The Friday Catch-Up: A Whirlwind of News and So Little Time

Friday Catch Up by PromodoHey there everyone! It feels like we just went through an eternity since last Friday. The weeks are getting longer and we just cannot wait that much to see you guys again. The noisemakers around the internet perhaps had a similar idea because we are simply
teeming with gossip.

This week, you’ll notice our news section is a bit fatter than usual. We have Facebook making stranger updates than usual and Google giving the axe to a much beloved feature. Twitter analytics also went global while LinkedIn also provided data control to its users. Phew! Time to take a deep breath, and we haven’t even started yet.


Facebook Brings Back Tag Suggest In Europe

What is strange about this update by Facebook is that they quietly unveiled suggest tags 1-2for Europe but they can only be viewed for American friends. This strange little twist means that while users in Europe will be able to see tag suggestions based on face recognition but they will only be available for American friends on user lists. Read more of this peculiar tale on All Facebook.

Authorship Finally Gets the Axe

google-authorship-demise-discussionGoogle doesn’t know how to make a clean cut. After several blows, Google Authorship, which was sitting on the edge of a knife, finally fell the other way. There was controversy surrounding the removal of Google Authorship and the reduction of aesthetic value that it provided to search results. It was argued that the images gave no statistical value to the update, which allowed marketers to simmer down. The complete removal of authorship however, has a lot of marketers in a fit of rage. Read some interesting opinions on the removal at Econsultancy.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard Opened To All

Twitter analytics data, which was only released to verified users and some select advertisers in July, has finally been rolled out for everyone. This update means that every user on Twitter will have access to an analytics dashboard containing timeline activity, follower growth, and Twitter cards. Read more at Hubspot.

Facebook Events Made A Little More Powerful

Facebook Events, a great tool, has been in the same state for the past few years as it was 1-4often overlooked. This time around however, it got quite the makeover with event promotions as business pages on Facebook will have the ability to share events and broadcast them on newsfeeds. This is sure to increase the number of eyes on Facebook event content, since up until now, these could only be viewed in the right side bar on the Facebook page. This new form of real estate is sure to do wonders. Read more at inside Facebook.

LinkedIn Promoting Transparency

LinkedIn seems to be making some big changes. This week, we find that all data has been made public on the professional network. Users will now have more control over what data is transmitted over LinkedIn. This move is similar to that of Facebook which recently announced that users will have the ability to download personal data. Upon request, users can obtain information ranging from clicked advertisements, post history, statuses, name changes, and a list of first degree connections. Read more at Marketing Land.

 New Addition to the AdWords Family

new-adwords-callout-extensionCallout extension, which, as recently added to AdWords, is a brand new addition to the family which allows users to add additional text which can be viewed with Google search ads and highlight important information. The image shows just how it will look in search results. In addition, there will be a 25 character limit in Callouts. Read more at SE Round Table.


Build Your YouTube Audience

create-youtube-audienceYouTube is notorious for its community where only the best of arguments are witnessed in the comment section. In light of such an open discussion board, gathering a substantial following of loyal viewers can be challenging. The main problem with YouTube marketing is that everyone’s looking to the next big viral campaign. These rare occurrences can only be pulled off if great care is taken and the pieces fall into place just right. When creating videos for YouTube popularity, make sure that you’re not aiming for page views but rather an audience. In addition, users love How-to guides or stories that add value. Read more at Kissmetrics.


Email Your Facebook Followers

Matthew Barby takes the cake when it comes to finding innovative marketing methods on Facebook. Through Facebook UIDs, which are tricky to locate, he managed to obtain email addresses of users. Email Addresses of target audiences on Facebook is the Holy Grail of target data. All you need to do is add “@facebook” to the end of all usernames and you’re good to go. In some cases, you may even be able to get a hold of First and Last Names to personalize content. Read more at Matthew Barby.

How Often Should You Post On Social Media

how-often-tweetThere is no one size fits all policy when it comes to posting on social media. In some cases, frequent updates may increase recall levels, whereas in others, you might just be becoming an annoyance. A recent update by Buffer App revealed that there were in fact some great times and numbers making use of which you can actually get the most potential out of your content. With Twitter, you can push your luck to 14 posts a day, whereas Facebook users can’t take more than 2 posts. LinkedIn could only be used once a day while in true corporate fashion; you receive no acknowledgement on the weekends. Read more at Buffer App

The Importance of Blogger Outreach

Bloggers have become a crucial part of the social structure of the internet and now importance-of-blogger-outreachmarketers can no longer choose to ignore them. With a voice that has the power to influence hundreds maybe even thousands of users, bloggers can actually help you increase reach in ways you never thought before. In fact, they were also the 4th medium on the internet which most likely leads to a product purchase. Read more at Moz.

Wondrous Mobile Sites That Deserve a Visit

mobile-sitesWith responsive sites taking over, there are very few mobile sites today. Some of the few that do have a mobile site have started treating it as their personal playground and have managed to come up with some amazing things. The very first example is that of Lowes which immediately takes your location and tells you when the nearest store to you will be open. The front menu on the Buzz feed site is also a nice touch, whereas the TED site allows you to rate talks straight from their main page. Read more at Econsultancy.


Connecting With the Women without Losing the Men

Don’t get worried after reading the title because all we’re going to be talking about is brand management. Connecting to your target audience in the right way has always been a challenge for marketers. This problem is much more defined when marketing to either men or women. Typically, feminine products focus on stereotypical aspects going for pink. Men however, wouldn’t be caught dead with anything pink in hand. In fact, what really matters is the choice of color. Focusing on beauty and aesthetics is what will connect with female audiences without really making it as strictly female territory. Read more at Marketing Profs.

Author Rank is Still Kicking

Authorship has finally packed up and left but what we do still have is Author Rank. In author-rankwhat seems like a cruel joke by Google, it seems that Author rank, a term coined by marketer’s, lives on as Google continues to provide credibility to articles posed by verified accounts. While your name still won’t show beside the content you’ve authored in Google Search Results, you can rest assured that it certainly won’t be lost in the abyss. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Dealing with Pigeon Rank

The July update of Pigeon Rank had marketers wary regarding the steps they are to take next. While they were cautious, they were by no means stationary. Now that we are on the other end of a month, Miriam Ellis reached out to some of the biggest names on the internet on what they had learnt about Pigeon Rank and what advice they could give to others. Mike Blumenthal stated that there are multiple effects of Pigeon Rank and the most important thing is to identify which one is really affecting your business. Mary Bowling gives us stern advice against spamming, and Linda Buquet asks us to take a little more time to get to know the Pigeon better. Read more at Moz.


Brands with a Knack for Storytelling

storytelling-brandsStorytelling is that magic spell which engages people and turns them into customers. While not everyone has mastered the spell, there are a few brands that have made the cut. Three managed to take YouTube by Storm as they revealed a ‘Dance Pony Dance’ video (it is just as amazing as it sounds). Right up at the top with Dance Pony is EE which made the Keyboard Cat video. Others you need to take a look at are ‘Date Night’ by Talk Talk and Here’s to Change by HTC (Bonus points for Robert Downey!). Read more at Econsultancy.

AliBaba vs. Amazon

There is trouble in Paradise. Ecommerce site AliBaba has become a serious threat to Amazon as they’re poised to go public in September for about $150 billion. Standing neck and neck, Amazon stands as the 9th most visited site in the world whereas AliBaba is the 10th most visited. Profit margins for the two were also astounding as Amazon saw a 1.94% increase whereas AliBaba had a whopping 50%. Read more at Business Insider.

Resurrecting Print

ikea-bookbookThe IKEA Catalog is the highlight of the year for printed media. This time, however they were a little cheeky and advertised the paper catalog using a video. What’s great about the video is that they are touting it as the greatest new gadget on the market. This ‘original Touch interface’ is a must-look for anyone looking to make some changes to their home. Make sure to view their video at Adweek.

Mind Games and Marketers

Straight off the bat, the amazing presentation by HubSpot tells us that marketers and salespeople have it all wrong. With a touch of whimsy, they make parallels between the dating world and sales in order to explain the mistakes being made today. Just like that first meeting, marketers too have the 24-hour waiting rule before calling a potential lead. In fact, calling within the next 5 minutes increases chances of getting in touch with a lead by a 100 times. Another point is to demand commitment early since they won’t be around later. HubSpot, however, revealed that buttered leads resulted in 47% larger purchases. View the slides at SlideShare.

How Does Google Determine Content Quality?

In this Google Hangout spanning an hour, SEO experts talked about the factors which determine content quality. Some of the issues tackled in the talk included the presence of a patent targeted at quality raters, the role of Panda in the improvement of new versions and Google’s behavior when regarding user intent. View the Hangout at YouTube.


Getting Your Events in the Knowledge Graph

Google’s network of information and the connections between them, which is more simplyyour-events-in-google-knowledge-graph known as the Knowledge Graph, is perhaps one of the most fascinating things Google has rolled out. This knowledge graph can be utilized by event organizers, artists, performers, and relevant authorities themselves. Google Developers suggest the addition of structured data mark up in order to deliver content from official websites. This move will enable event organizers and performers to take charge of their information. View the video on YouTube

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The Friday Catch-Up: A Whirlwind of News and So Little Time

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