Google Play- The Expedient Medium to Market Your Business

In the technologically sound society we live in, Smart Phones have easily claimed the status of a necessity rather than a luxury. In a world where a smart phone is viewed as an individual’s only resort for addressing his entertainment related needs, it does not come as a surprise that Google, an acutely-focused customer-centric company, has churned out Google Play.

Entertainment is supposed to be fun but keeping thousands of apps, endless list of tracks, countless movies and infinite eBooks amassed at a single platform can get tricky. In addition, moving different file types from one computer to another, syncing of devices and lots of wires can transform your idea of unlimited fun into an everlasting nightmare.  To eliminate any such issues and to guarantee users an optimal, hassle-free entertainment experience, Google Play comes into the picture.

Quickly manifesting its significance as an entertainment hub, Google Play is your exclusive destination for digital entertainment. Breathing life into the notion of “entertainment-anywhere and everywhere”, it establishes a cloud-based entertainment spectrum where all your favorite movies, music, books, apps and games are stored online without you ever having to worry about moving them.

Experts believe that what triggered Google into introducing Play was that the toolbar would have looked cluttered otherwise with separate tabs for each entertainment category as can be seen below.

If you think that Google Play is only a cloud-based service catering to your entertainment needs, nothing can be father from truth as there is more to it than meets the eye. If you are looking for ways to secure global reachability and more visibility for your business, Google Play promises you all the assistance you need to get your business on top. Wondering how to do it? Read on to reveal secrets to market your business the smart way.

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When looking for ways to promote your business creatively, have you ever considered using Google play? If not, you have no idea what you are missing. It is, unmistakably, the most effective means of advertising your business is to keep it in the consciousness of the public. This exposure poses multi-faceted advantages namely brand recognition, increased visibility and global reach. Here is how.

Google Play allows you to download music, movies, apps, games and eBooks. While some of them are available for free, others require you to pay a nominal fee. Any download from Google Play is through Gmail which is, again, a subsidiary of Google. When a download takes place, the business collects statistics such as one’s age and interests. This information is then provided to marketing agencies. Since they are responsible for promoting your business, they structure their promotional strategies around them. This is the reason the advertisements you see are highly calibrated and are relevant to your interests.

Creating an app or game for your business, regardless of its nature, can help you target a larger demographic. This can be achieved in various ways. For instance, a restaurant owner can create a game or an app with the name same as his restaurant. If the idea of designing a game appeals him, he can have his logo displayed prominently at the corner of the screen and for every level the player completes, he will get rewards with names of entrees on the restaurant’s menu or he can use the name of his specialty dish for pickups the player has to collect to gain points on his way to level completion.

Using the same restaurant example, if the owner wants to create an app for his restaurant, he can offer discounts when an order is placed through the app. When the order will be delivered, the customer only has to show the confirmation he has received on his smart phone and he can get, say, 5% or 10% discount right away. In any case, it is far easier to place an order through an app as the customer will be saved the inconvenience of making a call.

For instance, MacDonald’s, a well-established food chain, also has their app on Google Play, giving customers a variety of options from locating a nearby franchise to placing orders online. If a giant like MacDonald’s can use Google Play to its advantage, any business can.

The restaurant owner can also align other mediums into his promotional campaign. He can use social media, blogs or introduce contests to inspire a sense of association as it encourages individuals to choose his business/ services over others. The restaurant owner can also make use of an app promotion network that trigger incentivized downloads.

Another example is that of an airline that has introduced an app on Google Play. Now the user can do anything deemed imaginable by using this app. He can check the flight status, make reservations, track baggage, purchase tickets online and review his transactions. The following illustration has been taken from airline named ‘Air Asia’ that decided to go online and is reaping profits.

Large corporations and more established businesses are rolling out apps and games on Google Play and are making huge profits from them whether they are free or not. This is because Google Play ensures consistent exposure to the brand name, making the company the first thing to come to one’s minds when a user needs a product or service that a business is offering. Below is an illustration of app by Pepsi that is available for free download on Google Play.

The best feature of Google Play is that it targets users who are specifically looking for entertainment or help in your niche. The users who will download your application will be the ones particularly looking for product or services to suit their needs. This is the most effective means of marketing as it allow users to come to you seeking help. A list of benefits that Google Play brings about to any business is outlined below.

  • Attracting customers is synonymous to success as no business can flourish without customers. With millions of users across the globe using Google Play, you are actually introduced to virtually countless users seeking assistance.
  • Using Google Play for promoting your business is a savvy marketing technique. An initial investment will incur but you will at least be securing a higher conversion rate. Once it will start paying off, you won’t have to put a lot of money into it.
  • Google Play establishes ease of use. With a dynamic and interactive interface, Google Play believes in keeping things simple while effectively helping you to pave your path towards success.
  • Since Google Play is accessible anywhere and everywhere so any promotional strategy you use to promote business on this platform will work 24 x 7, 365 days of the year.

Bottom-line, with more competition for every business in the market, it is time you step up your game and get your business all the limelight it deserves with Google Play. Start working, a potential clientele awaits you.

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Google Play- The Expedient Medium to Market Your Business

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