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Bringing a brand to the top 10 and increasing traffic with extended FAQ snippets

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INTERTOP is a retailer of fashion footwear, apparel and accessories for the whole family. The commercial network consists of more than 105 stores in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


  • Check the correctness of moving the website to a new CMS;
  • Increase the visibility of the website for targeted requests;
  • Ensure an increase in traffic through the growth of positions in the current and new categories.

Initial Data

INTERTOP is a well-known seller of branded footwear in Kazakhstan. With the development of the business, the range of online and offline stores has been expanded with accessories and apparel from world-famous brands: Timberland, Armani Exchange, Wrangler, The North Face, Vans and others.

One of our key tasks was increasing the visibility of the website in the new categories, which hadn’t been associated with the brand either by users or by Google. Among the limitations was the impossibility of creating a wide website structure optimized for SEO. In addition, when we started our cooperation, Intertop was just in the process of moving their website to a new CMS.I


Before starting the promotion, it was important for us to find and fix critical errors that often arise in the process of moving to a new CMS. In the future, they could negatively affect the results of our work in the future. We checked redirects from old URLs to new ones, made sure that the structure was in line with the plan, and ensured content and metadata integrity. Only after that, we moved on to the promotion stage.

SEO optimization of category pages

Since the main promotion goal of the client was to increase organic traffic for non-branded queries, we focused our efforts on optimizing category pages:

  • handwritten metadata and headings for priority categories;
  • text content for 150 category pages;
  • added extended results with frequently asked questions in the SERP to increase CTR.

Meanwhile, we generated template metadata for all types of pages, carried out regular works to promote and support the website, monitored technical problems, advised programmers of the client on new implementations, and actively built up a link profile.

As a result, top-10 positions in the "Footwear" category increased by +51%

Top 10 positions in the "Apparel" category grew by+47%

Top 10 positions in the "Accessories and Healthcare" category increased by +44%

Top 10 positions per brand presented on the website increased by 30%

Implementing the FAQ page micro-markup

In January 2020, we posted a content block with frequently asked questions on the website and added the FAQ page micro-markup.

Why is the FAQ page micro-markup useful?

Implementing this type of markup allows getting extended snippets with a collection of Q&As on the Google search page.

These snippets have several important advantages:

  • allow the user to get maximum information about a new product right in the search results;
  • supplement useful content and expand the semantics of the page;
  • increase the attractiveness of the snippet in the SERP and affect the growth of CTR.

How did this affect the level of referrals from SERP

Extended results with frequently asked questions had a positive impact on click-through rate and helped to increase the CTR more than twice.


+106% sales

+52% sessions

+50% visibility in the "apparel" category

YoY dynamics (all traffic)

As a result of the CTR growth and the constant improvement of positions, we received a tangible increase in traffic. The projected indicators were exceeded, and during the lockdown period caused by Covid-19, there was an increased demand for all categories of products. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the website was at the top positions and looked as clickable as possible.We also managed to increase visibility of the Apparel category, which initially hadn’t been associated with INTERTOP by Google. By optimizing and implementing the linking strategy, we received an increase from 0 to + 50%, and this is not at all limited.

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