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Freshness from Scratch: Branding, Logo, and Guidelines for Mintee






Brief and idea

Mintee is a service that allows a buyer not to pay a commission for using a payment terminal. Furthermore, it makes it possible for the entrepreneurs to make an additional discount for cash payment — win-win situation.


It is necessary to create a new name able to compete with the mastodons of the market.

Target audience

America's small business owners.


Our name should be simple in its atmosphere. We should not create an atmosphere of «premium» and alienation. On the contrary, our service is a friend of your small business, you should not be afraid of it because it has common interests with you.

We are not a real estate business conglomerate that wants to suppress small businesses. We are a group of ambitious economists who break the system a bit, leaving our users in the black.

Main fears of the audience:

  • Fear of fraud. Whilst analyzing the competitors and their problems, we noticed that many of them do not understand what they get additional profit due to. And only free cheese, most often, is in the mousetrap.
  • System integration is difficult and expensive. After a discussion with the focus group, we saw that many people are concerned about the cost of the equipment, as if we were selling it to them. Our service installs everything for free, quickly and transparently, which should be hinted at.

  • Difficulties with disconnecting from a service in case you don't like it. After reading reviews on third-party resources, we saw that for many businessmen, the possibility of getting «stuck» in the service is scary because their business may lose flexibility as a consequence. Our product is not «sick» with that.


At the analysis stage, we identified 2 behavioral patterns of most competitors:
They communicate with the user very formally, as if they were an official bank.
They are trying to sell their product to those who do not have an established payment system yet.
As a new player on the market, we need to differ on both points.
Firstly, we do not behave ourselves so seriously, we are a brand-friend that will help with solving the problem and will not bore when everything goes well without it.
Secondly, our main TA embraces experienced business owners, and therefore, they do not need
familiarity with the service, they need reintegration into a more convenient one.
Reintegration should solve the problems of past services, such as too complicated usage, too much red tape and robotic support service.
Based on both points, both our name and our logo should be human to allude to the fact that «It's easier with us than with our competitors».

Name and message

We created names that are simple and close to our TA — in the first iteration, these were names that hint at the benefits of the service.
They are as follows:
But after a discussion with clients, we heard that they wanted a more abstract name that would be similar to a person’s name and personify the company.
They are as follows:
Mintee was chosen.
Firstly, it sounds like a real human name.

This will bring us closer to the client.

Secondly, it has beneficial associations for us — mint, greenery, color.
All this can be successfully used when creating a logo.

Thirdly, it has an ancient translation: «mint» is also a place where the coins and paper money are made, which may become a double meaning in the history of the brand.
Next, the message was developed:
Mintee — Overpaying is now over!
Our brand comes in loud, so some modest words will not suit it. With Mintee, you will quit overpaying — and this is really something that small businesses in America are sick of. Besides, it is cool to remember due to the repetition of the word «over» in two places.
Boldly, ambitiously and memorably.


Once the name and message were approved, we moved to the logo creation. We immediately understood what stories we may go into.

Mintee's mission is to help businesses continue to grow, step by step. And do it conveniently, quickly, without additional headaches for small business owners.
Mintee is:
Letter m
The first letter
of the name
An association with business growth together with service
Mint leaf
Hints at the main association, but simultaneously leaves room for thinking
Our service is invisible to both the business and the buyer.


Certainly, the name directly hinted at what main color to choose and what to build associations around.

But when it came to additional colors, we recollected the association of business with a plant that grows. Grows like a business, step by step. Delights with good flowering and needs care in difficult periods.
Thus, we found additional colors:
And then we returned to the association of transparency and created an additional palette for the convenience of the designer’s work:

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