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Increasing Growth Rates By 40% In Organic YoY For A Consumer Electronics Store







Bomba is the largest Moldovan leader in the household appliances and electronics segment with a network of offline stores throughout the country. 


  • to increase the volume of organic traffic; 
  • improve the visibility of the website in Google for Romanian and Russian-language requests; 
  • increase revenue from the SEO channel. 

Initial Data

The Bomba brand was founded in 2002. The company opened an online store a few years later. However, this business area was not a priority until last year. The situation changed dramatically with the pandemic lockdown which was caused by COVID-19. The company had to start working online and refine the functionality of the online store. Just imagine! At the time of the start of our cooperation, e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics was not set up on the website and basic SEO optimization had not been carried out. 


To determine the main direction for the subsequent optimization of the website, we focused on the analysis of the current situation. 


At the time of the audit, organic content accounted for 40% of the total website traffic. However, there was traffic stagnation with seasonal growth in November and December 2019. 

Traffic stagnation is a phenomenon in which there is no growth in traffic. The main thing to understand is that the indicators can be increased, but you need to find new points of growth. 


To analyze the position of the website, we collected a mini-core of 800 Russian-language and Romanian-language keywords. We focused on categorical requests. We analyzed only those competitors that were in the TOP positions for the selected keywords. 

Rankings of the website and the major competitors in the TOP-10 in terms of the Russian-language core.

Rankings of the website and the major competitors in the TOP-10 in terms of the Romanian-language core. 


After analyzing the traffic of competitors, we could see that organic search is a priority channel for the nearest niche leaders, and therefore a point of development for our project. 

Distribution of traffic channels

Organic traffic

Link Profile Dynamics 

At the time of the analysis, the link profiles of the main leaders were at the level of maintenance, but not growth. However, had the smallest link profile among its competitors. 

At the same time, the dynamics of domain growth on the chart was growing during 2019. If you calculate, there was an increase of only 14 domains within a space of a year. Since February 2020, the number of new resources has almost equaled the number of lost ones. 

New and lost Donor Domains

New and lost backlinks 


After the audit, we immediately identified several main project growth vectors for the next six months. 

An important success factor is an open and trusting relationship with the Bomba team. They perfectly assessed the situation and were set for large-scale work. 

Website technical optimization

User-friendly URLs for product cards

For the convenience of using the website and improving its position, we have worked out the URLs of the product cards, including the keys from the most frequent user requests. 

User-friendly URL is the address of a web page, briefly reflecting its content. It's the title of the page and contains keywords, which positively affects the position of the website within the search results. 

Duplicate H1 tags and working with metadata

The error that we encounter in almost every new project is the duplication of H1 tags.

General recommendation:

There should be one H1 for each page to make it easier for the robot to recognize the essence of the content. 

To increase the relevance of all types of pages (categories, products, filters), we created metadata templates with keywords in the Title, Description, and H1. So, we uniqueized and completed the empty meta tags on the website, and also included emoji to increase the CTR of snippets. 

The implementation of User-friendly URLs gave a 109% increase in traffic. 

Elimination of duplicates

A website may have pages with the same content. If the search robot is not told which page to consider as a priority, then none of the pages will get into the TOP positions. Let's provide an example. Firstly, a user has chosen a refrigerator on the website Secondly, this user uses a filter. As a result, the user receives a generated page that is completely duplicated from the content of the promoted category Refrigerators. 

To eliminate full or partial duplicates, we set up canonical tags in categories in order to show search engine robots which page to consider as a priority. 

In total, we received an increase in the number of sessions by 22% in all categories. 

Language versions of the site

To improve the visibility of the website in Google for Russian and Romanian-language keywords, hreflang tags were introduced to relink the language versions of the website. 

The distribution of websites according to the language and local principles is one of the most important factors in the promotion. This factor affects the success of the project as a whole. This is a way to attract additional traffic, enhance reputation, as well as show loyalty to customers from different regions and people who are principled in matters of language. 

Keyword Cannibalization

During promotion of a resource, several pages may be simultaneously optimized for the same key requests. As a result, the SERP competes with itself. Thus, you lose positions, traffic, and transactions. 

New landing pages

Landing page analysis identified bottlenecks in the website structure, so we optimized the existing entry points and created new ones. Together with the Bomba team, we implemented the functionality of SEO filters for brands and various parameters inherent in products from each category. 

We also collected semantics and expanded the structure of the website. Based on the collected semantics, we selected additional LSI words that increase the relevance of the text and help to fully reveal a particular topic. 

LSI is a latent semantic index. It allows search engines to analyze the texts on the page in terms of their relevance to the topic (by keywords). 

In order to make our landing pages rank well, we created content for new pages (together with the client's team) taking into account LSI words with their subsequent adaptation into Romanian. 

Working with a link profile

What was done?

1. We formed a link strategy:
We determined the priority pages and the required volume of links for each of them.

2. Selected relevant websites for posting articles. 

3. Worked with crowd links: 

placement of anchorless links and brand mentions on forums. 


YoY traffic growth by 44% 

Income: +108% 

What's next?

  1. Project support during website redesign. Improvement of website loading speed.
  2. Development of categories that have not yet participated in the promotion.
  3. Creation of additional landing pages using the functionality of SEO filters. 
  4. Implementation of microdata for categories, products, and information pages.
  5. Development of a content strategy based on niche analysis. 

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