The Friday Catch-Up: Is That You China?

Good morning old friends and new. As the weekdays seem to be moving at a snail’s pace, it is becoming hard for us to believe that we just went through the smallest month of the year. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been making some changes as Google remains eerily silent. It seems that they had a party and forgot to invite Google. As the internet bigwigs enjoy their night out, let’s get ready for another round of gossip from the World Wide Web.


Facebook Focuses on Relevant News

Facebook recently rolled out an update which would allow its users to see related content and news of pages that they haven’t followed. This is already enabled when it comes to friends updates where facebook delivers content about a profile connected to a friend’s as a result of an interaction. Similar effect will take place when it comes to pages on the Newsfeed. The reason behind the move is as yet unclear. To the bystander, however, it seems that facebook is trying to shed its current image of vanity publishing in order to be taken more seriously. Read more at the Facebook Newsroom.

China’s back! (Not Quite)

After every few months we hear about our elusive friends from Asia and the new developments that have taken place. This time we have found that LinkedIn is taking a special interest in the country and will build an entire site optimized for the Chinese Language. This is a smart move by LinkedIn considering that the largest internet market with 500 million users exists in China. The localized service can be connected to WeChat, which is one of the most popular cell phone messaging services. Whether this will connect China to the digital world again or completely separate it once more is yet to be seen. Read more at BBC.

Twitter and Search Advertising

Twitter is getting pretty serious when it comes to the money making business. While not exactly delivering advertised results per se, twitter has begun pairing promoted accounts with certain search queries which may be related to them. This move was done straight after the unfortunate earnings report of the fourth quarter. Whether this move will be effective in increasing the number of users is yet to be seen. The focus on mobile search, however, seems to have yielded positive results so far. Read more at Mashable.

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Tools for Conversion Optimization

Conversion is the ultimate goal of all websites on the internet. Not all marketers, however, know the best strategies to implement in order to increase their conversion rates. One problem with the situation is that in order to increase interaction with the customer, it is imperative for marketers to obtain email IDs which users may not necessarily be willing to give. Luckily there are some online tools which can be used in order to obtain them. These include ManyContacts, Hello Bar, and Exit Monitor. View more at Woorank.

The Backlinking Strategy that Always Works

Getting backlinks is a one-way street. One may ask for a backlink but the other has to be willing to provide it. Ultimately there is very little reward in it for the person providing the link. Dave Jenny’s of Preneurmarketing begs to differ. He states that the best way to facilitate two-way back links and make sure that you always receive a positive response is through the creation of testimonial videos. He suggests making testimonials for certain products and services of a similar website and asking for back links. Read more at Preneurmarketing.

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Building Trust in Ecommerce to Increase Conversion

Ecommerce sites have the difficult task of convincing people to send them money over the internet. This requires them to make sure that their customers have a healthy amount of trust for them. According to Graham Youd, the very first thing to do when building an ecommerce site is to make sure it looks trustworthy. This is the equivalent of people visiting your brick and mortar shop. A badly placed and designed shop will not attract customers as compared to a well-made location. In addition, make sure to add security seals and buzzwords such as ‘safe’ and ‘secure’. Read more at Evosite.

Calls to Action and Human Psychology

Effective use of a call to action can be the difference between an online purchase and cart abandonment. This is why it’s important for marketers to understand how their consumers will react to certain words. Accordion to Tommy Walker, the call to action in itself is not the driving force of a purchase but rather the prelude to the visit. He takes facebook as an example where he stated the surrounding popularity and the use of the social network by peers as the reason for joining. Ultimately, he says that a well-made trailer or the hype before the launch of a product is what compels a consumer to make a purchase rather than a call to action. Read more at Crazy Egg.

Automate PPC without Breaking Your Budget

PPC Automation is no easy task and can be pretty costly too when you consider tools such as Marin, Acquisio and Kenshoo. Luckily there are many other tasks which can be taken care of through automation without the need for such investments. This can include mining search queries by implementing filters, automating changes in bids, and changing Ad statuses. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Crowd Sourcing Content for increased Engagement

In a world where content is the undisputed king, sites that do not have optimized content may find themselves struggling. Candice Landau reveals some excellent information in her Kissmetrics blog where she tells us how to kill two birds with one stone. She suggests crowd sourcing similar to what has been done by Levi Strauss where they asked their customers to share content such as images and ideas. This not only crowd-sourced the content but also increased the amount of engagement on their page. Another method was that of conducting surveys and running question/answer sessions on their site such as that done by Quora. Read more at Kissmetrics.

Discovering the Best Call to Action

Unlike Tommy Walker who just dismissed the need for a “call to action”, most marketers are still working on the use of effective calls to action which may help increase conversion rates. While we will be enjoying our time on the fence with this issue, we’d like to take a look at this side which promises increased conversions. In an A/B testing experiment, the people over at Hubspot wanted to find out the most effective call to action. The factors that the CTA was judged on were based on the color, size, placement, text, and the amount of movement in the button. Time sensitivity was also taken into consideration. While animated buttons with great text and compelling colors are sure attention grabbers, it is important to see how these elements interact with your site before implementation. Read more at Hubspot.

Reaching Non-Fans on Facebook

Brands are in a constant search for newer customers but reaching people that haven’t liked your page on facebook can be a little tricky. Luckily, there are some nifty tricks that can be used to make sure that you pop up in the newsfeed of a potential customer even if they haven’t liked your page. This can be done by tagging individuals in images to make sure that the post shows up in their friends’ pages. This should be done with caution and must not be overdone. This is because of Facebook’s algorithm changes which may start considering your content to be spammy. Read more at RGB Social.

What Makes a Great Search Box?

The search box may just be one of the most essential tools that are placed on the website. A functional search box can serve as a great way for customers to directly connect with the information they require within your website. This is why it’s important to focus on how, where, and why the search box will be placed on a page. According to Carrie Cousins, the characteristics that define a great search box are its functionality, placement, and design. Read more at design shack.

Increasing Daily Productivity with A Few Life Hacks

We have stepped out of the virtual world and believe that instead of tinkering with our computers it was time to tinker with our bodies. Sitting in front of the screen all day can take a toll on a lot of things and productivity is number one on that list. In order to increase productivity, we need to make sure that we have broken down all our chores into pieces and mapped them out according to the week. In addition, we need to schedule our lunches and refrain from multitasking. Read more at Inc.


The Definitive Keyword Search Guide

Keywords make the internet go round, and Backlinko has just provided us with the holy grail of Infographics when it comes to keyword search. Starting from the very beginning, they have provided us with the definitive guide of keyword search. The 7 chapter online book tackles every subject and answers every question you may have when it comes to keyword searches for your business. Go ahead and take a look at Backlinko.

Must Know Statistics for the Unwary Blogger

Mitt ray of Social Marketing Writing brings us some of the most important statistics from the blogging world in order to help bloggers make the most of them to increase followers. The numbers showed that 80% of the daily blog visits are new which means that there is a steep decline in repetitive visitors. The results also showed that bloggers were likely to see 53% more traffic on their site once they would hit 51 posts on their blog. Read more of these statistics at Social Marketing Writing.

Lower Variety, Higher Sales: The New Marketing Mantra

Providing variety to your customers has always been important to marketers. The more choices they have, the more likely they will be to find something they prefer. Studies, however, show otherwise. In fact, a smaller variety may actually lead to a higher conversion rate. The study showed that while variety did have a higher number of impressions; lesser individuals were likely to purchase any products. The final numbers showed that the lower variety was more likely to sell 600% more than larger varieties. Read more at QuickSprout.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Is That You China?

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