How to automate PPC advertising in 2020

Automation of routine processes allows you to scale your business without compromising the quality of your product. This is also true for PPC advertising. Vladislav Platonov from Promodo explains how both a specialist and business can benefit from the automation of PPC ads.

In 2020, the implementation of modern digital technologies became a necessity for ecommerce brands. There are many accessible platforms than ever before, and the complexity of these tasks keeps growing. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to manage PPC ad campaigns manually. 

PPC automation is the optimisation of ad campaigns within search engines using various technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Let’s take a closer look at the PPC automation algorithm, which consists of the following steps: 

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  • Problem identification
  • Tool search
  • Implementation. 

Problem identification

It is important to understand clearly what processes you are going to optimise and what results you expect to receive. 

Automation of PPC advertising is not a goal, but a tool for solving a problem. 

Here are a few examples of such problems: 

1. An advertising campaign, ad group, ad or keyword should be turned off/on at a specific time when it is not possible to do this manually. For example, at 00:05 on Sunday. The auto-rule will help you with this.

2. Your advertising budgets should be reduced or increased every weekend and returned to their original state on Monday morning. This function is used when business performance on weekends is lower (for example, a call centre accepts calls on weekdays only). The auto-rule will make the necessary changes to your account easily. 

3. You should receive notifications of your website performance, account balance or the performance of certain advertising campaigns. Scripts will help you with this. Some of these are available free of charge, while others need to be acquired or created by developers. 

4. You need to adjust bids, hold a certain position at the auction, raising or lowering the cost per click. In this case, there are several solutions: 

  • bid managers — paid third-party systems that track changes in an auction and make the necessary changes every 15-30 minutes; 
  • scripts — work according to a given algorithm and make changes hourly; 
  • auto rules – also work according to a given algorithm and make changes daily. 

The options described above differ only in the bid adjustment rates (speed). You need to decide whether you are ready to pay to third-party systems or the ready-made scripts and auto-rules can satisfy your needs. 

Tool search 

There are tools for solving the problems of PPC advertising automation: 

  • Google Ads Scripts. This is a JavaScript code that consists of several basic elements: functions, variables, objects, entities, selectors, iterators, and others. It works according to a given algorithm. 
  • Bid-managers — automatic bidding services in PPC advertising. Such a system monitors auction changes for given keywords and adjusts the bid.
  • Auto-rule is a Google Ads tool that will complete such tasks as changing an ad status, budget, raising or lowering bids under specified conditions. 
  • Сommercial data feeds allow you to automate the Google Ads extensions. For example, the ‘Price’ extension can automatically raise the price from the feed, so the data in the extension will always be relevant. 


The primary tasks of setting up PPC advertising can be completed with the help of auto-rules. This is a fast, easy and free of charge solutions

If automatic rules fail, we at Promodo use scripts that help us implement almost any idea on automation. It’s not necessary to learn JS as there are many useful scripts in the public domain. Here are the 100 best scripts for solving basic automation tasks. We would recommend contacting your developers in order to solve specific problems. 

Most advertising management services automate not only the auction but also other contextual or reporting processes. K50, Analytics, Instaon, Cobiro, Revealbot, Adstage, Bluewinstion, eLama, Optmyzr are the most popular bid managers.

Automation Benefits 

The number of PPC tools is growing every month. To do your job efficiently and quickly, you need to let the algorithms to complete some of your tasks.

Keeping the actual price and information in ads, autostart and stop of advertising, maintaining the desired positions at an auction, notifications of deviations from the main indicators, auto-generation of advertising campaigns are only a small part of the tasks, which PPC automation helps complete efficiently.

The elimination of the “human factor” is another advantage of PPC automation. Each of us can make a mistake, sometimes be inattentive or forgetful, which is not typical for program codes. By spending time optimising repetitive actions once, you will significantly save resources and control only the quality of work in the future. 

Will technologies be able to replace a specialist in 2020? 

PPC advertising automation opens up new business opportunities – daily technical tasks are delegated to programs, while a specialist focuses on more important strategic solutions. Such an approach in 2020 will help you optimise the PPC advertising performance and increase sales as a result. 

It’s like an autopilot in an aeroplane which can follow the pre-set course, but in case of emergency, the pilot takes control. 

Today, effective PPC automation is still not possible without specialist expertise. An algorithm cannot replace a person completely, the program code is not able to see the “whole picture” and, based on scattered information, make a strategic decision for a specific task. So far, not a single algorithm, even the most thought out one, is capable of this.

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How to automate PPC advertising in 2020

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