SEO Friendly Landing Pages- Tantalizing Tips to Create a Proficient One!

8 seconds, 8 seconds is the time a prospective customer will spend on your website and if you fail to keep him there, chances are you lose him for good. Find out what it takes to reap promising profits through landing pages.

Statistics have shown that if visitors fail to find the desired information within the first 8 seconds of visiting any website, they leave without ever glancing back. Since you get only one chance to make a strong impression, one has to make sure that it is lasting as it can make or break the deal for you.

Growth and increased profit margins are sought by all business owners, regardless of the size of the business. To fulfill all such goals, business owners leave no stones unturned. Often they do not even hesitate to pay any price to get top search engine rankings. Sadly, there are instances when no matter how much money or effort you put into it, you just do not get what you need the most: sales. Does it imply a dead-end? Of course not.

In order to generate leads and get your business the exposure it so deserves, landing pages are what you need to make things work in your favor. Promising to help you keep your visitor’s attention, a well-constructed and well-designed landing page can be your first step towards SEO success.

Before moving ahead with the tips to create a landing page that encourages a visitor to respond to the call-for-action, it is important to understand the underlying concept to make the most of it. A landing page is a page on your website that the incoming traffic is directed to when they click on an outbound link. For instance, when you create a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad, make sure that the page displayed to the visitor is focused on a specific service or product that persuades him into taking some sort of action that eventually leads to a sale.

Now comes the million-dollar question, how to create SEO friendly landing pages that not only adhere to the search engine guidelines but is also designed to facilitate the visitors looking for information. We all seek more traffic and do not shy away from trying any strategies that can help maximize the conversion rate and if you want to know how to do it, here is how.

It is imperative to understand that SEO and landing pages go hand in hand. Imagine owning the most aesthetically appealing website with the most amazing graphics but no traffic to it. On the other end of the spectrum, imagine a website that has a swarm of visitors coming to it but little to no conversions. Achieving a balance between the two can be the difference between success and failure. Ways you can ensure that you are doing it right and that your website is going to strike a chord with the visitors are briefly illustrated below.

First Impressions Last!

The importance of having an eye ball-attracting web design, catchy punch line and
effective placement of images cannot be stressed enough. These are the factors that actually come into play when it comes to making sales online and allow a visitor to decide whether purchasing with you is a good idea or not.

Make the Headline Work for You

The headline, above all, has to be constructed most prudently. It is going to be the firstthing a visitor will see before he makes up his mind about staying with you or moving on. The color scheme and the designing of the website should be user friendly. What is the point of having a design layout that turns out to be a labyrinth frustrating the visitor or making use of colors that make the website appear all brassy. This will only send the visitor running in the opposite direction.

 A Convincing Call-To-Action

A fool-proof technique to grasp the visitor’s attention is to make proficient use of call-for-action buttons. The idea is to make whatever you are offering as irresistible as possible while ensuring that it aligns with the visitor’s expectations. This can be achieved by providing bonuses or discounts. Similarly, multiple hyperlinks can be made compelling and you can incorporate multiple calls-for-action in your landing page if desired.

Keep Data Gathering Forms Short And Sweet

How many times have you seen pages asking for too much irrelevant information only to annoy a prospective customer away? It is a good idea to gather information before the generation of lead but overdoing it will only lead to irrefutable damage. A customer, once frustrated, will prefer not to visit your website ever again. One should stay focused at asking for relevant information only and allow the users to switch among fields while filling the information with ease. It is strongly suggested that you choose a prominent position for placing the form on the landing page or use a pop-up in the form of a query to catch the visitor’s eye.

Home Page Is Not the Only Page on Your Website

When creating a SEO friendly landing page, an important aspect often overlooked is theway a user navigates on your website. It is a no- brainer to direct all the traffic to your home page and expect visitors to spend time looking for information. Lead visitors to the relevant page with information that you are sure visitors will find valuable.

Keyword Rich Instead Of Keyword Crazy

Organic use of keywords is the key to developing SEO friendly landing pages. When youhave landing  pages dedicated to a particular service or product, it is obvious that the keywords and its alternatives will appear naturally as they will be found in the title tags, body as well as headings. Such targeted content will help search engine realize the relevancy of your website and it will be returned when specific searches will be initiated. This way you will not only be able to attract related traffic but can also secure significant improvements in your conversion rates.

Build Trust with Testimonials

Search engines takes credibility into account when ranking a website and this credibility


can be earned  through testimonials that are displayed on your landing pages. Since visitorshave no other way to judge whether or not your product or service is worth their hard-earned money, they use testimonials to make well-informed decisions. The brand image will help a website gain customer trust and it is this trust that encourages lead generation.

With these infallible tips and a little diligence, creating a SEO friendly landing page is no problem and you will soon be able to see success coming your way. So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking.  It is time you get down to work.

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SEO Friendly Landing Pages- Tantalizing Tips to Create a Proficient One!

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