The Friday Catch-Up: YouTube goes offline and Internet Explorer is still Kicking

Hello guys! In this week’s catch-up we have the surprisingly relentless Internet Explorer making some news again. One thing that we’re particularly excited about is YouTube’s new feature. The video sharing giant seems to be getting better and better with age. Enjoy the post and upcoming weekend!


Google Patents: New & Improved

Google announced the addition of documents from affiliated patent agencies in China, Canada, Germany and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). These will include artwork of previous patents for future application. Integration with Google Translate allows these documents to be available in their native languages and in English. The nerds of the world rejoiced silently in front of their computers upon receiving the news. Read more over at their blog.

It’s Alive! Internet Explorer releases preview for update

Did we hear that right? Internet Explorer announced a preview for their new IE11 which is meant to run on Windows 7. The complete version of this updated is expected to run on PCs by the end of this fall. The developers at IE believe that this update will be run on more than 50% of the desktops worldwide. If you ask us we’re still surprised Internet Explorer is still around but kudos to their resilience.

YouTube Videos will be available offline

Ever since we heard this news we can’t seem to stop fangirling. In fact we needed to read the headline more than once just to believe it. Is there anything that YouTube can do wrong? The short answer is no. This news reached us on Tuesday when YouTube officials announced that users will now be able to add videos to their mobile devices to watch at their leisure even when they don’t have a working internet connection. Read more at Mashable.

align=”center”>TIPS & TRICKS

Is it Mind Control? Using Colors in Branding

The geniuses over at the polytechnic University of Valencia and University of Oxford found that we often associate color with the opinions that we have about objects. This theory can be implemented for branding, advertising and websites. Blue is associated with strength and loyalty, Orange with fun and excitement, Red with power and energy, green with wealth, yellow with happiness and optimism. We’ll let you guess what pink is associated with (Hint: Think stereotypes). Read more at MarketingProfs.

Using Remarketing effectively

Conversion is the biggest objective that companies and online ecommerce sites have. Remarketing is one of the most effective methods to increase the rate of conversion by reminding users of the product that they were interested in. Some complaints however have popped up that users are remarketed items that they have already purchased. Not only is this annoying it’s a waste of resources. Companies should use that information to remarket complementary products. Another method is to remarket discounts and offers for items abandoned at checkout.

Get the Most out of Gmail

We may have a love-hate relationship with Google but we absolutely adore Gmail. Most people have a Gmail account which may be working excellently for them. There are however some more features to Gmail that we all don’t know much about. You can integrate your Gmail with the calendar to set events directly through the mail by hovering over dates. Another great feature is the addition of labels. Our obsession with organization and compartmentalizing has made this the most used feature in our accounts. Read more at Search Engine Journal.

The Art of Selling to the Rich

Competitive pricing is the most common way of selling products on the internet in order to appeal to the masses. There are however some exclusive items that are only available to the affluent population. When selling to luxury items to the rich, it’s important to focus on brand creation and content. Research showed that affluent shoppers are more likely to do research before making a purchase decision. Another way is that of making buying convenient. Since bargain hunting is not a motive when making purchases, you need to add value to the purchase experience itself in order to make a sale. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Hootsuite for the new flier

Hootsuite is undoubtedly our favorite new tool available right now. Managing multiple social media accounts can be a very hectic task. In the olden days, multiple tabs were a convenience, today they seem to have evolved into something akin to the Hydra. Hootsuite is generally optimized for twitter but lets you update to Facebook or LinkedIn as well. It allows you to run three streams within a tab. With the options of monitoring your timeline, mentions and scheduled tweets, Hootsuite is the social media solution for every corporate account. Read more at Mashable.

Adwords: The Never-Ending Metamorphosis

Adwords has been in a constant state of evolution. In fact, it has become so unpredictable that the new features even have experts a little shaken up. This is why it is especially terrifying when you are just a wee little thing trying to make it in the big bad world of Adwords. Don’t think that you can just jump into the program and learn on the go. The amount of knowledge required today for entry differs greatly from before. You will definitely need a mentor and a great one. Although Google has been trying to increase the amount of information available to educate new users, they may still feel a little out of their depth when faced with the Adwords monster for the first time.

Mobile in the Enterprise and the Great Fail of the Decade

We always love it when someone marches to their own beat. Instead of touting the benefits and glories of all that is internet, VentureBeat is harshly but accurately delivering the information that we all know deep inside but refuse to acknowledge. This is that mobile enterprising is still terrible. In an effort to make the entire mobile experience similar to a desktop, developers have created apps and software to facilitate file sharing, communication and collaboration along with other business tasks. What they forget is that businessmen are still users and they want the same convenience, usability and convenience as that of regular users.

Contest on Facebook: Unleash the Fury

Contests have always been one of the greatest motivators to increase communication between users and the company. Facebook recently gave brands the authority to run contests on their pages where users could participate by liking, commenting or messaging the brand. The problem is that everyone seems to be doing the same thing. With brands in dire need of some fresh ideas, provides us with some excellent ideas to implement. We especially love “On a scale of 0-10+ how much do you love [ENTER BUSINESS NAME]. Tomorrow at 2pm EST we’ll pick our biggest fan and will feature them in our cover photo!” Not only is it free marketing, it engages users in a very intimate way.

Using Tumblr. for SEO and Social Media Marketing

Once you’ve crossed the dusty cobwebbed halls at the entrance of Tumblr. You’ll realize that it’s a pretty cool place to hang out. It may be a little tricky in the beginning but it has a wide community of users that are much more connected and prone to share as compared to other social networks. This is the factor that has now driven corporations towards Tumblr. The very first thing that corporations should do is Dofollow links. Similar to hashtags and likes, Dofollows are the currency of Tumblr. This social sharing automatically provides you with backlinks straight to your original content. Use animated gifs, images and quotes to make your content more exciting. Read more on how to use Tumblr. effectively at Moz.

Making your Online Product look affordable

In the real world, looking cheaper is not something that people usually aim for, but there you have it. The weird world of the internet has baffled us yet again. Price is one of the deciding factors for any product and expensive items don’t tend to do very well on the internet due to the numerous options available. If you want your product to look more affordable place a much more expensive one right next to it to make it seem cheaper by comparison. Another method is to break the entire price into parts or monthly installments. You can also increase the perceived value of your product and make it seem worth its price. Read more methods at KissMetrics


Showrooming and the Threat to Retailers

A detailed report by Columbia Business School and Aimia revealed what the motivators for online purchases for mobile device users were. They found that show rooming; the act of looking at a physical product and choosing to purchase it online is becoming a threat to retailers. This is a result of a change in purchase behaviors and the ability to compare prices in order to get the best possible deal. They claimed that perhaps the homogenization of good in retail and online was to blame since it allowed users the opportunity to compare. Read more at Econsultancy.

Identifying the users of Search

An infographic by Levelwing showed that 82.6% of the users on the internet used search in the last year. These users ranged between 18-29 years old. It was also revealed that mothers were more likely to use search for their queries as compared to non-mothers. 60% of the 18-29 year old range used the search at the same rate as those aged between 30 and 49. Uses aged 50 or above amounted to 41% of the sample. Go over to MarketingProfs to view the infographic.

How to use Video for Business

The whiteboard Friday at talked about a topic that has eluded marketers for a long time. Understanding how to make the perfect video to promote your brand is a great tool for businesses. If you’re on a budget go for an in-house video showing the environment of the workplace or similar aspects. When posting product videos make sure they are posted directly onto your site and not sites like YouTube or Vimeo. This will allow users to find the content easily using keywords. Another tip is to make the videos informational and not focus on the selling point even if it is the ultimate goal.

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The Friday Catch-Up: YouTube goes offline and Internet Explorer is still Kicking

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