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How We Completed the Project from Developing a Creative Idea to Giving Away a Car



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Glovo is an international company operating in 20+ countries worldwide, providing delivery services.


Close the turnkey project. From developing a creative idea to the car giveaway.

Initial Data

Glovo and Mastercard have decided to give away a car among their shared customers—people who pay with Mastercard on Glovo. They've asked us to create a promotional campaign.

Creative 2 in 1

We needed to create a campaign for the collaboration of two major brands: Glovo and Mastercard.

How do we convey to people that now, they not only receive their orders but also stand a chance to win prizes from both Glovo and Mastercard?
We adapted Glovo's main slogan, 'Delivering everything you need,' into the key message about the joy of winning.


When one car is being raffled among thousands, it's hard to believe it could be you. That's why, in addition to the main prize, we've included a giveaway of 30,000 free deliveries .


First, watch the video, and then we'll reveal a bit of the magic behind its creation.


Glovo backpacks are already quite stylish, but for the video, we decided to make them even more eye-catching. That's why we crafted this beautiful yellow gem in 3D.


30 000

Lucky winners who got free deliveries


Participants engaged in the promo


Lucky winners who got free deliveries


The super lucky winner who received the car.

P.S. By the way, Promodo team sought, bought, and raffled the car — all turnkey.

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