Friday Catch Up: Amazon’s New Out-of-the-Box Idea and the ‘Internet of Things’

There’s just aren’t enough days in a weekend, who’s with me? Anyway, life can be a drag sometimes, but I still love my little corner of the internet, which is why we are still going toharass you with our weekly blog posts (because we love you so much), YW! So, without further ado, here are some factoids that every man, woman, and child should know.


Amazon has another Out-of-the-Box Concept

Technology and public services have always gone hand in hand, and they’re only getting more and more intertwined. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos made a major announcement this week. The founder does have the uncanny ability of looking into the future. This time, its Smartphone airbags and delivery drones (yes, you heard it right, delivery drones aka ‘self-driving cars’), along with other cool ideas for the future of the company.

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Google Gets Smarter…Again

By now, perhaps you’ve heard that Google has found a new way of making Google Trends even more smarter via its new piping hot Knowledge Graph. What this means for the layman is that the search engine that can do no wrong will now give you type-ahead answers or suggestions for your search queries based on the topics rather than the keywords.

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Google’s Search Now goes In-App for Android

For those who are still hilariously unimpressed, Google pulled another trick from up its sleeve over the weekend. To speed up the entire process of searching for information, Google’s search queries will also now include results from within apps as well. And although this service was previously available, Google is now offering search results over a wider range of mobile offerings than was previously available.

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Leverage Digital Disruption…Or Else!

Well, technology has always been the constant source of conflict, passion and questions. That’s even more so, because we are living in a time where markets and industries are being re-shaped to fit into a digitized environment. This leaves companies striving to develop a strategy for their digital transformation. To make things easier for business owners, market analysts and business gurus have narrowed the fine points down to three winners that could help transform a business.

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113-Year Old Toy Manufacturer Shows Us How it’s Done

Now, this is news for you. A company that is over 113 years old has somehow honed the art of marketing their ‘brand’ efficiently on Facebook to a sparkling shine. The manufacturers is of “The Polar Express” collectible railroad set, which is, need I mention it, one of the most loved Christmas time tales, which was first released back in 1985. To celebrate the movie’s 10th anniversary, the company had recently started a social media campaign to recapture the hearts and minds of its huge fan following and other railroad enthusiasts. The reason why this is such a big deal is because the campaign was able to garner over 8,500 Facebook ‘likes’, over 200 ‘comments’ and more than 500 ‘shares’.

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Online Privacy Protection isn’t just for the Paranoid

Given that there is always a significant amount of security risk when it comes to online privacy, it’s just hard not to use the internet without feeling watched constantly. To keep people safe online, Electronic Frontiers Australia has recommended a few easy steps that would minimize your online security risk and will show you a good self-contained way of staying anonymous to prying eyes.

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The Art of Persuasive E-Commerce Design

When it comes to designing a business website in the real world most business owners look towards, search engine optimization, SMO, PPC and a great looking home and landing page to get their online audience interested. But when it comes to e-commerce websites, there is always room for improvement, because unlike what you think, chances are, your website is not that perfect. If you are still not satisfied with your business website, read about how you can make it better on

The Internet of Things

What does, email, articles, websites, blog posts and online shopping have in common? They all require humans. Since most activity over the internet mainly depends on human interaction, it is only logical that ecommerce merchants develop new tools to improve their communications with their customers, whether it’s inventory management, fleet management or promotions and so on. IoT helps you save time and costs while running a business by allowing physical objects to communicate with each other.

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The 10 BIG Digital Buzzwords of 2013

Looking back at the year we have rounded the top ten internet marketing buzzwords that made a splash on the scene in 2013. Don’t worry, we’re not going to talk about horrific PR terminology, such as, ‘leverage’ or ‘synergy’. The ones we have scooped out are not your regular catch phrases, but ones that continue to grow in stature, as brands have finally cottoned up to the fact that great content is the key to engaging consumers.

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Usability for Ecommerce: Defined

When it comes to social login for ecommerce websites, the truth is that whenever a new account registration appears to be too tedious, four out of five consumers admit to giving incorrect or incomplete information. The real reason of this is because most online customers simply forget their registration password, which is why they end up with ten, sometimes even twelve customer registrations for a single website. This information was released in a case study done by none other than Jared Spool himself.

If you don’t know who he is,

Life is Busy, Google makes is Easy!

The blog comments and headlines were somewhat predictable and instantaneous, “Ooooh, Google finally blew it!” What we are talking about is Google Trends. For instance, those of us who needed information on ‘Rice University’ and got ‘Basmati Rice’ in the search results had a good long gasp at first. Google was pretty shocked too, which is why they have made it easier for searchers to explore topics and entities of Google Trends…and find the right answer. I don’t like to bandy on statistics, but if you want more information, log on to

20+ Ways to Save Your Ecommerce Website from Being Shunned

Did you know that 99% of online customers end their relationships with ecommerce websites because of distrust? Well, now you do. Whether online or offline, trust has always been one issue that has left many jittering and shaking at the knees. ‘Will they sell my information?”  Is one question that hangs over every online customers head like a tiger ready to pounce on unsuspected prey.

Well, to make sure that doesn’t happen, there are 27 tips on reducing shoppers fear while using your ecommerce website waiting for you at

Budgeting Your Facebook Ads

How much is too much? This is the question most people ask while contemplating the usage of Facebook ads. But effective budgeting means knowing both sides of the coin, one is that Facebook looks to maximize its revenues, and what you really pay for is the inventory you use. To get a better value for your Facebook ad campaigns you will need to ask yourself these questions.

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Find Out more about a Marketing Campaign

Well, email marketing is an understandable cost. But the real question is what do marketers do to keep their losses to a minimum? To find out more on the tactics, tools and challenges faced by marketers check out this Infographic designed to the tee by Act-On. If you are thinking of starting up a marketing campaign in the near or distant future, this is the Infographic that ends all infographics, Period.

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Finding Preferences of Social Media Users

Users of social media outlets come in all shapes and sizes. According to reports produced by Mashable and Statistica, the usage of Facebook out spaces that of others after a certain age. To provide a handy insight on how the usage of social media has evolved over the years, log on to

Matt Cutt’s Linking Guidelines

To complete the set, here’s a little gem to cross off your bucket list. How many links should we have on s single web page? Well, this week, Matt shares some background info on how the 100 links per page rule caught steam and why they dropped it. The whole reason for this video is that many webmasters are still keeping the 100 links per page as a precaution, which is the reason why Matt Cutts is tackling the subject in his last webmaster help video.

So catch it on

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Friday Catch Up: Amazon’s New Out-of-the-Box Idea and the ‘Internet of Things’

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