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Travel Destination Marketing. How We Promoted Georgia as a Tourist Country


Georgian National Tourism Administration


Google AdWords


Georgian National Tourism Administration


Google AdWords



Georgian National Tourism Administration is a part of the system of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. One of the most important tasks of Georgian National Tourism Administration is to promote the country as a key tourist destination in the Black Sea region. During 2014, more than 5.5 million tourists visited Georgia. In 2011-2012, the share of tourism in GDO was around 6%.

The Challenge

To build the image of Georgia as a tourist country. To increase the number of tourists from the target region to priority geographical areas.

Initial Figures and Analysis

The advertising campaign was planned for the period from May 10 to June 15, 2015. To understand the portrait of the target audience we carried out detailed analysis of data provided by Georgian National Tourism Administration. As a result, we formed detailed portraits of the most promising audience.

The Solution

We used this data to form the segmented advertising campaigns, which allowed us to obtain a good response to advertising messages. To better understand the decision-making process on the choice of tourist destination and identify opportunities to influence it, our team used McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey model:

As for online influence, we highlighted the most significant points of contact at each stage of customer decision journey; they were the following:

Based on the study, we decided to distribute budgets between the most promising channels of impact on the tourist. 

We used the following tools: 

  • Google AdWords - Search 
  • Google AdWords - GDN 
  • Yandex Direct - Search 
  • Yandex Direct - Display Network 
  • Social - Vkontakte 
  • Google AdWords - YouTube 

Search Campaigns were divided based on geo-targeting of ads by the largest cities and the smaller towns of the promoted region. 

Moreover, the campaigns were divided by the keyword frequency: high, medium and low frequency. As a result, we created twelve advertising campaigns. 

Such an advertising structure allowed us to reduce the average cost per click, as the competition in this category is very high.A DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaign targeting the site content was also established. The keywords. used in other search campaigns were excluded from these campaigns, which gave us an additional coverage of relevant search queries.

Since the purpose of GDN and YouTube campaigns were to cover the target audience and increase brand awareness, we picked up the following types of targeting:

  • audiences based on user interest;
  • websites of a certain topical areas;
  • manually selected placements;
  • keywords.

Together this strategy allowed us to fully implement the set KPI.

Examples of image ads:

  • Google AdWords - GDN
  • Yandex Direct - Display Network text ads were running with graphic images in YAN(Yandex advertising network)
  • In Google AdWords - YouTube In-Stream, In-Display video ad formats were used.

The Results

Running all the above tools allowed us to fully realize the strategy of the customer:

  • to obtain a high involvement of users and excellent indicators of interaction with creativity;
  • to exceed the plan by 15% - 20% for each tool;
  • to reach a large number of relevant users.

As a result, the dynamics of interest towards Georgia as a tourist destination has grown substantially in the target geographical areas in 2015, compared to the year 2014 and went back to a figure close to the data of 2014, soon after the completion of the campaign.

The final and most important result of the campaign was the increase in the number of summer tourists from the target region to +14% compared with the same period a year earlier (to 48.9 thousand people).

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