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Facebook Case Study: How We Reduced CPC by 2x For Online Underwear Store




Client is a Czech online underwear store and they have been selling products online since 2000. The company offers personalized service and a wide variety of goods for their clients within the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. All the products sold online are available in their warehouse in Náchod, the Czech Republic. The company’s goal is to enter the Ukrainian market without having a distributor.

“With Promodo we started to cooperate one year ago, because we wanted to try Facebook PPC campaigns also on the Ukrainian market. Their stance and services are at the top level and mainly thanks to their work, Facebook is one of the best channels in the Ukrainian market. I hope we will extend our cooperation in the near future”. Petra Krunková, (specialist on underwear)

“We consider that our cooperation was a success. Specialists used a personalized approach and the client helped them to better understand the business processes. The KPIs were reached thanks to the well-built communication between the two parties. Together, we developed the right solutions and found new ways to help the project grow. Petra Krunková, (specialist on underwear)”. Kate Stepanenko, project manager at Promodo


  • To reach a high level of engagement using Facebook as an advertising channel; 
  • To grow the number of conversions on Facebook. 

The team had specific KPIs, related to the ROI for advertising, which measured the effectiveness of the channel. The task of Facebook advertising campaigns was to ensure that the ads had a high level of engagement, along with a high conversion rate. The client measured the success of a product, advertising format, or a created Facebook audience using ROI.


Stage 1 

We launched a campaign aimed for obtaining the maximum number of clicks and attracting relevant traffic to the website. The Facebook Pixel code was installed to the website and the ads had attracted a large amount of traffic as the Facebook algorithm formed a decent portrait of the audience. 

The online store offered around 3,900 products, so we had to pay special attention to product prices and availability of all items to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date. So, we also sorted out their product catalog.

Stage 2 

The project team worked with the Facebook audience to convert interested users into buyers. To reach this goal, campaigns optimized for gaining conversions at the set average cost per conversion (purchase) were launched. 

The following audience targeting was made: 

  • Targeting by interests: ladies interested in underwear, large size lingerie, which is a popular category of goods, special offers, and sales;
  • Targeting by demography: audience of young and expectant mothers who are looking for underwear while being pregnant; 
  • Dynamic remarketing: audience of users who visited or showed interest to the brand on its Facebook page.

Stage 3

In order to maintain the interest of the audience to visit the online store and in the advertising materials, promotional campaigns were launched on a weekly basis. So, we attracted new traffic to the website and retained the initial volume of traffic. 

In April, the team launched dynamic remarketing campaigns. We identified the optimal ratio of the life of a user in the remarketing audience – 3 and 14 days. The specialists had also tested 1, 7, 21, and 30-day time periods. 

Along with a carefully selected message in the remarketing ads, this helped to increase conversions by 413% in May.


Advertising on Facebook helped to gain traffic and also became the main conversion channel for We had optimized the campaigns according to the client’s KPIs without losing traffic. 

The well-built communication between the Astratex and the Promodo teams allowed to create and post relevant ads and quickly respond to changes in business processes. 

Compared to campaigns optimized for clicks, new CPC campaigns helped to 

  • Reduce cost per click twice; 
  • Increase click through rate by 1.5 times;
    Increase conversion by 1.5 times; 
  • Grow e-commerce income by 4 times.

According to data from Google Analytics, the number of transactions increased by 5 times as compared to April. Traditional campaigns along with dynamic remarketing showed the following results:

What’s next? 

  • Optimizing the running advertising campaigns;
  • Minimizing intersections of the audiences in ads;
  • Creating a multi-level sales funnel within the Facebook advertising channel.

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