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How We Increased Organic Traffic by 288% in the Highly Competitive Electronics Industry



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Google Analytics


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AppleParts is a company, headquartered in Middleborough, Massachusetts, selling spare parts for Apple gadgets. Having over 1,000 SKUs of genuine Apple parts, the brand offers international shipping, partnering with FedEx.


Competing in the electronics and technology industry is very difficult due to numerous aggregator websites and industry giants such as Amazon and eBay dominating search results. Besides, the category-specific searches also face significant competition. 

Another challenge was targeting different geographic markets, namely American and European.

Working with the client, Promodo’s SEO team focused on:

​​➔ Increasing organic traffic;

➔ Boosting organic sales and revenue.

Initial Data

The previous SEO team, unfortunately, flooded the website with numerous poor-quality links, which negatively affected the site during the Google updates.

Besides, the website suffered from poor technical optimization as more emphasis was placed on link building and content rather than technical aspects.


Technical SEO 

Following a thorough SEO audit, we offered targeted recommendations for enhancing website performance, including:

  • speed optimization
  • internal link improvements
  • website structure 

Additionally, we expanded the site's architecture by introducing category filter pages for a more comprehensive user experience.

On-Site SEO

A comprehensive technical audit was carried out to align the site with Google's requirements. 

on-site seo

Off-Site SEO 

It was quite a challenge to solve the issue with low-quality backlinks. That’s why Promodo’s SEO team launched the following strategy:

off-site seo

Promodo’s team acquired the following backlinks:

  • 137 outreach links
  • 154 crowd links

Referring Domains
Referring Domains. Source: Ahrefs

International SEO

As the client targeted developing not only in the US market, but also gaining traffic and leads from Europe, we launched two additional language versions of the site. 

Adding additional languages to the client’s website allowed:

Increasing Audience Reach: We have expanded the reach of the website to a wider audience by adding people who speak not only English but also French and German.

Strengthening SEO: We have started serving language searches which allowed us to increase organic traffic immediately after launch.

Improving Brand Perception: We have created a positive brand image by showcasing a forward-thinking and customer-centric approach to website development.


A comprehensive SEO campaign launched by the Promodo team during the year showed great results, increasing traffic by +288% compared to the previous year.

Traffic Growth

In 2023, the client achieved substantial growth in sales and revenue across various traffic channels. Significantly, the implemented SEO strategies played an important role, generating the largest share to the increase due to organic leads.

“I'm impressed by their communication, problem-solving, and ability to hear the client's needs. 

Thanks to Promodo's efforts, the client's website traffic has more than doubled within six months. The project manager provides good availability, and the team communicates efficiently through monthly meetings and delivers detailed reports. Their willingness to make adjustments stands out”.

Igor Kyselov, Operations Manager at AppleParts

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