Friday Catch-Up: Google+ Starts Automatic Author Attributions

Hello everyone, did you miss us? We did! As we have shared before, this weekly update is going to bring you all the usual new-to-me front page news, on all the things we have grabbed (here and there), about the stuff going on in the world of cyberspace.



Google+ Expands its Reach with Author Attribution for Typepad and WordPress

We’ll start off our journey with Google+, who had recently announced that it is starting author attributions with WordPress and Typepad. The partnership with WordPress and Typepad means that bloggers can now put their Google credentials to good use by logging into their respective platforms via their Google+ account. The update also allows webmasters to edit embeddable posts on third party websites. This not only makes the work of a blogger a whole lot easier, but will also mean that authors will be able to gain their due recognition across the web.

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Twitter Acquires the Mobile-Advertising Exchange MoPub Inc.

Well, this calls for a toast, so make a sandwich. In an attempt to ramp up its advertising, Twitter recently announced that it has made its biggest acquisition to date by acquiring MoPub, a San Francisco based startup for $350 million. With MoPub’s advertising management system, which focuses on mobile ads, under its belt, Twitter now has another route to make it into the native mobile advertising market. This deal has also opened the flood gates for building more tools and technology that will help customers in running their businesses.

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Instagram to Get Ads within a Year

Much to many people’s chagrin, the popular photo sharing service, Instagram announced recently that it will soon be allowing ads on its website and will also be looking forward to adding a few ads to the corners of its mobile app. This move was expected, as the company had also recently announced that it was video capabilities but capped their run time to around fifteen seconds. Every major advertising addition on other social media outlets have sparked negative reactions, so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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Should You Go for Native Facebook Videos or YouTube Links?

This is a loaded question, but really, which one is better? Preferably, companies should look to fire up videos on both their Facebook and YouTube pages if they want to reach a wider audience. So, here is something for you guys to ponder on as I sip my coffee. When it comes to posting videos, Facebook makes it much easier, it also receives much more comments, on the other hand, Videos on YouTube not only quickly disappear, but also look ugly in the timeline.

For more on it read

The Top Twelve Cloud Options for Small Businesses

Cloud storage companies believe, “if you can’t do the right thing, atleast do the thing right,” which is why they offer small-to-medium sized businesses the tools to effectively back up their business and administer their team on their road to progress. There are twelve sites that currently provide the best must-have tools to small businesses, along with offering them several free plans that will enable them to increase their productivity.


The Blawg: On-Page SEO Best Practices

The thing about blogs is that they are only awesome if they are refreshed often. Apart from that, when starting up this initiative, the number one goal should be to attract traffic towards your company’s website. In order to do that, businesses must first ask themselves one question, what do they want to achieve? After that, there is really only one way of getting human traffic to your blog, (for the answer: read first line).

If you are curious you can always

Optimizing Your Video Tutorials

We all love fries with veal stew, mostly because they go very well together. But if you had to pick one, you would probably go with the stew, right? Well, video is like the stew when it comes to telling their brand’s story. Apart from that, having a brand video also enables a company to educate their customers or promote their next big deal. All this can only be done with smart optimization. For more, read

The Importance of Visual Marketing Tools

When it comes to online marketing, the power of visuals cannot be denied. Visual aids and presentations helps in businesses getting their brand’s message across. To make life easier, there are many tools that help in this labor extensive process of making a company video, but the downside is all of them are not the same, when it comes to getting results.

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New Facebook Ad Formats

A few months ago we did a piece on Facebook’s then new ad formats, that included placements in users news feeds and bigger images along with much more text. By now these features have been rolled out to most, if not all online advertisers, so here’s the deal. You will need to consider a few things before you dive into using this new ad feature, such as, its placement, headline, image size, amount of text and link description. If you don’t get it, You can make more sense about Facebook’s new ad formats by reading these tips on

Satisfy Your (Business) Needs

I dig, you dig, we dig, damn that’s deep. Motivating your team is one of the biggest challenges faced by modern businesses. Many companies have (or claim to) been able to strike a balance somewhere between putting the customer first while emphasizing on the people they hire and train. The bottom line is, if a business wants to add new customers to their base list, they need to hire the right candidate for the job and find ways to motivate them. Read all about it on

Using Google Keyword Planner

You should probably print this one and stick it on the refrigerator. Since keywords are the foundation for search engine optimization it is only natural that webmasters and SEO experts find better ways of reaching their common goals, which is to funnel in traffic towards their business website. Google Adwords Planner tool rolled out recently and has since been a hot topic on many online marketing and SEO forums. Though it may not be the perfect tool, the Google Keyword Planner tool is the best keyword tool out there at the moment.

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The Kiss metrics of Netflix

At its core, the job of using analytics is to provide companies with key data that will enable them to gain valuable insights into their market niche. Know this information allows them to improve their strategy, deliver better products and win more customers as they improve their services. Netflix has been doing just that since it announced its Netflix prize back in 2006. For more on how they have been using analytics check out

Should Developers Know SEO?

If you are a boss and you know it, this one’s for you. For developers to have somewhat profound search engine optimization skills is not mandatory, but it is  an added plus point, especially for businesses who often run into debates and quarrels, which could also sometimes lead to a falling out of relationships within a team. Of course, there are many opinions towards this philosophy, that being said, the importance of SEO cannot be denied, and so it’s always best for businesses to do their best when it comes to optimizing their business.

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 “Lead Generation” That’s what I Want

We have not talked much about lead generation in the past, so let’s rectify this right now.

A survey recently found that, most of the PPL (pay per lead) B2B marketers (all 51% of them) claimed that knowing the customer’s purchasing time is the most important adaptor when it comes to growing their business, unfortunately, the B2B marketers don’t usually get what they want for various reasons. According to the survey, B2B marketers were also quick to point out the need for getting leads to online content marketing campaigns. Read all about it on

 Google’s Matt Cutts on Nofollow

During the week, Google’s very own search spam expert (and search spam dept. head) Matt Cutts gave a statement on the question, can Nofollow links hurt your business website? As we do not have enough space to post the entire statement on this blog, but will put it in simple words for you. What Matt said basically is, something between the lines of regular link building and not doing enough on blog commenting. To read all about it log on to

The Ranking Factors of Google’s Algorithm

If your brain is giving you the silent treatment, when it comes to optimizing your website, don’t worry about it. One of the primary goals of SEO and copywriters when creating content for a website, is to generate a large amount of traffic towards that business website. In this week’s whiteboard Friday a group of experts discuss the various ranking factors. If you are not sure of all the various adaptors that affect a websites ranking in the SERPs, grab you SEO team and read all about it on


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Friday Catch-Up: Google+ Starts Automatic Author Attributions

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