Friday Catch-Up: Future Trends and Take to Work Hints

This week our team analyzed the results of the Promodo Partners 2016, as well as data, trends, and opinions discussed on other conferences during this week. Many different things happened, but here we featured the most interesting content to keep you tuned.

Changes in Consumer Behavior in 2030: Western Europe in Focus

McKinsey agency issued the results of research “Western Europe’s consumer-goods industry in 2030”. Among all, the experts feature important trends of client behavior that will transform the market of European consumer-goods by 2030. They are:

• The mass market is stagnating.
• Fragmented niches grow.
• Hybrid shopping increases and a number of discounters rise.
• Competition among digital placements is fierce.

Promodo team also advises to pay more attention to the fact that people’s needs become more polarized, therefore, choosing the right channel becomes harder and takes more time.

Check out 10 trends of the European customer-goods market by 2030 from @McKinsey: #trends #Promodo

Interactive Email in 2017: Don’t Underestimate Its Potential

Email is still one of the most effective communication channels whether you believe it or not. There are plenty of things to keep in mind regarding email marketing, according to Dave Bailey:

1. Email works perfectly for mobile.
2. It has high engagement.
3. Email works well on any OS, on any device.
4. It’s quick and easy to customize your message and add necessary details.
5. Emails allow your clients to communicate with you in natural language.
6. They support basic interactions.

The latter fact is interesting and provides many opportunities for marketers because you can allow your customers to interact with a shopping cart inside the email client. In addition, you may increase your sales by adding action buttons and GIFs. Make the life of your audience easier and more fun!

Mobile App Engagement Index: Main Trends

To stay updated, we read the Liftoff 2016 Mobile App Engagement Index the main conclusions are worth your considerations:

• The average cost of mobile app installation is $4.37.
• The utilities are the cheapest – $2.91, financial applications are the most expensive – $6.63.
• The travel app user acquisition cost, which will make the booking is $38.66, but nonetheless, it is by 14.6% less than in 2015.
• Women, who make a purchase, are 40% cheaper to attract than men.
• User acquisition, who make a reservation on iOS, is worth 25% less than on Android.
• Subscriber acquisition is 26.5 times more expensive as compared to registrations.
• Registrations are cheaper on Android, while the built-in purchases – on iOS.
• The cost of in-build purchases in games from January to June fell by 47%.

This Index is based on an analysis from January 1st through June 30th of more than 7.3 million app installs, 65 million post install events, 67% of which took place in North America, while 33% occurred in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

Conference Fall Season 2016

OWOX Conference: 10th Annual Conference and Exhibition

The OWOX Conference is finished; it gathered 800+ participants from all around. While it was cold and windy in Kiev, the Promodo’s stand was decorated with green grass and apples and warmly welcomed all the conference guests!

OWOX 1 27_10Our speakers moderated the “SEO” conference section this year. They presented the solutions to real-life problems regarding digital marketing using the sample cases of the largest Ukrainian retailers.

If you missed the conference, you can find some insights on the Promodo Facebook page, including Alessandro Agostini’s, Managing Director of Bruce Clay, Inc.,  speech and Q&A session where he shared some insights regarding spider, crawling, and the least imperfect principle. Another interesting part of his report was devoted to typical SEO mistakes. We also truly liked his opinion on the key facts on how people use Google voice search.

Alessandro Agostini, @BruceClayInc CEO speaking at the #ecommerceua conference, organized by #OWOX and #Promodo

There, we also met Ekateryna Mikula, a Promodo Partner 2016 speaker. This time, she shared her expertise on how to get constant sales from a marketplace.

Digital Marketing in Hospitality: Advice from Promodo Expert

This week our marketing experts attended the Hotel Marketing Conference in Kiev. This business seminar was organized for marketers and managers who work in hospitality. Sergiy Korgut, a marketer in Promodo, was one of the key speakers. He highlighted vital aspects necessary to consider when developing an online marketing strategy in hospitality. To sum up:

• Positioning goes first, Internet marketing – second.
• Create a foundation first, then build the walls.
• Complex tools are cheaper and more effective if they are applied by the professionals.
• It’s cheaper to hire a company if you need either create a website from scratch, set up Web analytics, do SEO, launch a PPC campaign, target your advertising, or do stealth marketing.

Sergiy also shared some interesting data about the current trends with us, including the following:

• 41% of travelers when choosing where to stay, trust reviews and information on the Web.
• The main channels they get their information from, according to the World Independent Hotels Promotion, are the following: 20% – online travel agencies; 16% – online reviews on TripAdvisor; 3% – travel blogs; 2% – reviews posted on Facebook.
• Yandex Studies show that 32% of all requests in category “trip” in 2015 accounted for booking hotels. The main trend was the rejection of the travel package services and the advantage of self-organized trips.

Some take to work ideas for hotels and accommodations are:

1. Place reviews on TripAdvisor and rotate the most recent records;
2. Develop a “concierge in your pocket”mobile application;
3. Use a system of promotional codes when ordering;
4. Publish and share opinions of leaders (celebrities, politicians, athletes, recognized experts, etc.);
5. Organize a hotel virtual tour.

AI Ukraine’16: 3rd International Conference on the Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing

This conference took place on October, 8-9th in Kharkiv and gathered 28 speakers, professionals in artificial intelligence application, data analysis, machine learning, test data processing, Big Data, and so on. The topics are emerging, but somehow new, so it’s worthy to watch the videos of the best speeches.

Below, we selected a few videos to watch this weekend:

Leonard Newnham, Chief Data Scientist at LoopMe London, UK

Applying Machine Learning in Mobile Device Ad Targeting

James Pritts, PhD candidate at Center for Machine Perception at Czech Technical University

The Bag of Words Torn Open: Image Retrieval Goes Deep

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Friday Catch-Up: Future Trends and Take to Work Hints

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