How Game Elements in Marketing Emails Can Boost eCommerce Revenue | Case

Gamification in email marketing is a winning choice for eCommerce business. At Promodo we develop and fulfil a number of brand strategies based on this technique. If you are not yet acquainted with how game mechanics work to increase brand awareness, gain customer loyalty, and boost sales, you are welcome to read the articles we published earlier. In this article, we are happy to share a case of our client from Ukraine and the results of our collaboration supplied with figures and unique content.

Email marketing today is a vast pool for experiments with your customers, and, at the same time, an effective asset for marketers. Comfy is the most successful omnichannel home appliance and electronics retailer in Ukraine. The client contacted us to help them increase the customer base and improve upselling & cross-selling. In response to such a request, we offered gamification.


Initial Data

The market of home appliance and electronics is one of the most competitive markets in Ukraine. For a large brand that has already covered more than 30% of the market, attracting a new audience is a real challenge which motivated to look for out-of-the-box approaches.



To increase the customer base within the shortest possible time and motivate subscribers to make a purchase, the Promodo team has created the “Roulette” gamification activity.

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A lot of marketing experts and eCommerce business owners are sceptical of draws. They consider that this tool attracts an unmotivated audience. However, this activation solution is an effective tool for drawing customers, especially if the logic of the activity was carefully developed, and an initiator can control all stages of the activity implementation to a website. 

In the Comfy case, users, who visited the website (and, therefore, were interested in a purchase), as well as existing customers who ordered something earlier became participants of the draw. 

spin the wheel

*Contest games with guaranteed prizes significantly increase customer loyalty. Clients participate in such draws and share their winnings in their social profiles.

Activity Audience

activity audience

At first, we needed to convert website visitors to email subscribers. Then it was crucial to motivate customers to make an additional purchase on the website.

To work out these details, the launch process was divided into several stages:

  1. Preparation 

At this stage, we developed the gaming logic for the new activity,  formed the prize fund and configured the integration with the eSputnik email marketing service.

  1. Draw Logic

The user lands to the activity page by clicking on a banner or widget. To participate in the draw and activate the ‘Play’ button, they need to enter their email address. Each participant has two attempts to spin the roulette.

If the arrow points to the grey field twice, the user receives a notification asking them to enter their email address and receive an additional attempt. If the arrow points to the grey area again, the user can enter a friend’s email and try one more time as a referral.

By motivating players to invite friends to the game, we managed to attract the attention of new users to the COMFY brand.

Prize Fund

The prize fund included the grand prize and discount codes for various categories in stock.

prize fund

Implementation Stages

The Promodo team created several marketing email templates and configured scenarios for different results of the draw.

Website banners and widgets informed visitors about the draw. We also sent emails for the existing customer base.

Testing Stage

Our team tested user activity at every implementation stage, monitored the customer’s reaction and made necessary changes if needed.

What we tested, and why:

  • If everything was displayed correctly (both the general interface of the landing page and all possible game scenarios);
  • How each game scenarios were performed (from service notifications on the landing page to emails which winners and losers received);
  • How the discount code was activated in the website shopping cart;
  • If all discount codes were correctly recorded (both valid and used before);
  • All email with dynamic content (discount code + category of the discounted product)
  • Customer behaviour at each stage of the draw; a declining number of steps needed to complete the game (is it convenient to click on a button, is the next step clear, how to use a promotional code, etc.);
  • UI elements of the roulette, including CTA.


Thanks to the activity, the Promodo team managed to expand the customer base and increase the number of cross-sales.

What’s Next

The Comfy customer base has been replenished with a new audience which they now can convert into loyal customers with the help of the email marketing channel. Promodo is currently testing new mechanics of interaction with users to increase the customer base and revenue in future.


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How Game Elements in Marketing Emails Can Boost eCommerce Revenue | Case

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