Friday Catch-up: Foursquare makes a Move on Windows 8!

Thought we went away? …Just for a bit maybe. But it’s Friday once again and we are back, and have brought you the best of the best of the best in web technology, product releases, announcements and anything in the wider world of the weirder web that has caught our eye during the past week. Yes, we have. This week we are going to take it in reverse to maximize suspense, so bear with us and (enjoy the fun). And we’re off.



Foursquare Makes Windows 8 Look Good:

Here’s an interesting one. Just yesterday, Foursquare announced that along with telling you about the hot dog you’re eating, it will also help you find one by using its new geo-location based app for Windows 8. It makes sense too, since it seems like search and explore has finally taken over our phone’s screens too.

Foursquare makes Windows 8 shine with its new incarnation, but comes with one minor glitch, there is no pinch to zoom or any other of the touch friendly features that are expected of directory maps. That being said, hope Foursquare overcomes this one weakness soon.

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Confirmed Dead: Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool Bites the Dust

It’s time for some historic news. “You’re doing it wrong.” That’s what Google is going to tell all the SEOs out there. As of now, Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool is no more and had been replaced by its new keyword planner tool. To use the new planner tool, SEOs and PPC managers must now log in to their Google account. The response has been lukewarm so far, because it’s the same deal, minus the device targeting, local/global monthly searches filtering options and will only entertain exact match searches. So, the grumbles are no surprise there. Think of it as getting a new step-parent, who’s just hard to love. Hopefully we’ll as get over it soon.

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The Ali Baba Phenomenon: China All Set to Rewrite the Books on E-Commerce

Woo-hoo! Progress! In a bid to take over the world (e-commerce world, that is!) China is all set to take over as the leader of the global online shopping market, leaving America in its smoke, thanks to its online shoppers who are propelling the online business with their trigger friendly fingers on the “Buy Now” tab.

In 2012, the total online spending of the Chinese hit an all time high of $212.4 billion (that’s America). As huge as those figures are, the Chinese are not impressed. Bain & company project those figures to sky rocket up to 3.3 trillion Yuan (that’s $539.07 billion) in a couple of years.

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Google’s Says: “Start with a Plan, not a Prayer”

In the past couple of years, SEO or search engine optimization has become big news, especially for the online business community, which only goes to show, how much Google’s ranking is worth. In its latest quest to build a better and brighter future (for your business website), Google has spilt the beans on how to optimize your website for it to become worthy enough for the bots of Google to consider.

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Dude, where are My Photos?

It’s your birthday, congratulations! If you want to see all the pictures which were clicked away while you were singing “happy birthday to me,” you no longer need to troll through your entire friends list on Facebook to view the pictures they took. The giant of social media announced this week that they have rolled out a hot new feature which allows its members to set up photo albums and lets up to fifty members share their pictures in the same album. Don’t know how to use it, you are not alone. Read all about it

Google Oh Google:  The Search Engine Unveils Another Trick Up its Sleeve

One thing’s for sure, the brains at Google never rest. In a bid to make the web a better place Google recently decided to change their link schemes section, SURPRISE! The good news is that now, you don’t have to nofollow your links in the off-page content. Just leave the link as it is, Google will understand. Keeping Google’s new policy in mind is going to be important for organic SEO, advertorials, and articles and blog campaigns. So stay frosty.

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New-ish Stuff on the Block: 20 Hot and Happening Developer Tools

The following news is so awesome, parts of it had to be asterisked out. Developer tool, whether front-end or side-end are showing signs of momentum, which is good news for the online businesses who want to build up a handsome and robust website to push their products and services online.

These developer tools are built to tackle the revolutionary cases of building up online giants and transforming the cloud into your new virtual best friend. To get the ball rolling, venture capitalists had poured nearly $650 million into this area, making it one of the hottest markets for entrepreneurs.

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The Top Twenty-Five Brands on Instagram:

Back in May, it was reported that around sixty percent of the top brands can be found on Instagram, which is quite capable of reaching over one hundred million active users. The ranking works by taking in account the number of brand followers and the amount of mentions a brand gets via hashtags. Instagram is proving to be a seriously resourceful social media asset when it comes to building an online presence.

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A Glimpse of Facebook’s New Marketing Option:

For those online marketers who were looking for a Facebook miracle, fret ye not, because Facebook has opened up a few goodies over the past few weeks, one of those is the unpublished page post option for advertisers. Organizing tools are valuable assets when it comes to setting up a page for marketing purposes. The new tools include scheduled page posts, unpublished page posts, page admin permissions, et cetera.

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The Benefits of HTML 5:

If you are running an online company, what better way to make your customers happy, than by creating a beautiful bespoke business website, which is easy to navigate and loads like melting butter. The developments of HTML 5 can allow you to do just that, with its more modern approach to designing and developing interactive websites. To be the best, you have to beat the best, so keeping your eyes peeled is a good way of staying ahead of the curve.

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The Six Big Challenges to Look Out For:

With all the shiate going on online, any business owner and SEO can see the challenges over the horizon. When it comes to online marketing, all businesses rely on the different web analytics tools that are provided to save them time and money. Google, the search engine that can do no wrong, says that SEOs and businesses who want to take their brick-and-mortar store online will have to stay on their digital toes in the coming year.

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Behold! The Infographic, Infographic:

The recent rise in social media usage has taught online businesses many things, one of them is that creating striking visuals pays off when it comes to marketing a product or pushing a service online. But wouldn’t it be grand if they could be created in the least amount of time like the good ole articles and blogs. Being stoic in tough times is acceptable, but not when you can have the tools to create hard hitting Infographic.

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Beyond Standard Reporting: Of Filters, Segments and Dashboards

Google has filters to help its users include or exclude certain information on Google’s analytic’s report page. If you use Google analytics, you are probably familiar by the standard reports by now, but there are new ways of finding out the traffic that is funnels to your business website.

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The Future of White Board Friday

In the early days, Google used your typed query when it wanted to find the relevant results which were then posted on the SERPs. Not any more, Thanks to the latest advancements in web technology, things have becomes a lot easier for online searchers.

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LinkedIn Offers More Opportunities, but Old Issues Remain:

LinkedIn is one of those companies that have gone through massive changes from its inception. The company has been successful in transforming from its roots of a social network to a business to business content publishing platform, but it still has minor challenges that it needs to take care of, case in point is its stickiness that remains to be the dodgy ticker that it needs to take care of.

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Online Video: The Self-proclaimed king of Online Marketing

As businesses adopt newer online platforms in order to grow their business and reach out to a wider audience. The use of interactive video posts has seen a steady increase, especially in the past few months. In the present scenario, where the online environment is getting more and more competitive with each passing day, It is no doubt that video is dominating the landscape of the internet.

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Friday Catch-up: Foursquare makes a Move on Windows 8!

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