Friday Catch-Up: Images, Personal Assistants and Payments

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Hello everybody and welcome to another great edition of the Friday Catch-Up series. This week’s updates are all about Facebook, Google and Android, and you can probably guess where it will go from there.

The news section will be followed by a list of great posts we’ve found across the internet, and to be fair, there’s a lot to learn in there. Hey, that rhymes!

Without making you wait any longer, let’s proceed to what’s been happening around the internet town.

News & Updates

Google Just confirmed an Update

2Google has very recently confirmed adding a new search filter for images to their Mobile app, and it’s going to enable users to filter their images with a simple press of a button. You must have noticed how your Google Image Search now shows a larger filter button to control your search requests, and this filter button, as Google confirmed, is an update to the app. the feature was added earlier in the summer of 2015, and it is not a test, but a permanent change that will now be a part of the Google search for mobile. Sounds like Google has a plan, read more about it here: Search Engine Land

Facebook Launches M

3Facebook has announced the roll-out of a small digital assistant service that dwells within Facebook Messenger, and we are left main comparisons between M and Siri in so many different ways. The service, cleverly named M, will be capable of completing the users’ tasks and finding accurate information upon user requests. M can also be compared to Microsoft’s Cortina, with the only difference being in the way you interact with. M.  Are you excited? Well we are! Read more about the update here: Search Engine Journal

No Android Pay Launch This Week

4Google’s upcoming payment system, Android Pay, which was all set to rival Apple Pay in so many ways, will soon be launching and then, allowing users to make payments using their smartphones by making purchases within mobile apps, as well as at point-of-sales systems. But, according to recent news, Android Pay is not being launched this week. A handful of reports from different participating merchants suggest we should stay calm about the release. Want to know why? Read more: TechCrunch

Useful Posts

Responsive Design: A Search Ranking Factor or NOT a Search Ranking Factor?

5Google, ever since they updated their algorithms, has stated many time about how responsive design is Google’s preferred configuration, which means that many responsive websites should be getting a real good ranking boost. While there is no doubt in the fact that mobile configuration is the future of SEO and general digital marketing, we still don’t know a lot about what kind of mobile presence you actually need. This post explores the merit of responsive website designs and how well they can work for your business: Search Engine Land

Crafting a Perfect Logo

6A business’s logo is a very important thing, and whether you like it or not, it does a lot more than just making a brand look pretty. Your logo is the face of your brand, and it dictates how you will influence or attract your customers. This is exactly why a great logo is crucial when it comes to creating a successful brand, but what makes a logo perfect? Read this post to get some valuable insights about the perfect recipe for creating a great logo: Small Biz Trends

Why People Abandon a Mobile Transaction

7Statistics reveal that at least 56% of the adult smartphone users in the US have opted out of a mobile transaction. These figures show that people abandon transactions at a very high rate, and retailers need to tap into the reasons behind the desertion of a transaction to make sure that the statistics roll out in their favor. Read more here: Marketing Charts

Increasing Conversions and Decreasing Landing Page Distractions

From what we’ve been told, the higher the number of options available, the greater the chances of a conversion, right? Unfortunately, NO.  This belief that a larger selection means more coversions is rooted in our ability to think like a consumer. Even though multiple options may seem like a fancy thing that all consumers want, it can actually act as a distraction that deters customers from the actual conversion potential. Intrigued? Read more interesting insights regarding better conversions here: Crazy Egg

Using Google Hangouts for Your Business

8If you have ever used Google Hangouts, you know that the platform has a lot of potential for your business. Hangouts is a simple yet great way to host conference meetings and interact with your customers, while you can also interview candidates and share your expertise in a very simplified manner. Google Hangouts can actually be used for many business purposes, though sadly, we still haven’t even started to explore its potential. This post tells you about brilliant ways to make use of Hangouts to enhance the efficiency of your business operations: Social Media Examiner

The Role of Visual Media in the Marketing World

10Almost 65% of all senior marketing experts and executives say that visuals, which can be explained as video, illustrations, photographic material and infographics are very important factors that play an important role in how your brand’s story will be told to your customers. A recent report suggests that visuals are the future of Marketing, and we collected insights from experts on how this piece of information can be put to practice. Read more here: Marketing Profs

An Advanced Guide to PR

Your startup will always require effective promotion in order to grow, and there are only very few things that can bring your business the traction it needs as proficiently as press coverage does. The reason behind this is the fact that PR converts well, and it has the capacity of generating conversion rates that go at least 10% higher than advertising. Almost 92% of the customer body will always trust earned media more than it could ever trust traditional ads, but the kind of exposure you are looking for doesn’t happen by chance. So in order for you to make it happen, you need to read this: Kissmetrics

Facebook Maybe be Driving More Traffic than Google

12Google and Facebook have been at a constant tug of war lately, and all of the battling is to win the affection of publishers. Even if you are not a part of any publishing company, you will have to pay attention to the chaos if you are a social marketer. Google and Facebook have become the two largest mechanisms for content discovery, and there is a lot that you will need to catch up with to understand marketing in 2015. Read more about Facebook and the massive traffic it receives here:  Simply Measured

Negative Reviews Are Also an Ecommerce Win

13You can never deny the fact that all ecommerce companies need to survive on the basis of social proof, and part of that social proof actually comes from the reviews that you get. Whether the reviews are on your website or a third-party vendor’s, they are important. Good reviews can make you feel ecstatic about the growth of your business, and bad reviews make you feel like questioning why you ventured out into the ecommerce field in the first place. This post explains how bad reviews are actually a good and very helpful thing for your business: Hubspot

Podcasting may be Replacing Written Content Marketing

14Audio marketing is fast gaining momentum, and brands are starting to explore this side of media in a way that is beneficial for the consumers as well. While no one can say for sure just yet, we may soon be choosing podcasting over content marketing, so why not keep yourself informed? Read more about the comparisons between the two here: Copy Blogger

Videos & Infographics

The Cross-Device Purchasing Journey

2015-08-28_17-12_jpgThis infographic clearly explains what happens within a customer’s purchasing journey, and in a clever way, highlights what businesses should be focusing on right now. Take a look: Get Elastic

How Much Keyword Repetition Can Get Optimal Results

16There have been hundreds of advancements made by search engines, and many developers are left wondering how to optimize their SEO. The question still remains the same, however, that how many keywords is one actually supposed to use. Rand explores the question in detail in this week’s Whiteboard Friday. Take a look: MOZ

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan out of Nothing

A social media marketing plan can often be a hard thing to understand and strategize to deliver optimal results, and many marketers are stuck between different phases of the journey, trying to devise better and more effective ways of going about the business. The best way to create a social media marketing plan is from scratch, and this infographic explains what needs to be done in a very precise way. Take a look: BufferApp


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Friday Catch-Up: Images, Personal Assistants and Payments

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