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+173% of Organic Sessions Over a Year in Healthcare: Esculab Case Study

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Google Search Console

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The Client

Eskulab is the brand name for the medical laboratory founded in 2009 by doctors. Today, the company performs more than 1200 tests for private and public medical institutions and serves more than 1.5 million clients annually.

Eskulab owns 163 branches in 76 cities and five laboratories.


  • Compete with niche leaders for organic traffic
  • Attract more users to the website

Client Specifics

  • Unlike its competitors, whose laboratories are represented nationwide, Eskulab provides services in 9 regions. The brand competes for traffic regardless of whether its laboratories are located in a particular city.
  • The corporate website provides medical content. Since 2020, Google has set certain requirements for the content of medical web resources. They are crucial to follow while considering whether medical sites will get high positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


We considered several approaches at a time to save the Client's time and get the desired result faster.

Case study

While developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for 2023, we analyzed the results of competitors, their traffic and applied approaches to website promotion. This is how we identified high-frequency queries users browsed while searching for analyses. We deployed the most popular user queries to prepare tech tasks for our content writers.


Core Web Vitals Audit is where the whole SEO story begins. It helped us spot and fix the Client’s website flaws and develop the website optimization strategy in line with search engine requirements.

It is also among the main ways of acquiring organic traffic in the long run while search engines rank well-designed and optimized websites higher. 

In the process of the core web vitals audit, we:

  • Removed duplicate pages
  • Completed the layout of the analysis pages
  • Set up the correct canonical tags signaling search engines about the URL that serves as the page’s main version 
  • Set up site rendering
  • Optimized metadata

Medical Content

The Client’s website promotion involves working with medical content. While Google considers this topic as your money or your life (YMYL), all updates are systematically released to check the quality of content and mitigate the dissemination of fake news related to medical topics. Websites that do not comply with these requirements may be qualified as low-quality and lose positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs), eventually.

Content ranking algorithms, and the E-E-A-T factors, in particular, check online content for reliability, expertise, and authority:

Case study

Medical content should be based on the author's hands-on medical experience with social proof of the author's expertise and the brand’s authority.

While Google does its best to eliminate misinformation, reputable medical web resources account for all these nuances while pursuing top positions in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We meticulously worked out the content of the Client’s site and adjusted its pages to the E-E-A-T factors. The approach helped us avoid the slippage of page rankings and get higher positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

We provided the Client with the following solutions:

  • Processed the corporate description page
  • Provided data on how to perform analyses and applied technologies
  • Added the author’s page with relevant information about one’s education, specialization, professional activities, etc.
  • Filled disease-related pages with author data and links to trusted sources. The list of linked references further improves the Client’s page ranking.


While the implementation of tech recommendations required lots of time, we simultaneously worked with the Client's developers on both simple and complex content nuances. 

Why simple? 

It is easier to prepare a large amount of content rather than implement tech requirements.

Why complex? 

In the Client's case, it's far beyond crafting generic content; healthcare articles require in-depth research and qualified authors. 

We’ve Split Content Load On:

1) Blog development

The Client’s team works with an author who has a specialized medical education. The Client additionally engaged doctors to prepare specialized content. 

2) Placing content on external platforms to build up the external link profile

The Promodo team has involved in-house authors with medical education and relevant expertise to write on healthcare topics.

We analyzed the Client’s competitors and determined the analyses that matched the most frequent user queries. We used these queries to provide our copywriters with the terms of reference for the Client’s analysis pages, blog, and categories.

We rejected the standard approach at no time. There was no point in writing about the tests because the Client is not a nationwide player.

Therefore, we opted for crafting blog posts about diseases and symptoms so that the users would get to know more about the Client’s laboratory network. Furthermore, the approach helped us to enhance the Client’s brand awareness.

While preparing the terms of reference for the authors, we deployed the Client’s medical tests and the diseases diagnosed by Eskulab. We analyzed whether there is a search intent for these diseases and symptoms and started working on high-frequency requests. 

Hence, while searching for information about a disease, users will now get a piece of more comprehensive information related to their query.

As a result of close-knit cooperation with healthcare content writers, we added up to 15 new materials to the Client’s blog a month. 

In particular, we filled the Client’s blog with a comprehensive article on hepatitis. During the disease outbreak in one of the cities, the material received a large number of views while users searched for information and found it on the Client’s blog. 

The development and optimization of the Client’s blog led to a fast result: organic traffic began to grow in a few months.

We emphasize the native audience that consumes high-quality materials, gets proper answers, and is open-minded to learn more about the tests available on the Client’s blog.

Test and Category Pages 

Having optimized the Client’s blog, we worked on categories and commercial pages with tests performed by the Eskulab medical laboratory. 

Our goal was to expand the descriptions of laboratory tests to embrace relevant search queries.

The way we processed commercial pages 

  • Optimized the content structure
  • Prepared a unique description for each page
  • Deployed useful information in descriptions
  • Checked the texts for key queries constantly.

The preparation of healthcare materials for the Client’s blog and optimization of the analysis pages helped us cover search queries related to laboratory tests and their purpose, and answer questions like: “Why is the analysis performed?”

External Link Profile

We involved in-house writers with medical education to help the Client build an external link profile by guest posting on external healthcare sites.

Dynamics of Building an External Link Profile

The more reliable and reputable sources are linking to the website, the higher its ranking potential and the quality of its link profile. Therefore, we continued growing the number of external sources.


The content strategy highlighting symptoms and diseases for the Client’s blog worked wonders! In 2023 more users visited the site with non-branded queries that rose by +204% compared to 2022.

Dynamics of Client's site positions since the beginning of collaboration


Along with the Client’s team, we are developing their website in line with the E-E-A-T. With that, we emphasize high-quality content and further growth of search engine rankings for the Client’s site. Pursuing the best results, we are monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of the implemented improvements on the Client’s site.

The outcome of our cooperation with Promodo met our initial expectations. We are about to continue fruitful cooperation and expand our partnership by optimizing search visibility and developing our online business. This year, we are aiming at increasing the share of website sales up to 20% of the company's total turnover. I hope that new ideas and strategies will help us succeed.

Alexander Subochev
Internet Marketer at Esculab

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