Friday Catch-Up: Pinterest Just Got A Lot More Interesting

No two Fridays are the same and today is a completely new opportunity to shake things up this weekend. Make some explosive plans and do something memorable – it’s the last Friday of January. We bring you the delicious gossip from around the web and it seems that the internet giants just don’t want to give the little ones a chance. Facebook has its own Eureka moment and Google continues its slow bid to take over the world and establish its dominion.


Google Acquires Artificial Intelligence

We would want to be on Google’s side the day it declares global domination. The stars had yet another acquisition for Google this week. Deepmind which is an artificial intelligence company was acquired by Google for about $500 million. This is done in a move to compete with Apple and Facebook who are also working on building their AI arsenal. Read more at Tech Crunch.

Pinterest adds a little Sorcery to the mix

Pinterest just upped its visual value by adding animated gifs to its pages. Although this new update is still limited to desktop, a move towards its mobile app is anticipated. This is in cohesion with Pinterest visual policy and will help pinners understand processes such as those in DIY and cooking without leaving the site. Read more at Engadget.

Facebook’s New App

Facebook which seemed to be stuck in a rut for a while is now moving at a faster pace. In a burst of genius, they just revealed the launch of an iOS application named ‘Paper’. This app will follow the format of a traditional newspaper bringing the newsfeed to your homepage with photos and videos. Facebook will even add categories found in news such as sports, tech, and food etc. These stories will be obtained from publications such as the New York Times.

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Predicting Online Marketing Revenue for 2014

It’s time to take a peek into the crystal ball and make analytics tell us what’s in store for our online marketing efforts in 2014. Vigneron of Marketing Land tells us how to best utilize the allocated budgets for the year. He suggests factoring in the average lag in time between impressions to conversion. He also suggested the use of Customer Life Value (CLV) in lieu of Average Order Value (AOV). Proxy conversions were also factored in order to project the marketing revenue for 2014.

Why Do Some Start-ups Crash & Burn?

The year 2013 was the year of acquisitions and things don’t seem to be slowing down. With so many startups popping here and there, the much needed question was asked by Shontell on the Business Insider. She inquired why certain startups simply fell flat while others were sold for millions. She attributed this phenomenon to factors including a strong internal spokesperson and great networking skills. Read more at Business Insider.

Going Viral: The Start-up Owners Dream

Simply adding like and share buttons on a page does not guarantee virality. Kissmetrics revealed some best practices that can be implemented to insure virality. They suggested an in-depth understanding of the target audience, integration with other networks and making the sharing process easier. Read more at Kissmetrics.

Improving your WordPress Blog’s Ranking

Moving up in the ranking in Google’s result is a priority for every webmaster. WordPress bloggers, however, fall a little behind in the results. Christopher Baldock shares some information on how to improve rankings using the Markup Helper by Google. The Markup Helper is a tool which allows tagging of information that needs to be marked up. Read more at Content Marketing World.

Email Marketing to Generate New leads

Newsletters and Email marketing has long been abandoned as a form of generating new leads. Currently online email marketing consists of focusing on existing leads. Diana Urban suggests including a call to share within the email in order to reach the contacts of the existing lead. These can also be placed on webpages such as the Thank You page after a purchase has been made. Read more at HubSpot.

Social Media Experts to keep a Lookout for

Lee Oddens recently launched an Ebook, “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn”, he asked for insights by some of the best social media experts on LinkedIn. The list features people that should be followed on LinkedIn. The list is especially helpful for those working in the B2B market. It includes experts such as Jay Baer, Michael Brenner, and Michael Brito. Read the rest at Top rank Blog.

Tete a Tete with Bill Slawski

Moosa Hemani just got in touch with the president of SEO by the Sea, Bill Slawski, and asked him questions we all need answers to. Bill talked about his early years and the move from a Law career towards SEO. When it came to content, he suggested that context was much more important. In the end he provided a tip to aspiring SEOs to work in areas where they were needed and to find their own niche expertise. Read the entire interview at SE Talks.

Measuring and Increasing Loyalty

It is more important than ever today to focus on developing customer loyalty and boost retention. Measuring loyalty, however, isn’t the simplest mathematical equation. Joanna Lord suggested focusing on five factors including “Registration, Frequency, Conversions, Advocacy, and Rewards.” This process entails following customer habits throughout the lifecycle, analyzing behavior such as frequency of visits and purchases. In addition, it is also important to keep an eye out for times when the customer vouches for a brand such as sharing, referring, or liking it. Read more at Exact Target.

The Top 5 Marketing Strategies of 2014

A recent survey by Dr. Pete Myers revealed the top five strategies used by marketers. The results showed that 68.8% focused on conversion rates while 66.2% focused on traffic on the landing page. These were followed by reliance on Google Webmaster Tools (57.9%), estimation of traffic (40.5%) and social signals (36.7%). Read more at Moz.

Increasing Facebook Reach

The recent change to Facebook’s algorithm has put many marketers in a frenzied state. Most deem it to be a ploy to force them to purchase advertisements. Luckily there are certain ways in which reach can be increased on the newsfeed. One way is to develop a content strategy which appeals to the users. The content should appeal to fans and compel them to share on their newsfeed. Another suggestion is to post during times when fans are online and can engage in live conversations. Read more at Social Media Examiner.


Customers more willing to receive Email Marketing Messages

A survey by Harris Interactive showed that personalized email marketing messages based on shopping preferences increased the likelihood for further purchases. In fact 81% of the participants in the survey said they’d more likely purchase personalized items. 82% also said that they’d be moderately willing to receive additional promotional messages. Read more of the results at EMarketer.

Fast Company’s 1000 most Creative People in Business

The Fast Company just unveiled its list of a 1000 most creative people in business. Along with the list they added the ability to view in-depth profiles, interviews, and images. The list includes people like Diane Von Furstenberg, the founder of the wrap dress, standup comedian Aziz Ansari, and the CEO of CBX Rick Barrack. View the entire list at Fast Company.

5 Sustainable Tactics for Growth

Rand Fishkin of Moz, apart from sharing his disdain for the term hack revealed 5 sustainable strategies for growth on the web. He suggested doing SEO on someone else’s website, adding visual to social shares, embedding videos and snippets, crowd sourcing answers and enquiring visitors why they didn’t convert. View the entire thing on Slide Share.


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Friday Catch-Up: Pinterest Just Got A Lot More Interesting

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