Friday Catch-up: Our Weekly Catch on the Most Interesting News on Online Marketing, SEO and the Like

Hooray! Hooray! It’s Friday! Good mornin Promodians! We’re back once again with our weekly hoe-down on all the latest happenings on the weird wide web that’s sure to leave you crazy with excitement. So, off to the aforementioned whats happenings and interesting factoids to bring your weekend alive. It’s going to be so, so killer.  


Par Excellence aka Google, Boosts Your Display:

In a move to streamline their tools under one platform, Google has launched its newest 3 in 1 Google Display Planner via Google Adwords. By merging three long-time Adwords tools, the Placement Tool, Google Ad Planner and the Contextual Targeting Tool, the mighty one has made it easier for advertisers who have been using Google’s Ad Planner. By the time you get this post, chances are, Google has already retired its Contextual Targeting and Placement tools, while the Ad Planner will be deprecated come September. If so, no worries, they have created a webinar and a help guide, for you viewing pleasure, to help you export all your existing sites and media plans.

Read all about it on Seroundtable.

LinkedIn Helps Jobseekers Get Hired on the Go:

Looking for a Job? There’s an App for that now. LinkedIn rolled out its latest offering in a form of a new app for job seekers. The brand new app is avaliable for all hand-held devices, such as the Smartphones and tablets. So how does it work? The app allows you to turn your LinkedIn user profile into your resume, which makes perfect sense. Since people already put in their job history alongwith their profile, the new LinkedIn app acts as a resume proxy, allowing users to polish and re-polish their resumes and actually apply for the jobs they are interested in. It’s just so very simple, isn’t it? LinkedIn is also offering a walk-through for the whole process.

Read all about it on Techcrunch.

Google’s New Touch-Tastic Features in Chrome Canary:

For the finger-centric folks on the go, theres more exciting news from the Googlesphere, as the company that can do no wrong announces new and amazing touch friendly features for its all-new web browser Google Chrome Canary (test build). These latest developments are still in their early stages, but Google has been working on ways to implement smooth animations of its counterparts. The Chrome Canary will include, slide-to-navigate, Pinch to zoom and other touch gestures that are supported by other trackpads. Rounding off the trio, Google is also testing an on-screen keyboard support for Windows 8 users in desktop mode, which is self-explanatory.

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Read more about it on Venturebeat.


Apps or Websites, What will it Be?

Does the future belong to the mobile apps or a website? Ask different people and you are going to get different answers. This is the question plaguing many small-to-medium sized businesses. Since we are living in an age of m-commerce and since most of us are mobile, it’s only natural for businesses to sway towards mobile app development, right. So, ready, set, develop. But before you do, here are a few things to consider.

First of all, it’s not going to be about you. Your customers care for two things only, experience and functionality, capiche. So when it comes down to either downloading an app or visiting your URL, there will be no clear-cut answer. It all boils down to a few things (Duh!), what is your target demographics, what do you wish to accomplish and what sort of customer engagement are you looking for.

Read all about it on Mashable.

Why Offline Link Building is the New Online Link Building:

When it comes to buliding relationships offline, there are a number of benefits. You will be able to establish longer relationships asa compared to online link building. You will receive a higher quality of links because they will be natural. Becuase it will basically be a PR event, it will enable your brand to receive more offline benefits in print. You will also be able to funnel in online traffic to your website, that is, it you have invited the right people. None of this stuff is ground-breaking news, but developing real life off-line relationships is essential as they transform into brand advocates in the long run.

Read More about this on Searchengineland.

Facebook Insights Gets a Face Lift:

Facebook recently launched its new and improved web version of Facebook Insights. The new Insights features are so drastically different, we can’t call them a tweak. If you have been a user of Facebook Insights before, the clear and crisp interface and faster UI will be immediately noticable. The new Facebook Insights comes with rate comparisons, filtering options, benchmarks, Post clicks, click and drag date selection and best post types, which is simply awesome are just some of the features of the new interface.

To learn more about it visit Practicalecommerce.  

The Importance of Being Responsive:

If you have been involved in operating your own website for some time now, you have probably heard about responsive design by now. It’s been around for a while, but more and more businesses are looking to make their websites more pretty and functional by using responsive design. And thanks to the explosion of hand-held devices, wireless web browsing is made easier by a responsive design that functions across all platforms, such as, smartphones, tablets and desktops. Consequently increasing conversion rates because of its ability of reaching a wider audience.

To know more about it, visit Econsultancy.  

Use the Power of the Facebook Power Editor:

If you are an online marketer, looking to push your product using Facebook can be tricky. For this you will need certain tools in your arsenal to make sure the process goes smoothly and without any hiccups.The Facebook Power Editor is one such tool that makes marketing on Facebook a breeze. Facebook Power Editor is an advanced editor available for marketers who want to keep track and manage a large number of as variations in Facebook.

Read all about it on Socialmediaexaminer.

The Anatomy of a Website:

In the extremely competitive world we live in, having an online presence is critical for building up a business and a brand. But that’s not all, having an interactive, fluid and flexible website is equally important. It is important to design your business website around your product. In architecture, a form follows function, and a website should be no different.

Read all about it on Speckyboy.

Boost Your Blog:

If you own a blog, increasing the daily traffic to your blog should be your utmost concern. Having high blog traffic is extremely important because it not only increases your online presence, which, in turn, gives you more exposure, but also helps bykeeping you motivated. But coming up with new and interesting content for your blog can be a drag. The trick of having a successful blog is, whenever you feel the content of your blog is becoming redundant, shake things up a bit a try to make it fun and enjoyable.

Read more about it on Jeffbullas.

How to Make Your Chippies Appealing:

When it comes to the Chinese consumer, most of them a trend followers (this is not being racist). It just means that the Chinese consumer wants to go to the most popular places and eat in the most popular eateries. As a result, word of mouth works wonders for a fish and chips business. Secondly, having a website and using SEO techniques to strategically place certain keywords into the content of your webpage can increase your oriental customers two-fold.

To read more visit Econsultancy.

Use Embedded Codes to make Your Website Sharable:

If you have a business website, it will take a blend of strategy, creativity and cutting edge tactics to win over an audience. There are many ways in which one can enhance their website, using embedded codes is one of them. Using embedded codes makes it easier for visitors to not only share your content or infographics with others but also share in on their own blogs or websites. It also allows online visitors to view your content on the web without having to leave your website.

Read more about it on

The Importance of Brand Messaging:

A brand is like a complex organism, which is why it needs a voice. Effective brand messaging provides the words that help develop customer relationships and helps create sales from prospects. Brand messaging comes in various forms, such as, tag lines, headlines and even brand slogans. In a nutshell, effective brand messaging explains something which is otherwise complex or nuanced to the customer.

Read all about it on Mashable.



How a Digital Marketer Uses Twitter?

This is one of those questions that depend mainly on who you are asking. A digital marketer cen describe themselves as being a foodie or a book lover, but most of all digital marketers use social media outlets like Twitter, for example, to talk about current events, start-ups and yes, social media. How a marketer uses Twitter mainly depends on what type of business they are running and whats their audience demographic.

Read more on Marketingprofs.

Dealing with Online Spam:

How to stop spam? This is a question that mosly comes up when discussing email and internet security. Going through your inbox these days can be quite a pain, mostly because you don’t have to only navigate through an exorbitant amount of junk emails but also an increasing amount of spam. Online companies such as, the Webspam team help fight spam not only in the U.S, but in many non-U.S countries as well. For more, watch this Youtube video.

What Customers Look for in a Product Video:

If you’re looking to make people say, “holy Sh**, I must have that product.” Then you will need a killer product video. A good product video is designed to do one of three things. Pressure people into buying a product. Act as if their product is the best thing that has happened to mankind and Do a soft tell, as in, would you please like to buy this product. Actually that’s not all.

Read all about it at Getelastic.





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Friday Catch-up: Our Weekly Catch on the Most Interesting News on Online Marketing, SEO and the Like

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