Friday Catch-Up: Promodo Partners 2016 and Other News

This week many members of Promodo team were busy getting ready for the Promodo Partners seminar. We invited key speakers and recognized experts to Kiev and welcomed our clients, partners, and friends. Some news from behind the scenes we’ll share in this catch-up, along with valuable hints discussed at Online Influence in Bristol, advice on negative SEO, and news from Twitter.

Promodo Partners 2016 Interesting Info

On October, 20th Promodo team held the fifth “Marketing of online stores and services” seminar. We welcomed about 400 participants in Kiev. They represented successful e-commerce projects, interesting startups, and experienced experts of the digital advertising market.

Promodo partners

Here, we’d like to feature the key questions raised and answered during the seminar, workshops, and after party:

• How do mobile communications change the world around us?
• What are the difficulties of working with a remote team using the matrix management structure?
• Why does online need offline?
• How to automize the process of creation of additional resource entry points?
• How to use the simple email marketing instruments effectively?
• How to launch a successful e-commerce project?
• How to build a dream team?
• How to benefit from situation management?

The recognized speakers from LAMODA.UA, Google in Ukraine, Promodo, GENESIS, eTachki, FRESHLINE, SAMMY ICON, TEPLE MISTO and D.TEK addressed the aforementioned questions and shared their point of view while commenting the situation in the digital advertising market.

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We’d like to share some quotes we consider important.

“The world is multi-device – understand what works for you better, what is more important, and where to invest.” – Dmitry Sholomko, CEO of Google Ukraine.

“Online stores are similar to stores in a desert. At the beginning, you desperately need a paid traffic. The more you invest in PPC at the beginning, the more your project will grow later.” – Serhiy Orlov, Co-Founder of

“To know what your clients want is more important than to know who they are.” – Dmitry Sholomko, CEO of Google Ukraine.

“There are three sources of information about your brand worth sharing: stories, content, and company values.” – Oleksiy Malytskyy, Co-Founder, Business Strategy Consultant at SAMMY ICON.

Follow #PromodoPortners2016 on Facebook and Twitter to see photos and read opinions about the seminar.

Lessons from Online Influence Conference 2016

Online Influence Conference gathered marketers, brand consultants, social media experts, CEOs, and managers from the UK and abroad.

bristol conference

We’d like to share some takeaways from Sharon Flaherty, Founder of Brand Content about what helps great content really work:

• It should be a ‘full stack’, e.g. deliver a brand promise, optimize it, and distribute using the most appropriate channels.

• It should be ‘people-first’, e.g. new, real, useful, and entertaining.

• It should be inspired by data, e.g. past performance, current state, and/or future trends.

• It should be with an end user in mind: don’t think like a retailer, bank, tech expert, sales manager, etc.

Check out #OiConf on Facebook and Twitter to see pictures and read opinions about the conference.

OiConf 1

How to Protect Yourself from Negative SEO?

Probably, you’ve heard about negative SEO; here, you can take a look at vital nuances related to it. Typically, it includes hacking a website and, therefore, causing a damage to it, writing reviews that look like paid ones, causing duplicate content issues by distributing your content over the Web, creating fake profiles to ruin your reputation, and more.

Experts agree that preventing negative SEO is far easier than trying to fix it. Kasia Perzyńska offers a few proven strategies to protect your company’s reputation and defend your site:
1. Stay informed.
It’s a good idea to use alerts in Google Search console. By enabling email notifications, you’ll know if something happens to your website, e.g. it’s attacked by malware for instance.
2. Track your backlink profile.
Since adding low-quality links and redirects is one of the most popular negative SEO practices, you should regularly check any suspicious links. On the other hand, make sure to protect your best backlinks.
3. Get rid of spammy links.
Spammy links are low-quality links that can cause your ranking to drop. Google suggests this useful tool to deal with such a problem, so visit their support page. 
4. Check whether or not your content is unique.
Your assets should be published only on your website. Duplicate content lowers your search engine rating and puts you at risk of being penalized. So, use Grammarly or Copyscape to check if your content is original, get automatic plagiarism alerts, and more.
5. Improve your website security.
A proper password protection secures your site from malware and hackers. The first most important step to take is to generate a complex password that only responsible personnel know. It’s also recommended to backup your site on a regular basis.
6. Monitor mentions.
Spammers create fake media profiles to damage the image of your brand. Sometimes, unhappy customers may leave negative reviews on the Web. Former employees may also post negative comments about your company. Therefore, monitor mentions manually or using special tools, like this one.
7. Avoid using black hat SEO tactics.
Sometimes, companies hire SEO experts who purchase backlinks, overuse keywords, or hire copywriters to create positive reviews. Be aware that these tactics can negatively influence your reputation and lower your site’s search rank.

Fortunately, negative SEO doesn’t happen often. Either way, the aforementioned guidelines will help you control the situation and act properly.

What Is New about Periscope?

Twitter introduced Periscope Producer feature for brands, media organizations, and other creators of online videos. It allows users to share high-quality video content with ease. You only require external cameras and software to engage other users.

Periscope Producer

“Allowing people to create and share produced live video on Periscope has always been part of our vision and opens up new types of content for everyone to watch live.” – Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope.

Partners of Twitter such as ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Estadao, Fusion, Louis Vuitton, The News & Documentary Emmy Awards, XBox UK, Walt Disney Studios, and some others tried the new option and reported that they increased engagement and expanded their audiences with live content created using Periscope Producer.

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Friday Catch-Up: Promodo Partners 2016 and Other News

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