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How We Increased Revenue in 5 Times Due to the Customized Email Campaigns








Client is the largest ticket retailer in Ukraine. The Platform helps Ukrainians drive emotions during performances and beyond.


  • Enlarge the number of email subscribers.
  • Diversify user data to enable a more personalized engagement with the branded events.
  • Surge revenue from the client’s Retention marketing channel compared to previous periods as of February 14.


Initial Data 

Along with the team, our experts have been working on the enhancement of the client’s Retention Marketing Channel for more than four years. So far, we have surged the client’s revenue almost by 50%.

Ahead of St. Valentine’s Day in 2022, the team strived to expand its client base by launching a campaign that would embrace customized offers. That way, the brand pursued to increase its average channel revenue for the same period compared to previous periods.

We aimed to not merely communicate with customers, but almost guess their thoughts. In this vein, we had to better understand individual customer preferences and come up with highly customized offers for St. Valentine’s Day. We would barely attain the expected outcomes without deploying personalized email campaigns. Svitlana Fursa, Head of Retention Marketing Promodo


We completed the Project before a full-scale military intervention in Ukraine. By then, the Entertainment & Leisure niche had slightly revived from the Covid-19 restrictions. Our team pursued a feasible solution to cover the broadest audience and meet the client’s needs.

Communication And Segmentation Strategy 

While we aimed to engage with the client’s customers a few weeks ahead of Feb. 14, we strategically focused on the event.

As is known, the mainstream association is with All Lovers Day. 

We suggested the team communicating not only with paired customers, but also with people who would celebrate alone or with their friends. By the jumpstart of the campaign, we did not know who was paired. We needed to identify individual customer preferences to further personalize the event selection.

By Feb. 14, we offered site visitors to do a short poll and get a sales discount for tickets. Based on the received answers, we designated personalized recommendations.

We opted for an individual communication type for each audience category:

Setting Up Web Layers 

Weblayers (informers) are personalized banners shown to targeted audiences on the client’s pages to boost engagement and conversions.

Foremost, we installed web layers on that well served as calls-to-action (CTAs). 

Weblayer Mechanics: A user gets a 5% discount for any event once he/she completes a short poll as a basis for further personalized recommendations.

Onsite Weblayer Sample

Weblayer Visualization

Polling Mechanics Through Weblayers

  • Customers, whose emails were in our database, received ‘take-a-poll’ letters.
  • We further processed the users who did not take the poll or did not read the letters for a few weeks. For this purpose, we used weblayer without gathering emails. Bloomreach enabled identifying and updating user profiles with cookies.
  • We used promo letters to poll the users who left us their emails, though we did not have any other data about them:

Promo Letter Sample

Based on the received answers, we set up the events on a multichannel platform Bloomreach and added them to individual user profiles accordingly. That is how we used polling data to compile the preliminary preferences of individual users.

*Setting up personal data in Kyiv and other cities.

Setting Up Automated Triggers

Once a client has done with the polling, he/she immediately received an email with a promo code and a personified selection of actual events. We have set up individual templates for each audience category with a unique writing style and personalized recommendations.

Sample Letter With Personalized Event Selection


A personalized email campaign dedicated to Feb. 14 surged Channel revenue by 4.8 times and tripled the number of new users compared to the same weekend in 2021.

The implemented strategy toward maximum personified communication with the users proved highly effective.

To our surprise, we received most orders from users who made self presents.

The project has proven the effectiveness of personal email campaign mechanics not only during holidays or promo campaigns. We suggest brands use personification of content, product, and/or service offers to engage more loyal audiences and generate revenue.

«Our experts are able to set up the same predictive personalization not only by using Bloomrech service. We may use eSputnik, Claspo, or any other available service, to set up a similar system outlined in this case. Even if the client’s service does not support pop-ups or recommendations, our developers will spotlight the best-fit solution for you. The major takeaway here is that the approach boosts sales. Our team will solve all tech issues even the custom ones. Svitlana Fursa, Head of Retention Marketing Promodo

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