SEO News: Featured Snippet Bubble Links and Updated Knowledge Graph

Google hasn’t stopped innovating search results and goes out of its way to answer user queries right on SERPs. Recently, Western experts noticed another new feature — Bubble Links in Featured Snippet.

What is a bubble link?

Bubble Links are links that appear in featured snippets in search results. By clicking on such a link, users will see a pop-up window with subject info and the source link.

This is what it looks like in the example:

buuble links how work

When clicking on Bubble Link:

buuble links look like

On mobile:

buuble links on mobile

It looks like Google is trying to integrate explanations of known entities into SERPs on its own. Along with that, the post referenced in the featured snippet does not contain any links to Wikipedia.


The Bubble Link name, which has caught on to describe such integrated links, comes from the mention in the data attribute.


Now, the feature is only available to users in the United States. But shortly, the algorithm for adding Bubble Links to Featured Snippet will likely spread to all markets and languages.

How to find Bubble Links in search results?

Since the algorithm only works in the U.S. for now, you will need to make changes to your search settings.

  1. Select a search region:6
  2. Select a search language:7
  3. Save the settings and start searching for information queries where Featured Snippets occur most often.

From personal experience, we can say that Bubble Links are not that common. However, we were able to find them by searching for “can you use remote with wii u” (spotted in Brodie Clark’s article on Bubble Links) and “the fastest car in the world 2021”.

Bonus: Updated Knowledge Graph

In addition to Bubble Links, the Knowledge Graph has been updated: the Knowledge Graph now has tabs responsible for specific intents.


Pressing one of the buttons refines the user’s query and updates the knowledge panel.


These updates will likely soon appear in every country, so you’d better get acquainted with them now.


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SEO News: Featured Snippet Bubble Links and Updated Knowledge Graph

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