is unexplainable how important and powerful good partnerships can be. They can actually contribute to changing the fabric of culture. Complementary partnerships are extremely beneficial for your clients as they provide motivation, skills, and support so that you can overcome any obstacles and create beautiful and attractive content. A valuable partnership can serve as the backbone of your organization and you can only be completely secure till your prospects are following the same direction of services you are, otherwise you run a risk of losing professional clients. Follow this link to read more: MOZ.

How Can You Use Data for Ecommerce

All ecommerce merchants are well aware of the fact that data is extremely important. It can provide great insights and help you understand your prospects and their needs much better, all the while increasing the normal amount of your revenue. But using this data is kind of tricky for most online merchants, although there are some very good solutions to that. Follow this link to read more and find out 101 ways of effectively using your data for the greater good of your company: Practical Ecommerce.

Dig Deep For Amazing A/B Testing Ideas

10There is a number of great A/B testing ideas available on the World Wide Web that can help you become an efficient A/B tester. Mostly, you will want to run tests that can help generate better revenue and move up the needle of your sales. Your target demographics can serve as a great resource for becoming a smarter A/B tester, but this does NOT mean all you have to do is check your audience’s occupations and age. You need to dig much deeper to expose your prospect’s psychological inclinations, habits, aspirations, and their whole lifestyle so that you have a better insight on A/B testing methods. Follow this link to become an A/B testing PRO: Unbounce.

5 Tips for High-End Marketing

11Your organization’s authentic voice helps your prospects identify you specifically. Content can be used in a number of ways to attract a genuine audience without sounding like a sales playing field. You need to understand that your company needs an articulate voice that represents it and find quality customers that may not have found your products or services otherwise. Follow this link to know the five greatest tips that can help you form a good presence for your company in the market: Hub Spot.

Infographics and Videos

Effective Social Media Marketing For 2015

12Two of the most successful social media experts – Cynthia John of RankLab and Dennis Yu of Portage – have shared with us two extremely unique standpoints on how you can become much more efficient and productive with social media marketing. Cynthia John has helped us by providing very helpful tips that can aid you in generating a bigger audience, while on the other hand, Dennis Yu has enlightened us by discussing ways in which you can market to your audience effectively. Take a look: Search Engine Journal.

Season of Online Businesses

132014 may be close to over, but there are still nine amazing online shopping holidays to go, and for online traders, the job isn’t quite done yet. Shoppers try to avoid the hassle of holiday shopping, which is why an increasing number of our audience turns to online markets for their purchases to avoid getting trampled over in a store. While they do this, they also review all the relevant information regarding their purchases to make sure they are buying the right product. So what do you need to do to successfully cater to your audience and generate more sales? Find out in this amazing infographic: Blue Fountain Media.

Creating Compelling Infographics

Are you looking for effective ideas on how to create an attractive infographic? Look no further! Infographics can turn dull yet important information into digestible, eye-catching, and shareable content. Also, they play a huge part in increasing the visual appearance of your content. And adding images any where can generate a much bigger user engagement. So create awesome infographics by following simple steps that can help you make a lasting impression for your brand: Design School.

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Friday Catch-Up: Twitter Tweets Its Why into the News!

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